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CDR Report Review Service in Australia

The Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is nothing but the collection of several documents including Summary Statement, CPD list and Career Episodes. The engineers, who want to migrate to Australia, have to submit Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) to the Engineers Australia. This is done to assess the competency of an individual, who has a technical degree but it is not covered under Washington Accord. Engineers Australia (EA) wants every engineer to have the necessary skills before they migrate to Australia. This is the reason they assess the engineers through their CDR, which contain the details regarding their skills and knowledge in their chosen engineering field.

It is crucial that the engineers, who are looking to migrate to Australia, write their CDR according to the guidelines of Engineers Australia. The main purpose of the CDR is to assess the skills of an engineer who don’t have degree covered under Washington Accord but they have lots of work experience in the engineering field. In CDR, they should clearly mention the skills and knowledge that they have acquired during their completion of several projects in an organisation. These details have to be given in the Career Episodes and then linked through the Summary Statement of CDR.

There are many engineers who write their CDR on their own for Australia Skilled Migration Assessment. While writing a CDR, you should ensure that all the necessary details regarding the work experience and skills are mentioned. CDR requires an engineer to prepare a Continuing Professional Documents list (CPD), write all Career Episodes and prepare the Summary Statement to link the indicators in Career Episodes. But even after editing and proofreading, you might seek CDR Australia review by the experts because you don’t want it to get rejected by Engineers Australia. WriteCDR.com provides an expert CDR review service to all the candidates to avoid rejection from Engineers Australia.

Why You Need CDR Review Service?

After you submit your CDR to the Engineers Australia, they might reject it or ask you to edit and resubmit it or they might assess you for a lesser category than you were expecting. There are four categories in which the engineer can develop a CDR and submit to the EA. They are Professional Engineer, Engineering Manager, Engineering Associate and Engineering Technologist. If the assessor finds any mistake in your CDR, you might be assessed and chosen as Engineering Technologist or Engineering Associate even if you have four year Bachelor degree in Engineering. Once you get assessed in the different category, there might be chances that you might not make it into SOL or they may not call you for the immigration interview. Even if you go to Australia, you might not get the jobs according to your qualification. Hence it is necessary that you get CDR Australia review from the top experts so that any mistakes, if any, could be rectified by them, allowing you to be successful for Australia Skilled Migration.

Reasons for CDR Rejection

  • You didn’t mention your duties in the teamwork or group activity and the role you played in the project. It is difficult for EA to assess you if you fail to demonstrate your responsibilities
  • You wrote CE points as bullet points and not in the paragraphs
  • You failed to mention the methods you used for solving complex problems, tools and techniques you used in the projects, how you applied the design processes and experience in the project management
  • There is no mention of the company’s profile and the objectives and duration of projects you undertook in that company
  • Describing the same project report in multiple Career Episodes that leads to confusion
  • You used technical details like calculations, diagrams, tables and photos excessively in the CDR

These are some of the reasons why your CDR might be rejected by Engineers Australia. At writecdr.com, our professional Review my CDR service can help you make your CDR remarkable. We will provide you with a detailed report on the changes you need to make so that the assessor will consider you in the desired category.

Why Choose Our Writers To Review Your CDR Report?

If you are wondering, “who can review my CDR?” we have an accomplished team of technical writers and professional engineers for reviewing your CDR and rectifying the mistakes that you have made while preparing it. Our highly skilled team reviews the CDR given by the applicant in the best possible way and make changes according to the requirements of the applicant.

CDR review will include Editing and Proofreading services as well as Plagiarism Checking and Removal services in addition to the rectification of technical elements missing in the CDR.

  • Our team for CDR writing services includes technical writers and professional engineers, who have many years of experience in making CDRs for Migration Skills Assessment
  • With 1000+ engineering experts, we deliver winning CDR reports to the engineers, who are looking for migration to Australia
  • In the CDR, our writers include all the skills and knowledge acquired by the engineers in their specific engineering domain
  • We can provide all the services within hours as we have a huge team of writing experts
  • Our ‘Review My CDR’ services are the best option if you want to do a last-minute recheck of your CDR 
  • We cover all the engineering fields as our technical writers come from diverse fields
  • We are strict about plagiarism that helps you get 100% plagiarism-free CDRs from our technical experts
  • We have a complete understanding of CDR processes and requirements due to which we can deliver flawless CDR reports to the applicants

We have all the resources and a highly skilled team to provide professional CDRs to the engineers for Australia Skilled Migration. During the CDR Australia review, we highlight and rectify the mistakes that might be done accidentally by you while preparing the CDR. We also ensure that the structure of the Summary Statement and Career Episodes is improved leading to the successful assessment. We provide guaranteed guidance and support to all the engineers looking to migrate to Australia. In addition to the timely assistance, our CDR writing services are affordable too.

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