CDR Report Sample For Mining Engineer

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Do you know that the mining industry of Australia currently employs 251,700 persons? The demand for drillers, miners, machinists, electricians, mining engineers and other staff for mining industries is increasing every year. It is time to take your career to new horizons in Australia. Here we mention you the CDR Report Sample for a Mining Engineer as per ANZSCO (Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Organizations) 233611.

What does a Mining Engineer do?

Mining Engineers are the ones who extract the minerals from the earth. They need to check the feasibility of a mining project first then plan and design the whole process through which minerals, natural gas or petroleum could be extracted. They are generally employed in mining companies, environmental consultancies, mining consultancies, extraction companies etc. Mining engineers hold expertise in different ores and materials such as oils, gas, metals and minerals. Based on this, their job role is decided. They need to be aware of the environmental practices and conditions of the mining area so that they can reduce the impact of mining on the environment.

What are the tasks of a Mining Engineer?

  1. Selecting the mining locations by analyzing the soil components, presence of minerals and other substances
  2. Designing the strategies to extract minerals by estimating the costs that would be involved in the extraction, the machinery required and time limits
  3. Supervising the staff on how to use the drilling equipment and ensuring that the safety measures are being followed
  4. Giving emergency tips to the staff and rehearsing with them in case an emergency occurs
  5. Making sure that all the workers are well aware of the safety procedures and are using all the safety equipment such as goggles, gloves, helmet, breathing masks etc.
  6. Testing the materials that are extracted from mine to ensure their purity and quality
  7. Making sure that the extraction activities are being conducted keeping in mind the environment safe so that the environmental pollution can be minimized
  8. Assessing the various risks – environmental, technical, financial, natural and safety – that might be involved with the mining project

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