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Engineers Australia Migration Skill Assessment Booklet

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Are you an engineer? Are you someone who has it all to make it big in the land down under? Then again if you are a qualified engineer with the required skill set and experience, and are looking to migrate to Australia, you definitely need to be aware of the Migration Skill Assessment (MSA) booklet. Migration Skill Assessment is a kind of test that is conducted to test the qualifications and previous employment history of a given candidate. It a test which is made mandatory for any engineer who wants to migrate to Australia and is taken on paper. It is important to note that this test is mandatory only for those who actually want to migrate!

Engineers Australia is the governing body that regulates and oversees the quality and the level of the Migration Skill Assessment booklets. In order to keep up the level and authenticity, they update this booklet very frequently. This booklet is your go-to guide to understand all the necessary things that an expat student would need to know of. It mentions all the details such as the ways of getting one's skills assessed, and also provides a lot of information about the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR).

What is MSA booklet?

A well-defined pathway that guides any engineer on how they can score big and positively on their skill assessments. It’s like a playbook of all the necessary do’s and don’ts. All the necessary information regarding the skill assessments can be procured from Engineer Australia’s MSA booklet. This book acts as a storyboard and guides the engineers about the important factors to keep in mind before applying for skills assessment.

This detailed booklet is divided into different sections and each section holds important information regarding the technicalities and knowhow of the final skill assessment. The sections are as follows:

  • Section A – Introduction (answers all the basic how’s)
  • Section B – Provides all the necessary details such as how an applicant can choose a certain pathway of getting their skills assessed.
  • Section C – For all those people who will be migrating from overseas, there is another additional step of writing the CDR report. This particular booklet will also give all the vital information on how to write that flawless CDR report.
  • Section D – Based on the category and grade of employment that an engineer seeks, this booklet also provides additional information on how to use the option of Fast Track to assess any overseas assignment.

Which pathway to select as per the MSA booklet?

The importance of a valid and recognized degree only comes at a time when one is applying to go to Australia for employment. Because based on the fact of whether a student has a recognized degree, they will be told to write the CDR report as well. The Engineer Australia Migration Skill Assessment booklet is therefore of 2 types:

  • Accredited Qualifications
  • Non accredited Qualifications.

If your degree is recognized and authenticated by Engineer Australia, then you need to apply under the accredited qualification category. But, if you don’t have a valid degree then you need to write and submit your CDR report. The 5 pathways involved in the accredited system are:

  • Accredited Australian Qualifications
  • Washington Accord Qualifications
  • Sydney Accord Qualifications
  • Dublin Accord Qualifications
  • Competency Demonstration Report

If you are someone who will have to sit down to write and submit the CDR report there are certain guidelines mentioned for that as well in the MSA booklet. These are a few things that you will have to take care of in your CDR report according to the MSA booklet.

  • Personal Information
  • Application Information
  • Educational background
  • Information about previous skilled employment

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