Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Examples & Samples

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Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude. – Ralph Marston

If one wants to excel in their field, they must have an attitude of excellence, a spirit to learn and grow. This spirit not only helps them become a better professional but a better human as well. An aspect of Engineers Australia that encourages this spirit in the Engineers is CPD or Continuing Professional Development. CPD is a term used for activities that an engineer can undergo to maintain their knowledge, enhance their talents and remain updated with the current trends in the engineering field. Here we bring you CPD examples and templates that will help you in creating your CPD list in a better way.

The objective of CPD

CPD plays a crucial role for those engineers who want to achieve the Chartered Status from Engineers Australia. It enables engineers to enhance their network and professional contacts. The engineers are able to maintain their technical proficiency and enhance their efficiency in the workplace. The engineering career is not stagnant. Every day new improvements are being introduced. CPD enables the engineers to deal with the changes that occur in the engineering career as they keep themselves updated with the latest trends and technologies. Being a better engineer is beneficial for our community as well. It enables engineers to serve the community in a better way.

What are the sources of CPD?

Engineers Australia has categorized the sources of CPD as:



CPD Activities Examples


Reading journals. Attending seminars, taking courses, presentations

Not so Obvious

Writing articles, presenting papers, volunteer work, mentoring activities

Often Forgotten

Learning new software, creating or implementing a new system, presentations, research work

What are the CPD Types?

The CPD activities are being divided into 8 different types. Along with each activity type, one can find the conditions related to that activity that is, the maximum number of hours that one can undertake these activities. The Engineers Australia also provides certain notes or explanation for each activity type so that the applicant can understand the nature of activities that can be included in each category. For instance, some of the categories are Private Study, Tertiary course and Learning Activities in the Workplace. One can find Continuing Professional Development sample activates under each category here for their reference.

What is CPD Record Sheet?

Engineers Australia recommends the member engineers to maintain a record of CPD activities so that they can mention them later as required in the NER registration or Chartered status process. Engineers Australia provides an online recording system called eCPDRecord where engineers can record their CPD Activities. They can also manually record the CPD or use an alternative format if it includes all the information as required by Engineers Australia.

Consider the Continuing Professional Development template for manual recording of CPD given below. You may see that it is in tabular form where one can comprehensively record their CPD activities along with the number of CPD hours. You need to mention the Type of CPD Activity, the topic of the CPD activity, how the CPD activity has extended your knowledge and the number of hours you devoted to that activity. You can also observe that at the end of the record you need to provide a short summarized version of CPD Activity Type along with the total number of hours over the 3 year time period.

Engineers Australia

Consider a CPD Sample Occupational Therapy Board of Australia. With this, you can get an idea of how you need to prepare your CPD. At first, there is a short table under the heading called Development Plan. It describes the goals of the CPD and the final outcomes achieved. Then, for the required CPD Category one needs to provide information in a similar format as in the first example. You may see that the format is different than the format of the manual record as provided by Engineers Australia but the information contained in both of them is similar.

Occupational Therapy Board of Australia

Here is another CPD example presented by the Physiotherapy Board of Australia. You can see that the format again is a little different, the presentation is different but the information depicted is the same in this template as well.

Physiotherapy Board of Australia

A few tips for you!

Now you have gone through CPD Engineers Australia Samples and Examples. Here are a few tips that can help you create a flawless CPD:

  1. The CPD should be written in a list format. The format prescribed by Engineers Australia is list only.
  2. One needs to include the details of the CPD Activity. However, there is no need to exaggerate here. Just be to the point.
  3. Always look at some CPD samples and templates related to your profession before creating your own CPD.
  4. Make sure that you are mentioning the right dates and time period for the activities.
  5. The Engineers Australia may ask you to provide proof of an engineering activity hence you must keep all the certificates earned with that activity.
  6. Do not include incorrect information as it may lead to rejection of your application.
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