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RPL Report is an essential piece of document to be submitted by the migration visa applicants who hold a diploma or degree that does not make the essential cut, per the Australian universities. And, so the authorities would want to assess the level of their tertiary qualifications in the IT domain. The RPL assessing authority, ACS (Australian Computer Society) does that through careful assessment of the competence that the candidate represents in the Information and Computer Technologies (ICT) domain.

As you get a grasp on what RPL holds for you, you need to understand that the ACS would only accept your qualifications as ICT major, if they fulfil the following conditions.

  • A Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree that covers at least 50% ICT content
  • A 3-year Bachelor degree that has least 33% ICT content
  • A 4-year Bachelor degree that has at least 25% ICT content
  • A 5-year Bachelor degree having at least 20% ICT content

Considering the above conditions are fulfilled, the ICT content also needs to be spread across all years of the program, wherein the curriculum for the final year covers advanced skills for the same.

ACS RPL considers a Masters or Graduate Diploma degree to be compliant with ICT Major if:

  • A 2-year course has at least 50% ICT content
  • A 3-year course has at least 33% ICT content

On the other hand, if you think that the degree or diploma program only covers about two-thirds of the essential requirements, in this case you need to  demonstrate your ICT minor skills .

The ones who come along with degrees not related to the field are considered non-ICT candidates by the assessing authority, ACS (Australian Computer Society). These are the candidates who then need to submit an ACS RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) towards getting their ICT skills recognized by the ACS. This is a mandatory requirement to assist their visa approval. The form is designed in a manner that it allows professionals working in related fields to showcase that they possess relevant ICT skills through the work that do and have acquired them.

Amongst the different sections of an RPL Australia report, one is called ‘Key Areas of Knowledge’. Here, the applicant can carefully outline different skills and knowledge areas that they deem relevant to ICT, which they possess. This proves beneficial for the professionals who have actually attained a lot of experience in the field because their job required that. 

RPL Report Writing is a very important task that requires a lot of focus, time, and effort. It is also a requirement to adhere strictly to the ACS guidelines on RPL writing. At WriteCDR.com we do just that by offering expert consultation, RPL writing, and RPL review services.

We understand that professional’s worldwide dream of a flourishing professional journey in Australia. However, what holds many of them back is the fact that howsoever good they are in their own specific domains, they know very little about RPL writing and ACS guidelines on the same. This proves highly detrimental in the process when they submit RPL reports that do not align with the essential requirements and are then rejected in the process.

At WriteCDR.com we offer expert RPL Report Writing Services to the candidates from UAE who are dreaming of a career in Australia in the near future. Our distinguished team of professional RPL writers and engineers make each and every report that we work upon, not just unique, but a winner. This is a consequence of having an expert team that understands all ACS guidelines on RPL writing, is conversant with the competency standards that are desired of the candidate, and is aware of all other parameters. The team begins by interviewing the candidate and assessing the academic and professional background that is perfectly validated by pieces of evidence. Such a comprehensive all round take on RPL writing is something that makes us stand ahead of the crowd and be a leader in the domain. 

What All Should RPL Report Include?

At WriteCDR.com along with the RPL Report Writing Services Australia, we also offer you expert advice on the process. Our experts suggest that the RPL ACS assessment falls under two different categories:

  1. Non-ICT category applicants must bring along at least a six years professional experience, in a relevant ICT domain that is defined by an ANZSCO code. (An Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) code is a skills-based classification system of all occupations and jobs in the Australian and New Zealand labour markets. If you do have skills pertinent to a nominated ANZSCO discipline that means your skills are required in these countries.)
  2. Non-ICT holders having no tertiary qualifications must bring along a minimum of eight years of work experience in the ICT-related fields, out of which two years of employment may be related to fields not relevant to the ANZCO code under which they are applying.

In addition to this, the RPL Report Australia includes two project reports- one that you had undertaken within the past three years, and the other which you might have undertaken in a span of past five years. Both the project mentions must include:

  • Your managerial role and responsibilities
  • Project management techniques that you adhered to
  • Design paradigms, system design, and methodologies towards data analysis
  • Your specific contribution towards the project design and implementation
  • Network topology and size towards secure facilities
  • Quality parameters and database designs utilised

Why Choose RPL Report Writing Services Australia Offered by WriteCDR?

WriteCDR.com has an accomplished team of RPL report writers who work to make every report a winner. Doesn’t matter the stream that you come from. You could be an experienced engineer or bring along a great ICT background, however, RPL writing can still prove a challenge for you. This is seemingly not the case with our RPL experts. They are conversant with all ACS guidelines on RPL writing and are well supported by our technology experts to make every report as comprehensive as it could be.

Over the years we have successfully understood intrinsic details on ACS RPL requirements for the assessment process. What’s more for you is that our writers do not deter from making as many revisions as you desire before making the final submission. Since we are strongly backed by experts from different domains, we can turn around RPL reports in all categories within strict deadlines.

It doesn’t matter if you are an engineer in the Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, or Electronics domain. Even if you are a Computer Engineer, who just couldn’t meet the ICT requirements, we would be happy to offer you a winning RPL to you.

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