CDR Report Sample For Engineering Technologist

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Do you know that Engineering Technologists are in high demand in the job markets of Australia? Check out the ANZSCO (Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations) code 233914 for complete ICT requirements for Engineering Technologists and pave your way to Australia with full enthusiasm. Here we bring you sample description and job duties of Engineering Technologists for CDR.

What does an Engineering Technologist do?

With technology being an indispensable part of our lives, engineering technologists have become important in the tech industries. These are the people who bring out various technological advancements that are meant to ease the human life. They have to work with various engineers, technicians and scientists, develop computers and other related equipment that is required in several industries. From product designing to product testing and evaluation, their job role includes everything that it takes to make technology reach to the next level. Engineering technologists work in different industries like quality control, product testing, designing, production engineering, manufacturing engineering, marketing etc.

What are the tasks of an Engineering Technologist?

  1. Diagnosing, testing, calibrating and analyzing the performance of electrical devices
  2. Maintaining records of electrical components, installed equipment, resources used, repairing, installation and maintenance of equipment
  3. Providing support service on engineering products and marketing them
  4. Planning, supervising and coordinating the work of other engineers and technicians
  5. Visiting sites to check the electrical technologies, their requirements and evaluating how efficient are the current systems
  6. Keeping up to date with the changing technologies and improving the manufacturing methods that are currently being used
  7. Reviewing the plans of engineering and ensuring that they are in accordance with the design specifications and standards
  8. Calculating the costs, resources and other materials involved in a project and preparing the project plan and budgets accordingly
  9. Creating green technologies such as energy efficient devices, optical devices, solar devices and testing them
  10. Promoting sustainable development and checking every engineering plan to ensure that it meets the environmental standards

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