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CDR Report Sample For Electrical Engineering

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CDR Report Sample For Electrical Engineering Discipline

CDR or Competency Demonstration Report is a major part of the immigration process to Australia. Electrical Engineers who have not attained their education in Australia or other recognised countries are required to get their skill assessment done before they apply for a visa to Australia. CDR is a part of the MSA or Migration Skills Assessment process. It is a report that contains all the information about your recent professional career and your skills as an electrical engineer.

WriteCDR.com is here to help you create the best CDR report so that you can complete the skill assessment process successfully. We offer CDR report writing services where you can get assistance on how to write the best quality report. Our CDR experts have worked with hundreds of electrical engineers who migrated to Australia with the help of CDR that we provided them. Grab a CDR report sample from us right now to know more about our writing style and CDR writing requirements.

Migrating to Australia as an Electrical Engineer

One of the prominent jobs in Australia is in the field of electrical engineering. Electrical engineers can find jobs in construction, power systems, automotive building, telecommunications, interior designing, manufacturing and many other related fields. Some new fields in renewable energy are also at their rising which widens the scope of electrical engineers. So, if you are willing to find a place in any of these fields, start your migration skill assessment process for Australia today and write your CDR report for Australia.

Preparing CDR Report for Electrical Engineers

Writing the Career Episodes

When you look at any CDR sample reports you will see that the first section of the CDR report is the Career Episodes in which you mention about the projects that you undertook in your career as an electrical engineer. Each career episode has four parts-

  • Introduction - In just 100 words, you need to mention the basic information about the career episode that is, date, duration, time, name of the organization.
  • Background - This section is around 200-500 words and includes background details about the career episode like the objective of your project, the nature of your work and your duties in the project. 
  • Personal Engineering Activity - Here comes the main part of the career episode where you will be narrating your role in the project in around 500 to 1200 words. You will explain how you solved the problems encountered and finally achieved the objective of the project. 
  • Summary - In the last part, you need to conclude the episode by providing your views about how you justified the duties assigned to you. Your contribution to the project is a must.

Writing the Continuing Professional Development or CPD List

CPD is basically a list of activities that you pursued to enhance your skills as an electrical engineer. This list includes the duration or number of hours you contributed to that activity and the kind of activity you pursued. Your CPD can include activities like attending technical meetings, pursuing technical courses, attending seminars or conducting workshops.

Writing the Summary Statment

The third section of the CDR is the summary statement which is unlike the summary of your career episode. In this section, you need to match the competencies that you have mentioned in your career episodes with those provided by the Engineers Australia in the Migration Skill Assessment Booklet.

CDR Report Sample For Electrical Engineering

CDR Report Sample - Career Episode for Electrical Engineer

Let us give an insight into how to write the career episode for your CDR Report for Australia. See the example given below where the applicant has mentioned their duties in their career episode. The name of the project is ‘Load Switching for a GSM Substation’. The main duties of the applicant in the project were:

  • Preparing the work schedule 
  • Building the circuits using basic knowledge of engineering 
  • Presenting the reports of the project 
  • Building the driver circuit 
  • Studying articles and other resources related to the project 

Here is another example of the CDR Report for students. The name of the project is Induction Motors and Torque Control. The main duties associated with this project are:

  • Conducting the literature review to gather all the data associated with DTC schemes 
  • Analysis of the circuits and electrical drivers 
  • Understanding the drawbacks of the conventional system 
  • simulation of the induction motor

CDR Report Sample - Summary Statement for Electrical Engineer

Here is a section of the main summary statement for career episode sample 1 mentioned above for PE2 Engineering Application Ability PE2.1 and PE2.2. See how competencies are being matched and cross-referenced.

PE2.1 Application of established engineering methods to complex engineering problem solving

I identified the errors in the system with the help of the whole team.

CE 1.5, CE 1.10, CE 2.9, CE 2.10

PE2.2 Fluent application of engineering techniques, tools and resources

I described the technical software that would be required to run the project in a smooth manner 

CE 2.2, CE 2.6

CDR Report Sample - CPD List

You must understand that you have to perform CPD activities for a total of 150 hours in 3 years. Engineers Australia provides a total of 8 Types of CPD activities like tertiary courses, private study, volunteering service in the engineering industry, preparation of materials for seminars and conferences, academic research etc. Consider the table given below that explains what all you need to mention in a CPD. The three columns named Risk Management, Business and Management and Related Area of Practice represent the area in which you conducted the CPD activity. The maximum hours you should devote to each of these areas is given below them.



Type I to VIII

CPD Activity / Topic / Provider 

How CPD extended Knowledge 

Risk Management 

(Max 10 Hours)

Business and Management

(Max 15 Hours) 

Related Area of Practice

(Max 50 Hours) 


How CDR Report Sample Electrical Engineering Is Helpful

A CDR report sample for an electrical engineer is basically a CDR report that we have written previously for one of our clients. We provide these samples to you so that you can refer to them and understand what is CDR report and how it is written.

Since the CDR report samples that we offer are the ones that have already been accepted by Engineers Australia, you will get to know about our finest writing abilities. The sample will give you an idea of how well we represent the information of our clients and how we use the words to enhance the message.

CDR sample helps you understand how the different sections - career episodes, summary statement and CPD are written. This enhances your CDR writing process. Without a sample, you might feel lost in between the writing process.

So grab your sample at a really affordable price from WriteCDR.com today and smoothen your CDR writing process. Seek help from our CDR experts whenever you need. Exciting rewards await you!

Why Do You Need CDR Report Writing Services

Engineers Australia is today flooded with CDR Report for Engineers to asses. Hence, one not only needs to be accurate with the format of the CDR report but should provide genuine and unique information that can capture the attention of assessing authorities. With increased competition rises the chances of rejection of the CDR. Hence seeking professional guidance is necessary. Once you will have a look at these reasons given below, you will understand why you need CDR report writing services.

  • CDR reports can get rejected due to incorrect format of the document 
  • Applicants are unable to remove plagiarism completely from their document 
  • The Summary Statement is not written in tabular form 
  • Applicants mention too much technical information in the Career Episodes 
  • Applicants do not focus on their role in the career episode
  • The methods used to solve the p[rtoblems occurred in the project were not mentioned at all in the report
  • The word count requirements of the CDR report are not matched 
  • There are not many CDR report samples available to the applicants for understanding purposes 

Find CDR Report Samples for Electrical Engineers and Much More on WriteCDR.com

WriteCDR.com guarantees to provide you with a personalized CDR report for Electrical Engineers. Send us a query today and our representatives will connect with you promptly to seek information about your case. We write based on what you provide to us so make sure you mention everything genuine to us. Consider a few astonishing features of our CDR writing service that can help you create a top-notch document for Australian immigration.

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