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CDR Report Sample For Production Engineer

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As a person are you someone who has been taking up the responsibility of designing and constructing of the industrial plant where you work? If yes is the answer that you give for this question then you are a skilled and experienced production engineer. As of today, Australia is on the constant lookout for deserving candidates who can be gainfully employed as a production engineer under the ANZSCO code 233513.

Find out more about what a Production Engineer does and how you can get your gateway entry to Australia.

What does a Production Engineer do?

So what is it that a Production Engineer actually does? As a production engineer, most of your routine will involve the sphere and aspects of manufacturing and overseeing the production and quality of the goods that are being produced and manufactured at a given production plan. One of the critical aspects that they need to take care of and strictly follow will be to maintain the efficiency and the quality of the product as decided by the management protocols.

As a Production Engineer one needs to understand that only when the quality of the products are maintained and kept in place, will the plant/ company prosper and make profits. So, a lot of responsibility is in the hands of a production engineer and one has to work tirelessly to make sure that it is maintained at all times.

What are the tasks of a Production Engineer?

When there is such a humungous task assigned to a production engineer, it becomes difficult to manage the show. But, with a proper layout of all the necessary duties and tasks that one needs to follow, it becomes easier to manage and supervise it all. Here, we take a look at some of the Key Responsibility Areas (KRAs) of a production engineer.

  • Rigorously plan and coordinate the production and engineering aspects to deliver high-quality products.
  • Conduct regular tests and checks to check the efficiency of the plans already in place.
  • Strategize and come up with various plans to ensure that the financial objectives of the plant are accomplished.
  • Immediately do away with any unsafe and unethical operations and practices.
  • Keep strict safety and security procedures to make sure that the employees have a safe and healthy environment to work in.
  • Come up with engineering solutions to reduce downtime and outages.

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CDR Report Sample for Production Engineers

The Competency Demonstration Report Sample for Production Engineer includes all the necessary reports such as Three Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development and Summary Statement. The Content of the Production Engineer CDR Report Sample is as follow:

Production Engineer Career Episode Report 1

Project Name: “Modernization Project of the Campinas Plant”

In first career episode, the author describes the research project he did when he was working as a Maintenance and Project Trainee. This career episode is based on his project named as; “Modernization Project of the Campinas Plant”. During the time, the responsibilities of the author were to:

  • Provide the structural normalization of the factory in the areas where modernization took place
  • Analyze the environment and make sure that the operating environment and equipment could be compliant to the NBR ISO 9001 standard and the company policies
  • Coordinate and liaise with the environmental engineering team to maintain processes in accordance with national environmental legislation.
  • Coordinate with various departments, stakeholders, and client for the on-time completion of the project
  • Monitored the machine progress daily and suggest improvements

Production Engineer Career Episode Report 2

Project Name: “Study of The Process of Assembly and The Installation of Aluminum Doors”

In second career episode, the author explains the project he conducted this project during his final year of Production Engineering. During this time his duties and responsibilities in the project “Production of Biodiesel Production Using the Cottonseed Oil” were:

  • Study the deployment and installation of various processing tools
  • Prepare a spreadsheet which contained all the products sold by the company in 2017
  • Develop a Pareto chart which contained detail of the sales income
  • Visit the manufacturing area and follow up on the whole process of storage, assembly, and installations
  • Identify potential risks and problems in the manufacturing and planning process

Production Engineer Career Episode Report 3

Project Name: “Statistical Process Control (SPC)”

In third career episode, the author explains the project he did during his graduate studies in Production Engineering. During this time his duties and responsibilities in the project “Statistical Process Control (SPC)” were:

  • Doing initial meetings with the supervisor and discussing with him the scope and the objectives of the project
  • Preparing a project plan and performing a visit to the company
  • Analyzing the process and collected data for performing the statistical study
  • Following the industrial standards and performing quality work
  • Carrying out some relevant calculations in support to the analysis

Production Engineer Summary Statement

In his summary statement the author presents all the competency elements required for Professional Production Engineer. There are cross references in the summary statement to the relevant paragraph of the episodes, as explained in the Engineers Australia migration skills assessment booklet. His Summary Statement is in complete accordance with the today’s requirements of the Engineers Australia.

Production Engineer Continuing Professional Development

The CPD includes professional courses, non-professional courses and private study. CPD Sample clearly explains the author’s Production Engineering Knowledge.

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