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Engineers aspiring to migrate to New Zealand to begin a flourishing career in the beautiful country, are bound by essential visa requirements at the onset. The assessing authority IPENZ (Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand) requires a Knowledge Assessment 02 report (KA02). The sole aim for the same being that they would like to assess the essential competencies that the applicant brings with him. And, that is what makes him either eligible/or not for the concerned migration approval.

IPENZ is a non-profit organization that works towards the development of its members, hailing from different engineering backgrounds. When engineers or other professionals from the IT domain, hailing from different parts of the world, like UAE, display interest in establishing a career in New Zealand, they need to pass the IPENZ assessment. The assessment is focused on gauging their Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) skills and see their standing in the modern day work front.

Those applicants who do not bring along qualifications that align with IPENZ’s minimum ICT requirements, fall under the category of non-ICT professionals. They then have the opportunity to display their ICT proficiency by means of the professional experience and exposure they have had in the domain over the years. They can do so by sharing enriching experiences during relevant projects, thereby, showcasing how they have all the abilities to compete with the best ICT professionals or engineers. 

Why is KA02 Report so Important?

As suggested earlier, IPENZ KA02 is an opportunity for all those engineers who do not bring along the required ICT qualifications that fully align with the IPENZ criteria to still show how they are right for the job. There are many countries like UAE, who offer limited/no programs that align to tertiary ICT qualifications by way of a Diploma (Graduate/Advanced), Bachelors, Masters, or Doctoral programs). KA02 offers these engineers or professionals a perfect opportunity to highlight the relevant skills that they have mastered over the years through the professional application.

At WriteCDR.com our expert team of writers and professional engineers ensure that they provide you with impeccably written KA02 reports. We understand how being a working professional with other family obligations takes a toll on your health and mind. This helps us drive these services with utmost passion and diligence, in order to share that load with you.

For all of you who are keen to get professional assistance with their KA02 Report New Zealand, WriteCDR.com can be your perfect friend and guide. With a strong professional background and expertise in different domains of engineering like Electrical, Electronics, Chemical, Computer, we do have extensive domain experience. It is then strongly backed by language experts who validate every report through a careful assessment of the writing style and language.

How to Choose the Best KA02 Writing Services for New Zealand?

As you begin your search for the best KA02 Report Writing Services in New Zealand, you would come to know that WriteCDR.com stands to be the market leader for over a decade now. This is a consequence of the expertise that we bring to table through unmatchable exposure and understanding of IPENZ guidelines on KA02 writing. Our experts also offer advice and guidance on the entire visa process and guide you through the way with a careful review of the KA02 report written by you.

Our success rate stands to be at a whopping 99% approval rate with visa applications. You must look into these aspects before choosing a KA02 writing partner for yourself.

  • Perfect Understanding of the KA02 Assessment: It is very important that your KA02 writing partner must have a perfect understanding of the process from start to end. To begin with, they must be aware of the difference between the two Knowledge Assessment reports that the IPENZ requires from visa applicants. For instance, one section of applicants are the ones who bring along qualification degrees approved by New Zealand or Australian universities or accredited by the Washington Accord. While it is the other section of applicants who submit the KA02 reports (those who do not fulfil the previous condition). The service partner must be aware of all minute details on KA02 writing and offer exemplary services by way of expert-client rapport and understanding, high-quality writing and review, timely delivery of reports, affordable prices, and more.
  • Professional Engineers and Language Experts: The writing partner must have a strong team of engineering professionals and language experts. Since KA02 is a technical report, this is a very important requirement that subject expert and experienced engineers. Moreover, the report must abide by all language parameters and structural guidelines.
  • Unmatched Approval Rates: The service partner that you trust to work on your report must bring along a rich experience in KA02 writing. It must have a thorough understanding of all IPENZ guidelines and boast of high approval rates like we proudly do at WriteCDR.com.
  • Exemplary Client Satisfaction: The service partner must provide client feedbacks that are extremely happy and satisfying. They shouldn’t consider this just a task, but more of an obligation to assist a professional from another country, striving to make a dream come true. At WriteCDR.com we take it upon ourselves to offer the best services at every step of the way. With stringent quality checks, regular expert-client connects, and the highest quality of reports, we fulfil all criteria for exemplary client satisfaction.

We also offer free sample reports to showcase the quality of our work and client reviews, feedbacks, and testimonials on how you attain the best value for your money with us. So, waste no more time and reach out today for KA02 Report Writing Services New Zealand.

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