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Malayalees (also spelled as Malayalis) or Keralites is one of the fastest-growing populations in Australia. The country has more than 53,000 Malayalam speakers and most of them arrived after 2007. According to the 2016 census, Victoria and New South Wales have the highest concentration of Malayalis but Queensland and Western Australia are also home to 7,500+ Keralites each.

Kochi or Cochin, the capital of Kerala, has an Australian visa application center which makes visa application procedures easier for people in and around the city and other parts of Kerala. But those who are interested in immigration to Australia have to apply at the Australian High Commission, New Delhi. WriteCDR offers CDR writing services Kerala online for Keralite engineers pursuing an Australian dream.

How can an engineer from Kerala migrate to Australia?

Migration is a legal process and one needs to fulfill many conditions to be accepted by their destination country. Australia is facing a shortage of engineers right now. Engineers Australia (EA), the professional body of engineers in Australia, also reported that the number of secondary students taking up STEM subjects is declining. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. It means that Australia will see a more severe workforce shortage for the smart world shaping up right now soon.

To avoid this, Australia opens its arms to accept highly-skilled engineers from other countries who can contribute to the growth of its economy. The EA makes sure that the incoming engineers have the required knowledge, skills, and experience related to their chosen field.

Applicants need to meet some other conditions too, such as proving that they have good health, are not a threat to Australia or people living there, do not have criminal cases pending against them, and have enough money to move to the country and settle down there. He or she also needs to prove that he or she has adequate proficiency in Australian English to survive and thrive there.

How does a CDR help in Australian immigration as a skilled worker?

An engineer born, studied, and worked in India, needs to win accreditation from the EA as their first step to migrate to Australia as a skilled worker. They can do this by applying to the EA through the CDR pathway.
A CDR is the Competency Demonstration Report helps you in demonstrating that you can do everything an Australian engineer in your discipline can do. It has three major sections:

  • Three Career Episodes (CEs): The career episodes may show three different aspects of engineering you have worked on, or three different periods from your academic and career journey.
  • Summary Statement (SS): EA offers a prescribed SS form for each occupation. It lists different competencies and capabilities EA assessors look for in you. You need to cross-reference paragraphs from your career episodes where you have demonstrated each of the capabilities through your actions.
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD): You need to list books you studied, conferences you attended, workshops you participated in, and other activities you undertook to keep yourself abreast of the latest developments and practices in your engineering discipline.
    WriteCDR helps engineers from Kerala win an EA approval by writing the best CDR for them.

What can WriteCDR’s CDR Writing Services Kerala help you?

WriteCDR can put you in touch with Malayalee engineering CDR writers. Or you can choose to hire online CDR writing Kerala service providers with rich experience in your discipline. We choose CDR writing experts for you on three factors:

  • their proximity to your location (if you prefer that),
  • expertise in your engineering stream,
  • their success rate in winning EA approvals for their clients,
  • their availability at the moment, and
  • your budget.

We try our best to keep our CDR Kerala services affordable but some of our top-rated CDR writing service providers are always busy. They might charge a small premium to do your work on priority.

We also offer 24X7 customer service. You can ask us any questions you like whenever you want.

We prepare custom CDR reports for you which are edited and proofread by well-experienced professionals before we deliver them to you. All the CDR reports we prepare for you are original and based on your resumes. Our writers may contact you to fetch more details if required. Even after we deliver your CDR report, we may revise it for you if you want or if EA wants some changes in it.

We guarantee plagiarism-free high-quality CDR reports on time at the most competitive prices.

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