How to Write Summary Statement for Engineers Australia?

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So you are preparing your Competency Demonstration Report but don’t know how to write an effective Summary Statement? We understand how difficult the CDR writing process can become an engineer. One needs to take care of all the guidelines mentioned by Engineers Australia and at the same time ensure that they are using effective language in their report that can impress the assessors in one go. To ease out your writing process, we have brought some essential tips on how to write a Summary Statement for Engineers Australia Competency Demonstration Report (CDR).

What is Summary Statement?

The Summary Statement is an analysis of career episodes. So before you begin with writing a Professional Summary Statement you must have completed your career episodes. For each of the occupational categories, Engineers Australia provides a list of competencies that the engineers must comply within their career episodes. The Summary Statement matches these competencies to the corresponding part of the career episodes.

The competencies in the summary statement are divided into three categories:

  1. Knowledge and Skill-Based: in this section of competencies the engineers show that they possess the basic engineering knowledge and have successfully applied it in their career. It is recommended that the applicant should cover at least two competencies from this section in their summary statement.
  2. Engineering Application Ability: this section explains the skills and abilities of the engineers with respect to their job roles. It is recommended that the applicant should cover at least three competencies in this section in their summary statement.
  3. Professional and Personal Attributes: this section demonstrates the interpersonal skills and abilities of the engineers. These elements not just demonstrate their engineering career but also their abilities to handle the minor yet important aspects of working in a company.

The applicants must read and understand these competency units and all the competencies that are mentioned under each unit. Then the applicant needs to analyze which competency unit relates to which part of the career episode and present that analysis in the Summary Statement. In the next section, we will see the format of the summary statement.

The Format of the CDR Summary Statement

The Summary Statement is written in a tabular form. It comprises of three columns where the first column states the competency element. The second column contains information about how the applicant has applied the competency element in their career. The third column represents the paragraph number of the Career Episode to which the competency element is addressed. Here is a Professional Engineer Summary Statement template for your reference.

Summary Statement

Tips on how to write a Professional Summary Statement

  1. Always mention the correct information in your career episodes so that your summary statement can be accurate.
  2. Use as many competency elements as you can in your career episodes and provide proper details about them.
  3. Read the description of the competency indicators thoroughly and ensure that you understand their scope.
  4. Understand the differences between the competencies clearly so that you can refer to them correctly in your competency report.
  5. Always mention the professional matters of your career. Do not disclose any information about the company or your personal opinions in career episodes as there will be no match for such elements in the summary statement.
  6. Make sure you have mentioned the correct paragraph of career episodes in the summary statement. Any mistake can lead to rejection of your report.
  7. Do take care of the English language while writing the Career Episodes and Summary Statement as grammatical errors or spieling mistakes can also lead to rejection.

Hope this makes it easier for you to work on your Summary Statement. Major parts of the CDR get completed before the summary statement so it isn’t that difficult to conquer. Just take care of the format of the Summary Statement, mention accurate information and you will be able to complete this task easily.

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