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Consider an approved CDR a gate pass to success, through the complicated migration process from UAE to Australia. It is nothing but a comprehensive claim about your competencies and skills in your engineering domain, backed by the most relevant documental evidence. CDR is a requirement for all those candidates who do have a technical degree blanketed by the Washington Accord. This is where the CDR assessing authority, EA (Engineers Australia) pitches in by assessing their knowledge.

Now, since the report is so important, it holds all the relevance to connect with a renowned CDR Review Service, before you make that final submission to the EA. This holds the fort for all the candidates who would want to work on their CDR themselves. In another scenario, you can also get your CDRs comprehensively drafted and reviewed by an expert team of CDR experts at WriteCDR.com.

Some might question the need for getting the CDR reviewed. However, it is a fact that every single visa applicant like you is having his hands full. A full-time job and miscellaneous personal and professional commitments, do not make the task any easier. This is where timely assistance from experts can actually take all burden away and strengthen your pitch manifolds.

CDR experts at WritreCDR.com understand all EA requirements when it comes to CDR writing. Not only do they bring years of experience and expertise in this domain, but they also bring along the first-hand experience of working with the EA assessors. Wherein, the latter holds due relevance understanding their approach towards assessing these reports.

A Competency Demonstration Report reflects the knowledge and skills that you have and the experiences that you have had. It touches base on many such events in your academic or professional life where you had the perfect opportunity to showcase those skills. It is also a testing ground for the knowledge you bring with you and your spirit to keep developing in your domain. Through the report, you can speak of many relevant projects that you undertook and speak of your individual role in the implementation of the same. Talk of setbacks and how you handled problem areas. So, as you understand, it is all about you. And, lesser about your team or the organizational achievement in general.

However, when engineers like you take it upon yourself to work on your own CDR, they tend to miss on basic things like the ones mentioned above. With so much going on for them, it is just fair to take help, when it actually matters. At WriteCDR.com we have the best team to help you with CDR Australia Review. We understand only professional engineers and report writers can actually do justice to a report at this level. Every member of our team passes through different levels of assessment to reach where they are. They understand the requirements that the EA lay down to make the field a level playground for all applicants. They are conversant with the language and the writing style as desired. They also know best to use a prescriptive style of writing and using the ‘active undertone’ to make your report highly personalised in nature.

Our experts begin by interviewing you at the very onset to understand your journey as a professional engineer better. They converse elaborately and take notes freely to come at par with your expectations from the future. This helps them move ahead with a strong knowledge base and the evidences that you share only makes things valid. Eventually, as they draft that Continuing Professional Development, write the Career Episodes, and finish off with the Summary Statement, they have all bases covered.

As WriteCDR.com partners with you to provide you with a winning CDR, we are open to review the report until it satisfies you. We understand the implications of a report that gets rejected by the EA and the baggage it brings along and does not want that to happen to anyone. This is why we do a thorough review at every stage of every report that we work on and also on reports that are brought to us for a review by you.

Why You Need CDR Review Service?

As suggested earlier, a review to the CDR that is otherwise ready for submission is very important to help save that fall. Your entire effort can go waste if you think of skipping this essential step. Expert CDR Reviewers analyse the content basis the category that you applied for. So, they would do a thorough check of the content in terms of validity and alignment to the categories of an application as an Engineering Manager, Professional Engineering, Engineering Associate, and Engineering Technologist.

It is very important to understand that the EA assessors can reject a fuzzy CDR that does not seem up to the mark; do not show you in the correct light as a required professional; does not align to their guidelines; is factually incorrect; is not backed with proper evidencing; has incorrect language or format; and several other reasons. In another scenario, they can also ask for a re-submission in a lesser category because you failed to submit a CDR that proved up to the mark. When that happens, you may land in the country with jobs not aligned with what you actually aspired for or held qualifications towards. Here a comprehensive CDR Review in Australia can come to your assistance and certainly ensure a call to the immigration interview.

Reasons for CDR Rejection

There could be many reasons for the EA assessors to reject your CDR. And, you certainly want to be aware of them as being with the process.

  • Your CDR is ‘your report’ and does not represent the actions of your project team or organization, so do not make it one. You need to speak of your role, skills and competencies that you represented while performing that role and nothing more.
  • The Career Episodes give a detailed insight into three chosen incidents that helped bring those skills and competencies to the fore. So, help the assessor by using an active voice, prescriptive language with examples, and not using a bulleted format. That would be a big disappointment.
  • The EA assessors seem to get impressed with any design experiences that you have. So think hard and collate what you got in that area. So share your design experiences, and the process that led you towards project management, and successful completion.
  • Choose three independent themes for the three Career Episodes. Ensure there is no overlapping and that you are able to cover all the desired competency elements that the EA is looking for.
  • Avoid using an excess of technical jargons, diagrammatical representations, calculations etc. that does not make the report an insight into your skills and competencies
  • The assessors will pass the organizational detailing, however, you need to clarify your role in the team (you can share an organogram), provide your job description, share duration of the projects you chose to highlight

Why Choose Our Writers to Review Your CDR Report?

  • com is a big team of accomplished CDR writers, professional engineers, researchers, editors, and proof-readers, with decades of experience in CDR writing and review
  • With a strong team of over 1000+ professional working to assist engineers from all over the world to achieve their Australian dreams, we are the market leaders
  • We bring engineers on board our team to ensure they understand what goes into that report of yours. So, you might be from Civil Engineering or Computer engineering, we have expertise across these domains.
  • While the EA offers you a 12-week window to submit that CDR of yours with all the required details, you can come to us any time. We are experts at turning a competitive and successful CDR within a few hours.
  • We offer CDR Review services to proofread and edit any factual or language errors you might have made in the report
  • We also offer CDR writing services
  • We are well aware of all EA requirements on CDR writing procedures and the ‘do’s and don’ts’

We understand this is a life changing event for you. So the moment you to come to us and ask us to ‘review my cdr’ we are on it for good. Once the expert is assigned your report, you get all updates and we are also open for review unless you are absolutely satisfied with the end product of what goes to the EA. WriteCDR.com offers

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