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How To Write A CDR Report For Engineers Australia?

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For those engineers who are now preparing to migrate and set foot in Australia, have to gear up to face the interview and assessment by Engineers Australia (EA). But, before you reach the stage of that final interview, there is one more step that needs to be taken care of. According to the guidelines set by the EA you need to prepare and ready your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

The main purpose behind making CDR a compulsory thing in Australia is so that they can judge:

  • An individual’s knowledge of technical factors of engineering
  • Judge your practical implementation of skills when at work
  • How competent you are to suit the occupation that you have chosen.

There are 3 different sections of a CDR report and each of this section is equally important. The 3 parts of writing CDR report include:

  • Continuing Professional Development portfolio
  • 3 major career episodes
  • A crisp summary report

Each of these 3 parts is crucial and one can’t get to the final stage until all the components are worked out perfectly. When this one concern is so crucial there are times that people spend more time in retrospection and analyzing how to go about it. But, if you need immediate assistance without losing precious time, then WriteCDR service is the best solution for you!

How WriteCDR Experts offer assistance?

Every year thousands of skilled engineers attempt to migrate to Australia on the basis of the skills that they have. To beat those thousands and get selected is no easy task, but a well-crafted and personally written CDR report for Engineer Australia can help make all the difference.

As discussed above there are three major components that one needs to focus on when writing for CDR Engineers Australia. Here we shall explain how to write these components of your CDR.

  • CareerEpisode: As the name suggests this written part requires utmost honesty. One needs to share here at least 3 major instances of how they were able to utilize their skills by completing a task assigned to them at work. It needs to be a narrative form and can be lengthy and descriptive. It should be such that the reader gets all the necessary and relevant information.
  • SummaryStatement: This one-page document is the most significant part of your CDR report. It offers a look into one's entire career span and is a summary of all the work that one has carried out. One point to take into consideration here is that your summary statement should highlight effectively all the career episodes that you have elaborated upon.
  • ContinuingProfessionalDevelopment: Any individual hiring an engineer will want to see how much ability and will does the candidate have to reach the next level. This can be analyzed best by them on the basis of your CPD portfolio. Your CPD compilation will be in the form of a list which will make it easy for the EA to read and understand. Your CPD portfolio will elaborate your personal commitment, the obligation to the community, the value of your workplace and technical proficiency.

Once you have all these major components ready and in place you can get a step closer to setting foot in Australia as a skilled engineer. As long as you put in all your efforts in writing your CDR for Engineers Australia nothing will come in the way of you and your aspirations to get there!

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