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For all engineers planning to migrate from India to Australia, career episodes are extremely crucial. They are an important part of the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) and feature all the competencies that an engineer must have. The Engineers Australia (EA) carefully studies each Career Episode report to understand the skills and strengths of the applicant.

Anyone who wishes to obtain migration visa for Australia must fulfill the skill set requirements for skilled migration. They should be able to present all the knowledge they have accumulated in their academic and professional career in front of the EA. A good career episode report should be able to showcase experiences where the applicant brought his or her skills into use.

Importance of Career Episode

Every engineer that is planning to move out of India to Australia needs to know the exact engineering category in which they are seeking employment.  Career Episode report makes this easier by providing them with four occupational categories which are as follows:

  • Professional Engineers
  • Engineering Technologists
  • Engineering Associates
  • Engineering Managers

Each of these categories has further competencies listed under them. These are coined by the EA in order to better assess the skill and knowledge of each applicant. While penning career episode for engineers Australia, an engineer must carefully select a category that pertains to his or her field. He or she must also fulfill all the requirements of their selected category and showcase their expertise in the form of project and task reports.

This is why career episode writing is very important as it is the one medium through which EA can clearly identify all your abilities. It is a platform that allows you to showcase your assessor how you and your skills as an engineer can be of value to them. If your career episode is well written and accurately sums up your entire engineering experience then you certainly stand a good chance of acquiring your migration visa way sooner. This is exactly why a lot of professionals make use of our services in order to draft and present a perfect career episode to the EA.

The format of Career Episode

Every career episode that you write must prescribe to the format designed by the EA. There are sections and subsections that have to be covered in their designated way. Here is a brief on the desired format:


This is the first step to a career episode and has to be brief. In a range of 100 words, one has to mention the duration period and date of their career episode along with the location. You are also required to mention the organization where you worked and your designation at the time of obtaining this experience.


Background offers a complete overview of the subject that you are either studying or working on. It has to be written in 200 to 500 words where you mention the theme as well as the core aim of your project. It also has to talk about the position you held in your organization and how it correlates to the career episode. Lastly, attach an official statement that lists the duties performed by you.

Personal Engineering Activity

In this section of the career episode, you are required to talk about how you implemented your skills in performing the task. This section forms the body of the entire narrative and should talk about the role that was performed by you and how you undertook all your responsibilities. The main focus here has to be on you and not your team or your organization. This particular section of the career episode is where you talk of how skillfully you made use of your engineering knowledge, how you resolved the technical difficulties that arose and the strategies designed by you which were original and creative.


The last section is the summary which needs to covered in an approximate 100 words where you have to share your views on the entire project. Describe what growth the project made and how far were you successful in meeting the desired goal. Make sure you mention your own contribution in the task.

Why choose our professional help

While many engineers have acquired sufficient knowledge of their craft, they often find it difficult to select relevant information for their career episode. This is where going for professional help and availing career episode writing services can be extremely beneficial. Our panel of experts is well versed with each occupational category and how to efficiently meet each of their competency requirements. They will understand all your requirements and scrutinize your career graph before picking relevant material from your professional accomplishments that can impress the EA.

Another hindrance that many Indian engineers face is the usage of Australian English in writing their report. Our writers, on the other hand, are Australian native and language is not an issue for any of them.

Our career episode writers have helped numerous engineers from various fields in the past and are well versed with all the important guidelines. They use their years of expertise in presenting your talent and aptitude in the most articulate manner. Moreover, our services come at a price that is pocket-friendly and has a 100 percent success rate

Useful tips from our experts

The importance of career episode cannot simply be overlooked. It is your best chance to make an impression in front of the EA and just to make things simple for you, here are a few tips from our experts:

  • A career episode should clearly reflect all your engineering knowledge. You are required to pick individual events from your academic and professional life where you got the chance to display your engineering skills. These career episodes must be from different periods of your life and should be distinct.
  • Make sure that you always write career episodes in the first person and in the active voice. The reason why it has to be in the first person is that the focal point should be you, your expertise and your contributions.
  • The language that you need to use has to be Australian English.
  • Going through CDR samples in order to get a better overview of the career episode is a great idea but completely avoid copying anything. EA has a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism.
  • Make sure that you stick to the word limit which is between 1000-2500 words. Avoid putting an excess amount of technical data and let the narrative flow so the reader can better connect and understand it.

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