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CDR Report Sample For Materials Engineer

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Are you looking forward to job opportunities as a Materials Engineer in Australia? Do you need to prepare your CDR in a better way to enhance your application? Australia has opened its doors for Engineers all over the world and an effective CDR report can be your ladder to immigration success. Check out the following sample job description and responsibilities for Materials Engineer for a better insight on CDR preparation.

What does a Materials Engineer do?

The job of a Materials Engineer involves the creation of materials from scratch. Materials Engineers often use computers to duplicate other materials and their characteristics. They might work in coordination with other engineers, technicians, technologists and scientists. They also conduct research and develop new ways of how a material can be used in a variety of ways.

A Materials Engineer can hold specialization in metals, alloys, plastics, glass, polymers and other materials that occur naturally. They are continuously investigating the properties of different materials that can be used in developing applications related to engineering and for commercial purposes. Applicants nominating this occupation need to select 233112 ANZSCO (Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations) Code and prepare their CDR as per the ANZSCO guidelines.

What are the tasks of a Materials Engineer?

  1. Developing, testing, and using different materials for engineering purposes
  2. Supervising the quality control of the materials and product construction
  3. Analyzing the data using computer software
  4. Connecting with suppliers and customers to understand their perspectives
  5. Supervising other staff members and engineers
  6. Performing managerial functions such as preparing budgets, documents, reports, and design plans
  7. Conducting the training sessions and guiding the staff on how to use new materials, manufacturing methods and applications
  8. Reviewing new products and providing recommendations on whether to use that product or not
  9. Analyzing the reasons why the certain product failed and preparing operational reposts for the same
  10. Recommending which material to use as per the requirements of the customers and the quality standards of the company

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CDR Report Sample for Materials Engineers

The Competency Demonstration Report Sample for Materials Engineer includes all the necessary reports such as Three Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development and Summary Statement. The Content of the Materials Engineer CDR Report Sample is as follow:

Materials Engineer Career Episode Report 1

Project Name: “Heat Treatment Studies of Ultra High Temperature SMCO 2:17 Magnets”

In first career episode, the author describes the project he did as a part of his final semester’s requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Technology in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. This career episode is based on his project named as; “Heat Treatment Studies of Ultra High Temperature SMCO 2:17 Magnets”. During the time, the responsibilities of the author were to:

  • To clearly write down the parameters of the project to be studied
  • To study those parameters
  • To subject the studies into experimentation to produce results
  • To analyze the result
  • To consider the critical areas and restudy and re-experiment them, observe them, and draw the conclusion

Materials Engineer Career Episode Report 2

Project Name: “Weldability Study Stainless Steel”

In second career episode, the author explains the project he did as a part of his degree requirement in Bachelor of Technology in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. During this time his duties and responsibilities in the project “Weldability Study Stainless Steel” were:

  • To lay out the project’s proper plan for each phase
  • To asses and compare the various properties of grade 316L austenitic stainless steel
  • To minimize the electron beam deflection
  • To maximize the strength of welding using different types of materials
  • To use the display weld beads to display all the weld and position

Materials Engineer Career Episode Report 3

Project Name: “Static Recrystallization Characteristics of Pure Tantalum”

In third career episode, the author explains the engineering skills he used when he was studying Metallurgy and Materials engineering. During this time his duties and responsibilities in the project “Static Recrystallization Characteristics of Pure Tantalum” were:

  • To extract the pure tantalum from various called tantalite, Wodginite, etc.
  • To grasp the physical and chemical properties of tantalum to achieve the pure tantalum.
  • To study the grain refinement response as a function of static recrystallization annealing parameters namely amount of strain, annealing temperature and annealing time.
  • To perform the grain refinement in tantalum
  • To perform the deformation process because of oxygen affinity to pure tantalum is very high at temperatures above 1500C

Materials Engineer Summary Statement

In his summary statement the author presents all the competency elements required for Professional Materials Engineer. There are cross references in the summary statement to the relevant paragraph of the episodes, as explained in the Engineers Australia migration skills assessment booklet. His Summary Statement is in complete accordance with the today’s requirements of the Engineers Australia.

Materials Engineer Continuing Professional Development

The CPD includes professional courses, non-professional courses and private study. CPD Sample clearly explains the author’s Materials Engineering Knowledge.

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