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CDR Report Sample For Electrical Engineering Draftsperson

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Are you a hard working Electrical Engineering Draftsperson with various skills and planning to move abroad to enhance your skills and become more efficient. Well, then you are going to get the right information here because Australia is giving a chance to hardworking Electrical Engineering Draftspersons who want to migrate and work. The job will be provided under the Electrical Engineering Draftsperson ANZSCO code 312311.

What does an Electrical Engineering Draftsperson do?

Electrical Engineering Draftsperson is responsible for designing various electrical parts and types of equipment. They have to create diagrams and plans for processing the manufacturing of a range of equipment. They are responsible for preparing drawings of wiring systems and circuit layouts. Electrical Engineering Draftsperson creates diagrams used by other engineers to generate systems for use in communications, electrical distribution and power plants. Thy coordinate with the engineers to bring the best solution to develop, plan and design electrical equipment.

Electrical Engineering Draftsperson has to spend a lot of time in engineering workshops or laboratories. The designing requires research and they are fully dedicated towards it. After researching, Electrical Engineering Draftsperson creates technical drawings used in manufacturing and construction.

What are the tasks of an Electrical Engineering Draftsperson?

  • Create designs, by hand or using CADD.
  • Prepare plans and diagrams for electrical installations and circuitry.
  • Estimate the cost of materials.
  • Data collection for research purposes.
  • Performing complex calculations.
  • Preparing tabulations and charts.
  • Metering and indicating electrical equipment.
  • Attending an electrical workshop.
  • Assisting the Electrical Engineers and Engineering Technologists in design.
  • Producing drawing sets and assembling documentation packages.
  • Wiring diagrams and connection specifications.
  • Monitor the installation effects and arrangement of equipment.
  • Drawing rough sketches of installation sites.

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