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Summary Statement Engineers Australia Writing Service for Engineers Australia

A summary statement is an essential piece of documentation/certification that needs to be submitted to the Engineers Australia (EA) for assessing the competency of any engineer, who is migrating to Australia. It is to showcase the skills of an engineer with overseas qualifications that are not covered under the Washington Accord. A Summary Statement Engineers Australia is written in a tabular format as prescribed by Engineers Australia. It basically links the elements to the correct paragraphs in Career Episodes (CEs). Hence it is crucial that you mention the right numbers of elements, units and indicators in the CDR summary statement and link them to the correct text mentioned in the Career Episodes.

Before writing the Summary Statement Engineers Australia, you should ensure that you have correctly numbered the paragraphs in the Career Episodes. Then you have to mention the correct number of the content paragraphs in Summary Statement of CDR. This will allow the EA assessor to check the relevant paragraph and find the particular indicator or element in Career Episodes directly without having to read the entire CDR report. You have to be careful while preparing the Summary Statement and include all the skills and knowledge and link them to appropriate paragraphs in the Career Episodes. This can also be considered a part of writing a professional engineer summary statement.

CDR Summary Statement Writing

A summary statement is an important document in the CDR for Migration Skills Assessment. It should only refer to the EA units, indicators and elements in the Career Episodes. There are four categories in which the engineers can make CDR, according to their skills and experience in the engineering field. The four categories are Professional Engineer, Engineering Manager, Engineering Associate and Engineering Technologist. The summary statement template for all four categories is different and you have to analyse and cover all the indicators you have written in Career Episodes. On our portal we have also listed several CDR summary statement samples which will give you an idea of how to perfect yours as well.
For example, in Professional engineer Summary statement template, there are three kinds of indicators that have to be written in the Competency Element column. If you are looking to perfect that writing of your summary statement it is always a good idea to take a look at some of  the Engineers Australia CDR sample summary statement.

Knowledge and Skill Base

In this section, you have to showcase your knowledge and understanding of the engineering fundamentals that can be applied to engineering discipline. You just have to show that you possess the knowledge and can apply it to any kind of related project. It also requires you to show the conceptual understanding of mathematics, research directions, knowledge of contextual factors and understanding of the principles, norms, scope and accountabilities of engineering practice.

Engineering Application Ability

This is one of the most important sections of the summary statement writing. This is a core section and helps you demonstrate your technical capabilities and skills as an engineer. You should read each description carefully so that you can differentiate the indicators well and link them to proper instances in your Career Episodes. The first element in this section can be used to demonstrate the methods used for solving engineering problems; in the second section, you can mention the tools, techniques and resources used in the projects, the third element to show the application of design processes and fourth element to mention the project management experience.

Professional and Personal Attributes

This section is for showcasing the personality traits along with the professional ethics followed in the workplace. For Migration Skills Assessment, you should conduct ethically; you should have effective oral communication skills, innovative and proactive demeanour at the workplace, ability to use information and effective team leadership skills. For this, you can demonstrate the work done for the safety of the employees and environment while completing the project or about the social welfare of employees.

Summary Statement Writing Service By WriteCDR.com

Writing a CDR is the first step for engineers with overseas qualification for Migration Skills Assessment by Engineers Australia. Summary Statement of competencies from Career Episode report is an important document that should contain all the details and links to appropriate paragraphs in Career Episodes. We provide summary statement writing service for the engineers with technical qualifications not covered by the Washington Accord.

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