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Fast Track Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment

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Migrating to another country can be exciting! However, all the formalities of obtaining a visa to Australia are time taking. The applicants do need to keep patience as it takes around 4 to 7 months in getting their migration skill assessment results. But is there a way to get it done in lesser time? Yes! Australian immigration understands the urgency of the migrants and supports their enthusiasm for being a part of Australia. Hence they offer a FAST TRACK service which decreases the long waiting time of application processing of Engineers Australia Migration Skill Assessment (MSA). Let us see how this Engineers Australia FAST TRACK service can be beneficial for the applicants.

What is the FAST TRACK?

The Fast Track service accelerates the application of the candidate and assigns it to an assessor within a time frame as mentioned by Engineers Australia (EA). This makes the process less time taking and the candidate can reach their dream destination, Australia, quickly!

How much time does it usually take to get Migration Skill Assessment done by EA?

The application processing times before it actually goes to a case officer, who would assess the application, are:


Qualification Type

Minimum Time

Non-Accredited Qualifications

9 Weeks

Accredited and Australian Accord Qualifications

7 Weeks

How much Time would FAST TRACK service take?

Engineers Australia Fast Track assessment time is just 20 working days. This means that the application would reach the case officer within 20 working days. So, candidates can reduce their application processing time with Fast Track. It is beneficial in cases where the occupation of the applicant is in high demand in the job market in Australia. So if an employer is interested in hiring the applicant, they can use the Fast Track service.

Please Note – The Fast Track application does not guarantee that the applicant would receive the Outcome of Migration Skill Assessment quickly. This completely depends on the quality of the application that has been filed by the applicant. That is, if the application is complete and it contains all the required documents and information, the case officer might just take a few days in assessing the application. The Engineers Australia takes no responsibility in the delay caused due to incomplete applications.

What are the factors on which the Waiting Time of an application depends?

  1. Number of applications with Engineers Australia – as the number of applications with EA increases, so will the processing times
  2. Provision of Required Information – the earlier the candidate would provide the required information and documents; the quicker would be the processing time

What if the case officer needs additional documents in Fast Track Service?

There can be a time when the case officer would demand additional documents from the applicant. In such a case, it is completely up to the applicant if they can provide the required documents in a short time. If the applicant decides to complete the application as required by the case officer, the returning application is simply forwarded to the officer then. This means there will be no queue of 20 working days again on returning applications.

What is Engineers Australia FAST TRACK assessment fee?

The standard assessment fee of the Engineers Australia Migration Skill Assessment is:


Assessment Type

Minimum Fee (inclusive of GST)

Standard CDR

AUD 862.40

Australian Engineering Qualification

AUD 286.00

Washington/Sydney/Dublin Accord Qualification

AUD 462.00


This is just for your reference. You can find the complete fee structure on the official website of Engineers Australia. There are certain administrative fees and Additional Assessment Service fees as well.

EA FAST TRACK service can be availed by any applicant by paying an additional amount of AUD 330.00 (inclusive of GST).

Important Points for FAST TRACK Engineers Australia

  1. One can apply for a Fast Track service only after they have lodged their application.
  2. To obtain the Fast Track service one needs to submit their FAST TRACK service request in which they will be required to provide their Migration Skill Assessment Number, Engineers Australia ID, Name and Payer’s Details.
  3. One can apply for MSA Fast Track service only if they haven’t previously applied for it at the time of submitting the application.
  4. The Fast Track service is meant only for the PRIMARY Applicants. The Secondary applications do not require Fast Track service.
  5. The Fee for Fast Track service is cannot be refunded.

How can an Applicant check their FAST TRACK Application Status?

The Engineers Australia recommends the applicants who are not using the Fast Track service to seek the status of the application at least after 4 months’ time. The applicants using Fast Track Service are recommended to seek the status of the application at least after 20 days. To check the status of their Fast Track application, one can send a blank status email request to Engineers Australia and they will receive an automated response.

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