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CDR Writing is not just our forte, it is a service that WriteCDR.com takes great pride in. We assist deserving engineers from all parts of the world, to settle for nothing less than a promising career in Australia. So, we pitch in with our expert CDR writing service to keep you free and focused towards your current job or towards drafting your future plans.

We do that because we understand shifting base isn’t easy. And, the essential requirements to migrate, while aligning yourself to the Engineers Australia guidelines is all the more time-consuming. So while you chalk out the plans, we work on the essentials towards visa approval, for instance, getting your CDR ready.

A Competency Development report has to be submitted towards a migration visa approval to Australia. This is a requirement for engineers who do not hold Australian qualifications or come from countries that may not be the full signatories of the Washington Accord, Dublin Accord or Sydney Accord. The report is a means to allow the EA to understand where the applicant stands in terms of the skills that he possesses and their significance in the Australian scenario.

Being the beautiful country that it is, Australia anyways attracts a large number of tourists every year. And, who doesn’t want to stay in a beautiful home? Moreover, the high rankings on the Human Development Index and a consistently growing economy are parameters that add weight to the attraction.

Do not lose your chance to make this correct choice today with a half-baked CDR submission. Instead, reach out to the best CDR writing experts in UAE at WriteCDR.com.

What is CDR Report?

Your CDR helps you demonstrate the professional experience, growth initiatives, and overall knowledge that you have been able to attain during your educational and professional journey. Essentially it is all about showcasing your best side in the engineering domain that you have experience in. And, you need to validate it all with strong evidencing. Once, the EA assesses the report that you submit, and considers the evidencing as appropriate, your visa process on the basis of skilled migration rolls forward.

WriteCDR.com offers comprehensive CDR report writing services at the most affordable charges.

Before we move further, you need to understand what all sections a CDR comprise of.  A Continuing Professional Development, three Career Episodes, and a Summary Statement. At WriteCDR.com we offer expert services to work on either of these sections or the report holistically. If you want to give it an attempt, you can also bring your first draft to us for review and completion further on.

Continuing Professional Development speaks of the efforts and initiatives that you have been taking all this while to keep yourself abreast of your field. Yes, you get the perfect opportunity to highlight the developmental roadmap that you have followed to stay ahead in the race. You can speak of the workshops attended or seminars that you have been a part of. Projects that allowed you scope to innovate or a research paper that you have published. Here, you can also speak of the journals that you subscribe regularly.

Through the three Career Episodes, you can elaborate on the most significant three events of your professional journey wherein you were able to demonstrate relevant skills basis the field of engineering. For this, you might need to refer the Migration Skills Assessment workbook shared by the EA and identify the competencies and skills you would want to focus on.

Your Summary Statement is an extension of the Career Episodes in itself. Just that it’s more precise and to the point. Here, you would like to point the assessor to look at the relevant paragraph in the Career Episode, which speaks of a given competency. To make your point, the need is to carefully number and mark all paragraphs diligently in your Career Episodes.

While all of this seems doable by your own self, experts have a clear edge. They know the ins and outs of your CDR and of the EA requirements to the most micro level.

Who seeks CDR writing help?

What a CDR does is that it helps candidates like you showcase in the perfect manner your competencies, skills, and key knowledge areas in your engineering discipline. Eventually helping the EA assessors identify reasons that deem fit to offer you the skilled migration visa. So, yes, your Australian dream is highly dependent on the CDR that you submit.

Although the report entails all the information that you already have, it is best left to experts to that task for you. You can get the best cdr writing services at WriteCDR.com. With an immense understanding of how to draft a winning CDR, the team achieves success all the time.

EA guidelines on CDR writing are so many and very detailed. Their requirements showcase the benchmark that you need to follow. A small miss can cause you that visa approval. Whereas, experts who have been working on these reports for years, understand these intricacies very well. They are not just adept at the language, but also bring along immense knowledge in the engineering domain. This helps them impress the EA assessors with a professionally drafted CDR, which comprises a mention of the most appropriate events in your Career Episodes.

Since the engineers who apply for a skilled visa are working professionals, they certainly have professional commitments to fulfil each and every day. Leaving them little or no time for CDR writing. Thereby the 12-week window for CDR submission tends to get on their nerves as the delay accumulates. A good CDR needs thorough research and a perfect strategy. But lack of time can become menace here. And, so they seek expert assistance.

In many other scenarios, it is the fear of rejection that tends to hamper the candidate’s best attempt. Therefore, it’s again the best possible decision to seek professional CDR writing services for Engineers Australia.

Why to opt for our CDR Report Writing Services?

CDR report writing is a task cut out for experts in CDR writing. WriteCDR.com has a team of professional engineers, researchers, and experienced CDR writers to help candidates submit a comprehensive and professionally drafted CDR report.

The team abides by the report writing guidelines in terms of content quality and validity, report layout, and structure. Every team member is conversant with Australian English, both oral and written, and hence, the report that they bring together is perfect in all aspects.

Our team of CDR writers, reviewers, researchers, and engineers ensure that each and every section of the report aligns to the guidelines shared in the MSA booklet. Through the CPD, our CDR report writers showcase the most suitable developmental initiatives, basis the evidence that you offer. This helps the assessor understand your spirit to advance in the domain and the efforts being put in that context. The three Career Episodes give them a scope to professionally put forth specific initiatives at your end to resolve a technical issue, lead a project closure, use an innovative strategy, and more. While the Summary Statement gives a brisk walk through your career episodes by precise referencing of the skills that you successfully showcased in the Career Episodes.

Amongst the plethora of CDR related offerings, you can choose from Career Episodes Writing, Summary Statement Writing, or using the CDR review services. Here, the latter includes CDR editing, proofreading, and identifying traces of plagiarism. In case plagiarism is detected, the team works towards its removal. With WriteCDR.com at your service, your CDR EA concern is no more a concern. You can completely rely on the experts to offer you the best report for submission.

Once a candidate requests for CDR writing, it begins with a detailed interview with our expert. This is where the candidate can share his educational and professional background, along with future aspirations. As the required information is collected and the first draft prepared basis the candidate’s expectations, it is then passed over to professional engineers from the same engineering domain for review. This helps in a thorough review of the information collated and value addition in terms of the tips that the domain expert shares. At this juncture, key skills and knowledge areas that were missed earlier can also be included in the report, to make it personalised, yet comprehensive. Once the domain-specific corrections and edits are done, the report is then shared with the team of proof-readers or editors, who then make it error free from grammatical, spelling, or typing error, of any kind. Moreover, the team makes sure that the final draft is in line with the expected use of language and writing style.

WriteCDR.com ensures success through expert precision and has been successful with all the CDR submissions until now.

What all does our CDR Writing Service entail?

We work with an aim to achieve success and for that, we follow the EA guidelines to the tee. All the report submissions are professionally handled and delivered. Our experts strategically highlight key skills and knowledge parameters that make you unique, yet in line with EA expectations. They strategize well and use their expertise in the domain to highlight your career achievements well.

You can choose to take a complete CDR writing package, wherein the team works on all sections of the report and collate them to offer a complete CDR to you. This comes with multi-level quality checks, plagiarism checks, proofreading, and editing. Or, you may choose specific services like:

Career Episode Writing

Career Episodes in a CDR effectively share your professional standing with the assessors. They enable a view of the skills and knowledge areas that define you as a professional engineer. When the team of experts work on these episodes, it is able to highlight key areas of knowledge with precision and outline every story well with the skills that you bring to table.

For this, the expert begins with an interview with the candidate to collate as much relevant information as they can.

Since the CDR writers at WriteCDR.com work on these reports on a regular basis and achieve success every time, they are conversant with the specific guidelines shared by the EA.

Summary Statement Writing

The Summary Statement is a brief section of your CDR which outlines inferences from the Career Episodes. It helps the assessor refer the specific paragraph in a Career Episode that highlights a key skill or competency indicator from your field of engineering.

The team of experts at WriteCDR.com is well versed, with the tricks to end your report with precise and impactful Summary Statement.

CDR Review

WriteCDR.com is known for its highest success rate with CDR approvals. Yes, we take this task seriously, for we understand the stakes are very high for the candidates. We ensure multi-level quality checks for each and every report to make them all unique and plagiarism free.

Editing and Proofreading

We have a specific team of CDR writers, editors, and proof-readers, to screen every one of that report carefully. The teams make sure that none of these reports gets final submitted without thorough spell checks or grammar checks. Moreover, they also ensure that there is no redundant data or an awkward flow of information. Essentially, every one of the reports that go out our door is bound to align with the style sheet guidelines shared by EA.

Plagiarism Checking and Removal

Plagiarism is a strict ‘no’ when it comes to CDR submission. Engineers Australia ensures strict action against the candidate submitting a plagiarised report. This is where the team of WriteCDR.com pitches in to assist with 100% unique reports. We use advanced plagiarism checking tools to identify any and every trace of plagiarism, which is then followed by its removal or paraphrasing to make the report unique in all aspects.

WriteCDR.com Guarantees

Most Competent Domain Specific Writers

While you strategize for your future, we have handpicked expert CDR writers from specific fields of engineering to work on your reports. All of them participate in a multi-level assessment process before they become a part of our expert team. So that means they are extremely skilled and competent in this task that they do. Be it a CDR for mechanical engineering or civil engineering, we have all basis covered.

100% Result Oriented

With WriteCDR.com at your service, you can stop worrying about the EA assessment results. We take great pride in our efficiency and quality of work that eventually leads our reports us to positive assessments every time. Our team of writers understands the EA guidelines on report writing perfectly.

100% Original Content

CDR writing is a skill that comes through experience and understanding of the EA guidelines. It is definitely an art of report writing combined well with domain expertise. However, the candidates aren’t adept with all of what it takes to bring about a high-quality report. But, our writers are. And, they are well supported by professional engineers from the same domains and researchers who add value to the content. Thereby, every report that we work upon is unique in the true sense with authentic data and information.

We also run all reports through the best plagiarism checking tools to remove any concerns for duplicity in any manner. Moreover, the detailed interview that you have with our experts ensure that the report is as personalised as it can be.

On-time Delivery

We understand the crunch deadlines and ensure delivery on the mutually decided date or even before. Since EA only allows you a 12 weeks window to work and submit your report, we ensure timely submission. Not just that, our system is so strong that we are capable to churn out 100% unique CDRs within a few days/hours, for the ones who reach out at the eleventh hour.

Most Competitive Prices

WriteCDR.com has an exquisite team to work on your CDRs. Every one of them being the best in his game. While we compensate the team very well to keep the motivation going and quality levels extremely high, we offer you these reports at the most competitive prices. This is to maintain the goodwill and being of assistance when it matters the most. Our prices do not determine the quality of work that we offer. The latter is unmatched in the industry. We also offer various packages and discounts. Please visit WriteCDR.com for more details on this.

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