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Are you preparing your Competency Demonstration Report? Do you know how to prepare the Summary Statement in CDR? The MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) Booklet provides the applicant engineers complete guidelines on how to create a CDR and hence all of its components. Summary Statement is one such component of CDR that needs to be written in an effective manner if one wants to achieve a positive outcome of the Migration Skill Assessment. Let us see some summary statement examples that will help you understand how to create and format this section in your competency demonstration report.

The significance of writing a Summary Statement in CDR

You might be aware that CDR is a collection of documents that demonstrate the engineering skills of an applicant to Engineers Australia. The CDR consists of information about the educational background, employment and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of an applicant. This account of one’s engineering skills and career is demonstrated in the Career Episodes of the CDR. There are three Career Episodes to be mentioned in the CDR where each episode focuses on a specific period of the applicant’s engineering career.

In each Career Episode, the applicant claims Competency Elements as mentioned in the Migration Skill Assessment Booklet and explains the instances where they have used these competencies in their engineering career. As the applicant provides this information they need to analyze the elements and ensure that they have used all of the Competency Elements as mentioned for your nominated occupation. A Summary Statement is the result of that analysis.

The Summary Statement consists of all the competencies related to your nominated occupation and the information about the paragraph of a Career Episode that mentions the use of the competencies. Hence, it is always recommended to write numbered paragraphs in the Career Episodes.

Summary Statement Examples

Many times the applicants try to keep the Summary Statement as short as possible. But this is not required. The Summary Statement can be more than a page long depending upon the competencies used and the length of the Career Episodes. Engineers Australia provides the templates for Summary Statements on its official website. The applicants are expected to download the template and use it in their CDR.

Summary Statement Template for Professional Engineer

Summary Statement Template for Professional Engineer

You can see that the Summary Statement is in the form of a table. There are three columns namely – Competency Elements, Summary of how the Competency Element has been used in the Career Episode, the Paragraph Number in the Career Episode(s) where that Competency Element is mentioned.

The competencies are divided into three major units namely – Knowledge and Skill Base, Engineering Application Ability and Professional and Personal Attributes. Here PE1 refers to the name of the occupational category and number of the competency unit. PE stands for Professional Engineers. Similarly, for Engineering Associates, the competency units will be mentioned as EA1, EA2 and EA3.

Professional Engineer Summary Statement Sample for Competency Unit 1

Professional Engineer Summary Statement Sample for Competency Unit 1

You can see how the explanations are provided in the first person with the number of paragraphs mentioned separately in the last column. For instance, CE1.4 means that the applicant wants the assessor to refer to Career Episode 1 paragraph 4 for understanding about the usage of the competency. Similarly, CE 2.19 means Career Episode 2 paragraph 19. In this way, the assessor can easily cross-reference between your career episodes and summary statement.

In a similar way, one can find Summary Statement templates for Engineering Technologists, Engineering Associates and Engineering Managers in the MSA booklet. The booklet also contains a detailed description of the competency elements about reach occupational category.

Best Tips for Preparing an Effective Summary Statement

  1. Always make sure that you have mentioned paragraph numbers in the Career Episodes.
  2. Be careful while matching the competencies with your Career Episodes.
  3. Take out enough time to analyze the career episodes so that you can specify the results later in the summary statement correctly.
  4. Reviewing your summary statement is important. Do cross check if you have correctly referenced the competencies or not.
  5. Make sure you have mentioned correct information otherwise you might have to face consequences of providing false information.
  6. Read Summary Statement sample for Engineers Australia before beginning with your Summary Statement writing.
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