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A Competency Demonstration Report is a representation of your technical skills and competencies in your given field of engineering. You could collate strategic events through your academic and professional journey that allowed the scope to showcase all of them. It is a very important piece of document, strongly backed with evidence, and is a ‘must’ for every candidate whose qualifications do not abide by the Washington Accord.

Given the fact that the report is highly relevant to move ahead with your visa process, CDR Report Editing makes all the sense. It certainly helps to be sure about what goes into assessment with the Engineers Australia team. Thereby editing and proofreading the three sections of your CDR that are, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Career Episodes, and the Summary Statement is very important. You wouldn’t want to submit something, which might just get rejected and throw you off at the wrong moment. As you look out for the best CDR Report Editing service in UAE, remember to reach out to WriteCDR.com without any second thoughts.

WriteCDR.com has an enviable team of expert CDR Editors, to do that task for you. Our rich experience in the domain of CDR writing and expertise with different engineering domains make us the best choice. Every member of our team comes on board after passing through multiple assessments. So that each one of them is conversant with the required language, has the perfect writing skills, is adept at report writing, is in the know of the EA guidelines on CDR structure and layout, etc. Not limited to this, they are further supported by an experienced team of engineers coming from different domains of engineering, researchers with a strong background in their niche, and a full-fledged team of writers and proof-readers. All in all, we make a strong team and lend the perfect support when it matters the most.

Why Does a CDR Require Editing?

Being a working professional, you might have your hands full with so many things going in your life. At the same time, you are also aiming to get your CDR approved by the EA assessors at the very first go. The fact of the matter is that you might be a great engineer, but report writing is a skill in itself. More so, when you need to work on established guidelines shared by the EA. It’s easy to make this work out when you have qualified engineers and CDR writers working on that report for you. Even when you chose to take up the task of writing a report for yourself, bring it to our team of best CDR Editors for a thorough review. They will not only point out errors that can lead you to rejection but help you with suggestions to rectify the same.

At WriteCDR.com we offer precise editing and proofreading of all three sections of your CDR.

How You Can Edit and Proofread Your CDR Report

Once the report writing is done, it’s important to edit and proofread to get that perfect result. These essential steps pave the way to achieve a perfectly well laid out report that abides by all EA guidelines on CDR writing. Our experts at WriteCDR.com have come up with few tips to help you polish your CDR.

  • As you review the report, check for the font size, bulleting, line spacing, and content format. It’s imperative that the report looks professional by all means and every section demonstrates a uniformity.
  • As you finish working on such a comprehensive report, do not get down to editing the same instant. Your judgement might be clouded for a while, as you have given in so many hours completing it in the first place. So it’s always better to take a break for a few days and then move ahead with the review.
  • Remember to keep the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) booklet handy while you review the report. Check all guidelines as you move further.
  • The Summary Statement is the most important section of your CDR. So check for precise mapping of the competency elements, with the correct paragraph in your Career Episode.
  • While you go through the report again, identify areas of ambiguity or half cooked words/sentences. Ensure that the skills and attributes that you wanted to share came out perfectly.
  • Also, make attempts to polish and re-polish the language in the most professional manner. Check for any grammatical issues and run spell checks to have an error-free report in your hands.

Why WriteCDR.com is the Best CDR Editing and Proofreading Service Provider?

WriteCDR.com provides impeccable quality of CDR Editing Services through its distinguished team of writers and editors. Over the last decade, we have provided the highest level of efficiency when it comes to CDR approvals. The team is assessed on different parameters before it comes on board with CDR writing and editing. It is an added advantage that most of our engineers have passed through the EA assessment themselves and are in the know of all the intricacies.

We offer CDR writing and editing services 24*7 to be there when it matters the most, As a matter of fact, our team is able to turn around CDRs in a couple of hours if the need arises. However, it is always better to use the 12 week period to develop that perfect understanding of where you are and where you want to go. So whatever the pathway you chose to tread on WriteCDR.com is the partner you are looking for.

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