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Engineers are an important part of every society. They are knowledge seekers, problem solvers and creative minds who have a robust tendency to look for details without losing sight of the big picture. Though engineering is a popular subject across the globe, there are some countries offering the best engineering courses. Botswana is among those places. It is recognized for its engineering courses and training.

Over the past few years, engineers from Botswana are aiming to move to Australia for better salaries and career growth. The immigration process to Australia begins with Migration Skill Assessment (MSA) where the engineers have to prove their capability by submitting a CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) and make way for their settlement in the country.

All About CDR Report

Who prepares CDR?

The CDR report is prepared by those engineers who do not possess an Australian Engineering Degree or have achieved their qualification from the countries of Washington, Sydney or Dublin Accords. This report is assessed by EA or Engineers Australia, a diverse body of Engineers in Australia.
If you receive a positive CDR assessment from EA then your application to migrate to Australia can move forward. If the result is negative then you have to rework and make yourself capable of the engineering requirements of Australia.

What is CDR all about?

The CDR represents the technical skills of the engineers and the knowledge they possess about their engineering fields. At first, you will be required to choose an occupation out of the list provided by Engineers Australia.

The CDR report consists of three parts - Career Episodes, Summary Statement and CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

The Career Episodes are a snapshot of your engineering career where you showcased your competencies and skills as an engineer. The Engineers Australia provides a Migration Skill Assessment Booklet which contains a list of competencies that different engineering occupations should possess. You just have to select those competencies and hence prove how your engineering career justifies these competencies.

The CPD lists the initiatives that you have taken in order to enhance your professional knowledge. These could be engineering workshops, seminars, training, volunteering etc. You can find the whole list in the MSA booklet.

The Summary Statement is a summary of the career mentioned in the CDR report. This provides a cross-check link between the competencies provided by Engineers Australia and that chosen by the applicant. All these three parts of CDR are equally important.

Other requirements of CDR include your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and English Language Competency Test Results. In your CV, you need to mention everything about your professional career. If there are some gaps, you must mention them too. You need to list all your employment in chronological order and define your role in details. One must understand that the curriculum vitae would not include any projects as they are being mentioned in the CDR report.

Why seek help in CDR Writing?

CDR is a Crucial Document - You fate depends upon this document. Hence, most of the applicants are looking for help in CDR writing in Botswana. A learned professional who has experience in writing CDR will be able to bring in the quality and clarity in your report.

Time Constraints - Working professionals often lack time to prepare their CDR. This report requires precision, details and must be coherent. Most of the engineers fail to take out enough time from their hectic schedules to prepare such a report.

Unclear Guidelines - Understanding CDR writing guidelines by Engineers Australia is a challenge for many. Since there is so much to keep in mind the applicants are not able to fulfil every requirement. A professional CDR writer can help them cross-check for adherence to the guidelines easily.

Fear of Rejection - Since CDR is a crucial document, most of the engineers do not feel confident enough about preparing their report on their own. A CDR expert knows how to impress the assessing authorities with effective writing.

Get Familiar with our CDR help Services in Botswana

If you are facing troubles in preparing your CDR report, it is time to hire a professional writer. We offer help with CDR in Botswana and guide the talented engineers in achieving their dream to migrate to Australia. Here is what we have for you.

CDR Writing Help - Just provide us with your career-related information and we will frame it into a compelling CDR report. Our CDR writers are well-versed with the guidelines of Engineers Australia and have good experience in preparing CDR reports.

Personalized Assistance - We create CDRs from scratch depending upon the information that we get. We never use any pre-defined template to prepare the CDR. Hence, your report will be solely about you and your engineering career. 

Originality -  We use plagiarism detection tools to keep a check on the plagiarism in the CDR if any. With this, we ensure that the CDR report is 100% original. You can also ask for the plagiarism report. We will be happy to help you. 

Coherence - The CDR must be coherent. Many times engineers come up with career episodes that do not relate with each other at all. We will ensure that whatever we mention in the career episode relates with each other and each episode seems as an iteration in your career. 

Detailing - We take care of all the details of your career and leverage them at the right place in your CDR. Our CDR writers ensure that every significant detail about your career is included in the report. 

Providing Unmatched Help in Writing CDR in Botswana

Help with writing Career Episodes

Sometimes it can be difficult for the applicants to understand the competencies exactly. Hence, they tend to leave many of them. We provide them with complete guidance and help them formulate the right match of the competencies with their engineering skills.

We also make sure that the format of your career episodes is correct. You can discuss your queries with our CDR experts and hence find clarity over your CDR.

Help with Summary Statement

Many applicants do not understand the purpose of the summary statement. They often are unable to cross-reference their competencies with those given by Engineers Australia and hence are not able to complete the summary statement correctly. We can help you create the right match and provide you with proper explanations.

CDR Review

If you think you can prepare the CDR on your own but need some assistance, we can review your CDR for you. We will help you uncover any mistakes in the format of the CDR or bring out any loopholes which can lead to a negative assessment result. 

CDR Quality Check

Whether you are here to get your CDR reviewed or we are helping you prepare your CDR from scratch, our quality check process remains the same. Every CDR report is reviewed by our esteemed editors and proofreaders. This ensures that there are no grammatical errors, spelling errors or lexical inconsistencies. 

Then, the final report goes for a plagiarism check. Lastly, our CDR experts review it on the whole and match it with the guidelines of Engineers Australia. We use the best tools to check plagiarism and our talented writers ensure that the tone of the writing is up to the mark. 

CDR Writing Botswana Guarantees 

Round the Clock Services - Solving your CDR queries was never so easy. Ask for help anytime you want. Our customer support team is available 24/7. 

Affordable Prices for CDR in Botswana - You do not have to pay a hefty amount in getting a high-quality CDR report. We have designed our services in such a way that our customers can afford them. 

The Best CDR Writers - We have hired native Australian writers to help you with your CDR. They not only have years of experience in preparing CDRs but have a noteworthy success rate. That is why we are able to serve an unmatched quality to our customers. 

All Engineering Domains Covered - We have an expert from every domain. So whether you are a civil engineer, chemical engineer or mechanical engineer, we are here to offer you with personalized assistance. 

Punctuality is a Must - We understand the value of your time and ours too. Hence, we never delay in providing your CDR reports to you. We also offer instant CDR help by solving your queries within a couple of hours.

A few CDR Questions Answered for you

How long does it take in CDR assessment?

The Engineers Australia takes almost 9 weeks time to evaluate a CDR for non-accredited qualifications and almost 7 weeks time for Australian accredited and accord qualifications.

How long should be the career episode?

One career episode can be 1000 to 2500 words in length. One should keep in mind the word limit and must not exceed it.

How long is the CDR assessment result valid?

The result is valid for the lifetime. But the assessment certificate has a validity of three years only. So if you have gotten the assessment before three or more years, you must get the certificate reissued.

What can we do on not receiving a favourable outcome of CDR assessment?

You can seek an informal review of your application within three months of receiving the results. This review takes around eight weeks’ time.

Can I get the results of CDR assessment early?

If you want the assessment to be done quickly you can opt for ‘Fast Track’ assessment process. The fee would vary but you will be getting the results within just 20 days.
Want to know more about the CDR writing in Botswana? Need help in preparing your CDR? Connect with us right now and find a chance to outshine your competency demonstration report. Place your query today!

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