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Everything You Want To Know About ACS Australia Skill Assessment

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All those students who have graduated and have chosen their desired stream will know the level of dedication goes in. After all the studies and assessments when one qualifies, they may harbour another dream. The dream of going to Australia to work in the area of their expertise. If you are a person who has all the necessary skills and has the aptitude and now wants to migrate to Australia, then there are a few additional steps that you need to take.

Every engineer needs to know well in advance about the Australian Computer Society Skills Assessment (ACS). The ACS assessments is a tool through which it is assessed whether or not your educational qualifications and work experience are according to the level and quality decided by Australia and New Zealand Standard Qualifications of Occupations (ANZSCO). As a student, you may have secured the best of marks in your college, but whether or not they are comparable to the educational standards of the Australian education system, is what this assessment analyzes.

But, before we get into the criticality of the ACS skill assessment let us first take a look at a checklist that you need to have in mind before you get to apply for it.


The reason why we work with a checklist is so that there is a proper order to the way things are done and so that nothing important is left out. A few things that you will have to make sure you enter in your ASC checklist are:

  • Take note of the eligibility criterion
  • Qualifications required
  • Mention all your work experience

Once you take note of these vital 3 points you will be able to take consideration of everything that is mandatory for you to complete your ASC migration assessment.


Based on the duration of time and the level of studies that one opts for there are 4 different categories of assessments that are held. Be mindful about selecting the correct assessment based on your requirement and needs.

  • 485 Skill Assessments: Also known as the temporary graduate assessments, this is for those students who have completed a bachelor or higher degree from Australia itself
  • Post Australian Study Skill Assessment: Students who have completed their bachelor degree in Australia and just require an assessment for migration in general.
  • Skills Assessments: Required for a general overview and assessments of their skills when applying for Information and Computer Technologies related jobs.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): For those people who have qualifications but none that is sufficient as per the ICT guidelines.


The ASC is considered as one of the fastest skill assessments authority in Australia. This fact makes it very easy for a student to know whether they will make it to Australia or not. Having said this, it is a two-way road where the promptness of the decision depends on how accurately you have completed all the necessary file work and required documentation.

If you’re file and documents are complete and in place, it takes approximately 2 to 4 weeks to get a reply from their end, after which you can start working on your Expression of Interest. Only in those cases does the time extend to 12 weeks, wherein the file is either incomplete or there is some issue with the documents that have been submitted.


Before you apply for this assessment you will first need to pay the required ASC assessment fees. Once you pay this fee you can now go ahead and collect and keep handy the rest of the documents.

  • Receipt of the fee paid
  • Photograph
  • Identity proof
  • Name change document (in case the name mentioned in the degree has been changed later)
  • Educational certificates and mark sheets
  • Previous letter of appointment and letters of experience
  • Updated CV
  • Reference letters

An important thing to keep in mind while submitting the documents is to make sure that all the documents are certified copies of the original document and are uploaded online in the PDF format. For students coming from overseas, they need to make sure that the concerned regulatory body of their country of origin has certified the documents beforehand. These are a few mandatory things to keep in mind about the ASC degree assessment documents uploaded online.


So, once you have applied online successfully, an email will be sent to your mentioned email address. That email will hold all the necessary details like your ASC reference number and a password which you will need to keep handy when you want to check for the status of your application.


One of the requirements for ASC Skill Assessment is to mention the details of the previous employment. While doing this please keep in mind that you cite only those employments which are relevant and close to the kind of job that you are applying for at that time. The mentioned work experience should match the suitability criteria of the job that you are applying for. The important things to mention while listing down your employment details are:

  • Start and end date of previous employment
  • List of duties and responsibilities that were assigned to you.
  • The country where the last employment was held
  • Valid appointment, relieving and experience letter on the company letterhead.


As mentioned earlier there are different types of ASC assessments that are held regularly. The pricing and charges depend upon the type of assessment that you are qualified for. The basic rates are:

















So, before you go on to process your ASC Assessment application please be extra careful in choosing the correct type based on your qualifications and future plans.

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