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What is The Best Way to Prepare a Competency Demonstration Report for Engineers?

Relocation is a great effort to change your lifestyle. You are at a new place, meeting new people, working at a new job and making a new effort to create the life you ever wanted. Australia is no doubt a wonderful place to relocate. Over the past years, the country has been accepting immigrants with open arms, giving them an opportunity to rejuvenate themselves in this exotic land.

However, to achieve all that you dream for in Australia, you need to go through their typical immigration process which involves creating a CDR Report or Competency Demonstration Report. So let us today reveal the best way to prepare a competency demonstration report for engineers so that you do not have to wait much in reaching the Land Down Under.


#1 Be Clear With the Purpose of CDR – Many applicants have no clue ‘why’ they are required to submit a CDR report for Australia immigration. They just browse the internet, copy a report and submit it. Do not do that. You must know that CDR is a document that will represent your engineering skills and achievements. It will help the Australian migration authorities understand whether you are capable of working as an engineer in their country or not.

#2 Be Clear With the CDR Format – The CDR is a standardized document. It has a fixed format and writing requirement that every applicant has to fulfil. So, you must follow the format of the document and submit it as is if you want quick approval.

Components of CDR Purpose Format
Continuing Personal Development A list of activities that you have pursued in your career to keep up with the developments in your field It is in Tabular format.


It should not be more than an A4 size page

Three Career Episodes Each career episode describes a significant period of applicant’s engineering career and describes how the applicant applied their knowledge in their occupation Each career episode should be between 1000 to 2500 words
Summary Statement It is a summary of the competency elements that you have mentioned in the career episodes Templates are provided in the migration skill assessment booklet and the Engineers Australia website. It can be more than one page in length

#3 Some Qualities of a Good CDR – One must ensure a few things while writing the CDR report for Australia immigration. The language you use should not only be grammatically correct but meaningful. Write clearly and avoid complex sentences. Do not mention anything that is not asked from you. Your CDR must be concise and relevant. Make sure you are providing adequate proof to support what you mention in the CDR. Make sure you have followed the format of the CDR correctly. Anything misplaced might affect your result.


#1 Keep it Original – You must not exaggerate anything in the report. Just be you because if you are pretending to be someone else in the document, the assessment authorities will identify the pattern. Do not fake professionalism in the report. It is okay to write simple and sober. All that should highlight in your report is your work.

#2 Do the Research – Gain as much knowledge as you can about CDR report writing. Go through the Engineers Australia website. Read about them, their work and what all relevant information is present on the website regarding your engineering profession. You must be clear with the format, word limits and other requirements of the CDR report. Refer to some CDR report samples and observe how other applicants have written the report.

#3 Write Clear and Concise – We have already discussed the same in the above section. Good writing is the identity of a good quality CDR. Do not think that your first draft is your final report. Read and re-read. Spend time in editing your writeup and then only you will be able to make your report submission-worthy! You might create some notes first under clearly defined headings to ensure that you mention all the important information in the report and do not miss anything.

#4 Check for Plagiarism – Plagiarism is forbidden by Engineers Australia. If your document is subjected to plagiarism anyhow, EA can take action against you accordingly. Hence, do not copy some other’s work and present it as yours. Make your report about you and your career. Plagiarism is a very big reason why Engineers Australia rejects CDR reports.

#5 Consult CDR Report Writing Services – There can be a good chance that you do not have time to conduct research, to check your document for plagiarism or to edit your work. You might not be able to understand the CDR report writing requirements precisely. Still, you have a good chance to save your CDR from getting rejected, by consulting a CDR report writing service. Connect with an expert who has experience of writing CDR reports, who understands the Australian immigration process and who can help you fine-tune your CDR.

#6 The Trick to Writing Career Episodes – First and foremost, you must nominate the right occupation from the ANZSCO list. Match the job descriptions correctly and ensure that your responsibilities and tasks are similar to what is mentioned in the ANZSCO list. Read the competency elements as per your Engineering occupation and hence select appropriate engineering projects from your career.

#7 The Secret of Summary Statement – It is important to match the correct competencies with the career episode. You must number the paragraphs for each career episode so that cross-referencing becomes easy. Read a few sample summary statements to understand how this section should be prepared.

#8 Correct CPD List Preparation – You must take care of the CPD format. You need to mention the number of hours for each activity. Also, Engineers Australia mentions eight types of CPD activities and the number of hours that must be associated with them. Take note of that and hence select your CPD activities.


The CDR report writing process might appear a little longer in the beginning but once you understand the requirements, things will get smooth. If you have sufficient time and skills, you should prepare the CDR on your own. But, in case you have the slightest of doubt, consult a CDR expert as soon as possible. At WriteCDR.com we offer affordable and reliable CDR report writing services to engineers of every domain. Our talented panel of CDR writers is here to guide you 24/7. Creating a perfect CDR report is not that tough. Just go through the points mentioned above and ensure you are going by the rules. Connect with us for further guidance.

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