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CDR Report Sample For Mining Engineer

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Do you know the importance of a good CDR or Competency Demonstration Report? Do you know how quick can be your migration skills assessment process if you submit a high-quality CDR report? Well, many mining engineers looking forward to moving to Australia worry about their CDR being the best. So, we are here to help them, guide them and accompany them in creating a CDR that stands out in front of Engineers Australia.

WriteCDR.com is among the topmost CDR report writing services in Australia. We have a team of highly qualified native CDR writers and Australia immigration experts who make it possible for engineers of different engineering disciplines to prepare a perfect CDR report. So, keep reading if you want to know more about CDR writing for mining engineers. You can get CDR report samples from us to know more about our quality and finesse.

Migrating to Australia as a Mining Engineer

The average salary of a mining engineer in Australia is around AU$118,390. Mostly, mining engineers work with mining companies, consultancies, environmental consultancies, extraction and quarrying companies, construction and manufacturing companies, etc. Their job fields mainly revolve around minerals, oil and gas, tunnelling and quarrying. Mining engineers hold a great scope in Australia since the country is growing at a fast rate. But, if you want to grab all such amazing opportunities, the first milestone is getting your CDR report for Australia immigration approved by Engineers Australia.

Preparing CDR Report for Mining Engineers

Before we introduce to our CDR sample reports for mining engineers, we want you to understand the three main components of the report and how are they written specifically for mining engineers.

Writing Career Episodes for Mining Engineers

First, in the CDR Report for Engineers, one needs to provide three career episodes. Each Career Episode includes four sections. Each section has its own importance and is written depending upon the engineering field you choose.

Introduction - You will mention information about the career episode such as the name of the organization, date, duration and location. It must be within 100 words.

Background - Here, you will explain the nature of the project, its goals and your duties in it. It must be within 200-500 words. For instance, “Improving the production costs for various mining operations in the project like blending and drilling.”

Personal Engineering Activity - Now, in around 500-1200 words, you have to narrate your project. You have to talk about your role, how you contributed to make the project a hit. For instance, “ I supervised all the mining processes in the project and ensured that there was no delay using XYZ techniques.”

Summary - This marks the end of your career episode. Mention how you justified your duties in a few words and the result of the project.

Writing CPD for Mining Engineers

This section of the CDR report includes a list of all the activities that you pursued to enhance your skills as a mining engineer. These may include attending conferences and seminars, pursuing a higher degree, writing a paper, etc. Our CDR report sample will explain how to mention these activities in order.

Writing Summary Statement for Mining Engineers

The last section of the CDR report for Engineers is the summary statement. Here you need to match the competencies you mentioned in your career episodes with those mentioned by Engineers Australia in the MSA booklet.

CDR Report Sample For Mining Engineers

CDR Report Sample - Career Episode for Mining Engineer

Consider this section of the CDR report for Australia migration skills assessment prepared by our elite writers. The project name was “Determination of the Properties of Rock Strata During Mining”. The main duties of the engineer in this project were given as:

  • Constructing a primary survey on the properties of rocks during mining with the help of other mining engineers and geologists
  • Determining how safety can be ensured in the process of mining and implementing the procedures
  • Planning how the equipment and human resource can be utilized in optimum ways to meet the targets of the project
  • Assessing the possible safety risks that can be involved in the mining process and the different phases of the project

Consider the career episode of another CDR report sample for mining engineers. This project was “Design and Feasibility of Hard Rock Mine”. The main duties as mentioned by the client in the project were like:

  • Evaluation of the mine area on geological, topography and geotechnical basis
  • Estimation of costs that will be involved in the implementation of the project, development and installations required
  • Development of the mining schedule and estimation of mine operations
  • Evaluation of the resources that would be required to meet the goals of the project in terms of manpower, equipment and other resources

CDR Report Sample - Summary Statement for Mining Engineer

Summary Statement of CDR report for Australia MSA must be in tabular form. The career episode paragraphs are referenced here with their numbers. See a section of summary statement of our CDR report sample for mining engineers below.

PE1.3 In-depth understanding of specialist bodies of knowledge within the engineering discipline

I learned how to use the mining software for cost estimation and project planning

I gained experience in using different cost estimation strategies for mining

CE 1.8, CE 2.2, CE 3.6, CE 3.8, CE 3.10

PE1.4 Discernment of knowledge development and research directions within the engineering discipline

I developed the mining schedule using element analysis, risks and security issues

I used the selection criteria to make decisions

CE 1.3, CE 2.4, CE 2.7, CE 2.9, CE 3.3

CDR Report Sample - CPD List for Mining Engineer

A typical CPD list format for CDR report for Engineers looks like the following: 



Type I to VIII

CPD Activity / Topic / Provider

How CPD extended Knowledge

Risk Management

(Max 10 Hours)

Business and Management

(Max 15 Hours)

Related Area of Practice

(Max 50 Hours)


All our CDR report sample for mining engineers include this kind of CPD list. However, you can suggest one made by you. Main goals of a CPD is to include the activities from Type I to Type VIII. Activities that come under these categories are defined in the MSA booklet by Engineers Australia. Also, one has to collect these activities under three broad sections of Risk Management, Business and Management and Related Area of Practice. The Engineers Australia requires that every mining engineer must have completed 150 hours of CPD in three years time.

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