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Your CDR represents the skills and competency elements that you have and successfully represent in the chosen field of engineering. And, it does the same by elaborating on few events across your academic or professional journey that let you reflect them effectively. This makes every CDR unique and very personal in the true sense. This is where CDR Plagiarism Checking comes across as a required task once you have finished working on your report.

Engineers Australia (EA), is the CDR assessing authority that brings together experts and professional engineers who come from different engineering backgrounds to run a thorough assessment of every report that is submitted. While they do that, they check if every parameter shared in the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) booklet has been adhered to. Plagiarism being just one of the many. However, it holds utmost relevance. In a scenario where plagiarism is detected in a CDR, the applicant stands to face a yearlong ban for resubmission.

While there are cases where the plagiarism could be a resultant of careless referencing from any and every source available. There are also scenarios wherein it was absolutely unintentional or accidental to say the least. This stands to be true in the cases where a candidate like you refer through sample CDRs online and pick up references. However, what you do not understand is the fact that EA assessors have access to the most sophisticated plagiarism checking tools available in the world. And, this is where even an iota of referencing gets caught up in the web of plagiarism. EA most certainly does not tolerate this.

Keeping aside the intent, the risk is too big to be taken. Also, to understand what attributes the EA requires in a successful CDR, one needs referencing. So don’t get caught between this. Trust WriteCDR.com to help you sail through this tough scenario. Our team of professional CDR writers, engineers, editors, proof-readers, and researchers ensure that every report that is worked by us stands to be 100% plagiarism free and ‘unique’. We validate our claims with detailed plagiarism checking reports for your reference.

The team begins every report by assessing your academic and career path until now. They move forward by referring the evidences to back your claims. Moreover, every report passes through multiple drafts to reach where it stands to be a winner at the very end. With every draft we run it through our team of domain engineers to check for information validity and relevance in terms of the occupational category that you have applied for. Our team of proof-readers and editors ensure that there are no grammatical or factual errors and that your report abides by the structure laid out by the EA. Moreover, we ensure that the episodes that you have chosen to highlight map very well to all relevant competency elements in the Summary Statement. So, while all of these seem small steps, they certainly contribute towards a winning report.

Since, we have access to much advanced software tools to identify any sorts of plagiarism, we offer plagiarism checking service to all who have worked on their reports themselves. So, you can just get your final draft to us and we will be happy to help you with CDR Plagiarism Removal, even if you are based in the UAE. Our services extend for CDR applicants looking for a migration visa to Australia, from anywhere across the world. Moreover, our technical prowess also helps all applicants to work on the shortcomings of their report, through a thorough CDR review by our experienced engineering professionals.

Why Choose Plagiarism Checker and Removal Experts of WriteCDR.com?

You need to come to the experts when you want to get a sealed proof result. And, we rightfully have reached that stage with our immense experience and expertise in this area. EA assessments are no child’s play and we understand that. There is a lot of commitment in terms of time, effort, and expense that you need to make. However, we can certainly help and ease the burden in all these areas. While you sit tight and keep your professional and personal life intact, you can trust us to work on a comprehensive and winning report for you. Or, you can also work on that report yourselves and come to us to get it checked for plagiarism before you submit it to the EA panel. You need to understand that once they find some level of plagiarism in there, they will simply reject it basis the code of ethics. Facing a ban from re-application or expulsion from the institutes is something which you can absolutely avoid in the first place. 

So as we identify a certain level of plagiarism in your report, we either remove the concerned information if that could be done, or paraphrase it in the best possible manner to remove all plagiarism. And, we have a team of engineering experts and proof-readers to take care of all this.

Advantages of Using Our Plagiarism Checker and Removal Services

Coming to the experts is a sure shot road to success. With engineering experts, language experts, editors, proof-readers, and researchers in our team, we ensure you unmatched results.

  • The team at WriteCDR.com is already 1000+ professionals strong
  • Not only do we have the numbers, we have the best of the lot working for us, for we take care of our team, as we do for our customers
  • Our domain specific writers get complete assistance from professional engineers and research scholars to make every report ‘the best’
  • We do not go haywire with EA guidelines on report writing, language, content validity, and submission deadlines
  • Our motto for 100% uniqueness is perfectly supported through the best software interface and advanced tools to check plagiarism

Make WriteCDR.com the first and only choice when you look for CDR assistance of any kind. We offer all CDR related services at the most competitive prices and go that extra path to make you feel special. You can also seek guidance from our experts on your CDR submission and final interview journey.

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