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Engineers Australia Chartered Membership

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Who is a Chartered Engineer?

With the world becoming more and more competitive by the hour, probably the students feel that just obtaining a graduate degree is no longer sufficient. Engineers these days feel that setting a goal to get extra qualifications can only help them excel and explore better opportunities. One of the extra credentials and certifications that engineers are slowly opting for is Chartered Engineering, otherwise also known as incorporated engineering.

A Chartered engineer is someone who has all the qualifications and has achieved stature and benchmark in the level of competency. An engineer who has got the chartered status will get an edge and will be recognized globally.

How can you become a chartered engineer in Australia?

Australia has slowly become a place where all professionals want to flock to. One of the reasons why this is the case is because of their measured and streamlined processes to assess and hire the deserving candidates. When an engineer is looking to get chartered they need to follow a 6 step methodology. The 6 steps include:

  • Self-assessment
  • Industry-specific review
  • The route to enrol for chartered engineering
  • Gathering all the necessary chartered based evidence
  • Face to face interview round
  • Successful step of clearing chartered status

It is critical that one keeps in mind that while applying for a chartered status all the information submitted is accurate, relevant and honest.

Pathways to becoming a Chartered Engineer

Based on a person’s specialization and area of practice, an engineer is eligible to choose a different pathway for getting certified as a chartered engineer. The options and pathways are as follows:

  • Chartered pathway: it costs $1760 all taxes inclusive.
  • Chartered via interview: costs $1760 inclusive of GST
  • Chartered for academics: included in the agreement between the university where you study and Engineer Australia
  • Chartered for defence: for costing one can contact Department of Defense
  • Standard member pathway: $1760 all taxes inclusive

Before you apply for any of the above-mentioned pathways you need to see whether or not you are eligible? Are you current members of Engineer Australia? Have you chosen the right pathway? For the later steps, have you understood clearly the stage 2 competencies? And lastly, do you have ready with you your CPD log which will be studied and whetted by the designated Chartered Engineers.

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you are all set to go through the procedure of finally getting chartered yourself.

Evidence required for Chartered Membership

To specifically get registered as a chartered engineer, there are a few documents that are required. One of the main documents needed is your evidence matrix. Evidence is a combination of a series of documents. Emails, drawings, elaborate plans and designs, charts, reports and any risk assessment that one may have carried out.

Basically, any written document that can be submitted as proof of your engineering work is what needs to be submitted as Chartered Evidence. Besides the stated documents, individual updated resume and their updated CPD logs will also need to be submitted.

Benefits of becoming a Chartered Engineer

Now that you have understood the technicalities of becoming a chartered engineer, let us look at some of the perks you are likely to receive once you become a Chartered Engineer. After all, after all the running around and the documentation work, it is now time to be awarded.

An established and certified Chartered Engineer will get the benefits of recognition, which can help them charter and map their growth and performance, as they gain access to global mobility along with achieving awards and certificates. What’s more, one can get a never-ending pool of immense knowledge through which one can continue to grow their digital and social hub.

Straight access to major networking and training events that will keep you connected with other like-minded people of your profession and a chance to be amongst some of the most influential engineers from around the globe.

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