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The CDR Summary Statement gives a brief closure to the exhaustive Career Episodes by specifically mapping competency elements with different paragraphs of each episode. You can identify relevant competency elements on the basis of the precise occupational category that you are applying the visa for, by referring to the Migration Skills Assessment booklet in detail.

A well put together Summary Statement abides by all EA guidelines and is represented in a tabular format. The success of the same lies in the fact that you should mark every paragraph of the three Career Episodes correctly, by exactly mapping the units, indicators, or number of elements.

As the EA assessor is going over your report, a correct mapping of competency elements to the correct content in the episodes proves strategic and time-saving for him. Along with highlighting the indicator or element that you represent, as it also strengthens your precision to details.

CDR Summary Statement Writing

CDR Summary Statement Writing is a task that demands serious consideration. Through this brief section, you can compile the essence of your entire CDR using certain units, elements, and indicators. So while you search for the best team to support you in this task, reach out for CDR writing experts at WritecDR.com.

Our team of CDR writing experts understand the explicit and underlying CDR writing guidelines basis all categories that you need to choose from. You could be applying for the profile of a Professional Engineer of CDR writers can work on all respective Summary Statement templates. They are able to perfectly, Engineering Manager, Engineering Associate, or Engineering Technologist. Our expert team map all indicators that were covered in your Career Episodes.

For instance, if you are applying for the occupational category of a Professional Engineer, you need to cover the following three indicators in the Competency Element column.

Knowledge and Skill Base

The section allows you to share an insight into the knowledge you have attained and precision of the engineering fundamentals in your chosen field. What the assessors are keen to see is that how you have been able to practically showcase that knowledge through relevant projects. So, you could go back your academic or professional journey and identify events that allowed you scope to bring all of that to the forefront. In short, pick events where you perfectly demonstrated your understanding of mathematical concepts, research skills, concepts of engineering, principles, scope, accountabilities, etc.

Engineering Application Ability

For a successful Professional Engineer Summary Statement, it is highly recommended to detail all relevant technical skills that you hold through the Career Episodes. Once that is done, it helps in the specified mapping of the competency indicators with the desired paragraphs. The best way to go about the same is to use the first section to elaborate on the engineering methods, using the second section to detail out the techniques, and tools, while the third section could be to define the application of the design process. Over the fourth and last section, you could elaborate on the project management experience.

Professional and Personal Attributes

Through this section of the Summary Statement, you need to make the EA assessors aware of the traits you hold as a person and not just as a ‘professional’. List down your personality traits along with the thin rope of ethics that you walk over in your professional life. All of this carves a picture of you at a holistic level and let EA understand you better. Both in terms of a person and also as a professional they might want to welcome to Australia, considering the best fit. Here, you can share details about innovation that you practice at your workplace, your leadership skills, team skills, or about your communication skills. You might also specify any initiatives that you have taken towards employee safety or for the betterment of the environment, during your professional journey.

While you can work on the Summary Statement all by yourself, it happens for a fact that an expert Summary Statement Writing Service provides you with the best chances of approval. The experts are doing this for years and work on the reports in the most professional manner. While they keep it professional, they turn around every report in the most ‘unique’ manner, to call it yours!

Summary Statement Writing Service by WriteCDR.com

CDR submission is a pre-requisite to your Australian migration visa approval. It is something that you need to do to follow the process of sharing ‘what you got’. The document holds due relevance for a fact that it depicts the true you, both ‘personally and professionally’.

In view of this fact, the Summary Statement is a crisp version of what goes inside the elaborate Career Episodes of your report. At WriteCDR.com we offer CDR Summary Statement Samples and writing service for those applicants having qualifications not adhering to the Washington Accord.

  • With WriteCDR.com we offer a complete package of working on all sections of your CDR or summary statement writing, basis your requirements
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  • Since we operate online, we extend services across countries and continents to help deserving engineers like you, aspire for a bright career in Australia
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  • In this context, our experts only use precise language and run every report through multi-level quality checks to make each one of them error free and ‘unique’ in the true sense
  • While we would like you to come to us well in time, since the EA offers you a 12-week window to submit the report, however, we also have experts to churn the best in class reports within few hours
  • We also offer CDR samples for your review and understanding of our expertise and precision to details
  • We also offer CDR review services for the ones who would like to work on their reports themselves and get them reviewed from the best CDR experts before submission

For a successful application towards your Australian dreams, do reach out to WriteCDR.com. Our team works 24*7 to make your dreams turn into reality. We understand that every CDR needs to share a ‘personal story’, and we ensure that upon by arranging interviews between you and the ‘expert’ before the writing begins. So, we understand you better, before representing you in the report. What’s more, we offer all our services at the most pocket friendly rates. So, reach out today.

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