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The 2016 census shows that Punjabis in Australia increased five-fold to about 130,000 since 2006. Victoria has the largest concentration of Punjabis. New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia also have sizeable Punjabi populations. About 83% of Punjabis in Australia are Sikhs while about 12% of them are Hindus. 22% of Indian-born Australians are Punjabis. Punjabi is also one of the top 10 most-spoken languages of Australia.
Sikhs and other people from Punjab migrate to Australia because it offers many economic opportunities. It is also a free and stable country. Australian cities with the highest number of Sikhs are Melbourne (39%), Sydney (21%), and Brisbane (10%).

If you are an Engineer from Punjab and dream about Australian immigration, WriteCDR’s CDR Writing Services Punjab can help you.

Why does Engineers Australia ask for a CDR report?

Engineers Australia is a professional body of engineers who assesses the skills of engineers who want to apply for Australian immigration. The migration Skills Assessment process by the EA has several assessment pathways, such as:

  • Australian Qualification Pathway: For people who have qualifications accredited by Engineers Australia.
  • Washington Accord Pathway: For people who earned their engineering qualifications from a country which is a full signatory to the Washington Accord.
  • Sydney Accord Pathway: For people with an engineering degree from a country which is a full signatory to the Sydney Accord.
  • Dublin Accord Pathway: For people who have engineering degrees or diplomas from countries that are full signatories to the Dublin Accord.
  • Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) Pathway: If you are from a country that does not offer qualifications accredited by Engineers Australia or from a non-Accord listed country, you need to apply under the CDR pathway.

A CDR has:

  • A Continuing Professional Development (CPD) statement which describes how you kept yourself updated in your engineering field after earning the UG engineering degree.
  • Three Career Episodes (CEs) which describe how you have applied your engineering knowledge, skills, and competencies during your academic or career journey.
  • The Summary Statement where you cross-reference various competency elements to where you have mentioned in your career episodes.

WriteCDR CDR report writing service providers are professional engineers who have helped hundreds of Australian immigration applicants fulfill their dreams. Consult them now and see what they can do for you.

Who are the experts offering CDR writing services in Punjab?

WriteCDR brings you some of the best engineering experts to write CDR for people in Punjab. We are an online CDR writing service provider with offices in India and Australia. We have successfully written CDRs for thousands of clients who have since migrated to Australia and are settled there.

Our CDR Punjab server providers include:

  • Engineering Experts: We have several Punjabi engineers on our panel, including the ones who have completed their engineering degree from Punjab and the ones who have worked on different engineering projects in the state. We also have online engineers from other places across India that hail from different streams.
  • With extensive experience: In CDR writing, our experts know what questions to ask and how to highlight your best competencies positively. Our experts offer CDR Reviewing Services in Punjab separately too – where they go through the CDR report prepared by you and suggest ways to make it more impressive and impactful.
  • Editors & Proofreaders: CDR editing services in Punjab and CDR proofreading services in Punjab are available as separate services. But we offer them as complementary or free services if you order a custom CDR report in Punjab online.

A proofreader checks and corrects the format of the CDR as well as the spelling mistakes or grammatical errors it may have (according to Australian English). An editor goes beyond this mechanical process to spot ways to improve upon your CDR report. Editors also check whether you have followed the Engineers Australia guidelines, writing style, paragraph numbering format, etc. correctly or not.

Our editing and proofreading team also uses advanced software to check for plagiarism. If you opt for CDR Plagiarism Check Services in Punjab, we will not only use advanced tools but also do meticulous manual checking to make sure that your CDR report and the career episodes you have written are completely original and unique.

How to request for CDR writing Punjab sample?

You can request our customer care persona for sample CDR reports for engineers in your stream through Live Chat, email, or WhatsApp. You may also place a request for a sample CDR for a Punjabi engineer but it is not much different from CDR reports for other engineers across India.

Make sure not to copy anything from the sample CDR report pdf we send you as all the online samples we share have already been approved by the EA. Using them can lead to plagiarism issues and instant rejection of your application.

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