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A lot of engineers in India are pulled to the vast and lucrative work opportunities that Australia presents. Pursuing a career there is a dream come true but first, one has to go through an assessment test to showcase their technical prowess. The Engineers Australia (EA) requires all those who do not hold qualifications affiliated with Washington Accord, Dublin Accord or Sydney Accord to present a CDR for their evaluation. This report serves as an effective tool through which Indian engineers can present all their skill set for assessment.

A CDR consists of three essential papers which is a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) list, three Career Episodes, and the Summary Statement. An applicant has to be very careful that while penning this report they do not make even the slightest error. EA has specific guidelines that clearly state that any report marked with errors or containing plagiarized work would be instantly rejected. In such a scenario making use of CDR review service can save one a lot of time, money and also help speed up their visa process.

What can cause a CDR to get rejected?

Engineers have to be very careful while writing and compiling their CDR report. It requires a lot of research work, organizing Continuing Professional Documents (CPD) list, finding the right competency category to write career episodes for and then studiously working on a summary statement. Furthermore, one has to proofread the document a few times to make sure there is no mistake and also check for plagiarism. If the work submitted by you is in any way similar to any of the CDR reports already in the data backup of the EA then that would be considered blatant plagiarism. This is why copying anything from samples is completely unacceptable. CDR review service can easily pick out all such errors and help you make your report flawless and presentable.

Here is a list of key things that an engineer has to keep in mind while working on their CDR. Any failure to comply with the required standards will lead to the rejection of your report. 

  • There is a valid format which every engineer has to follow while writing their CDR report. Do not substitute paragraphs with bullet points as that will also be counted as a mistake.
  • All though technical details are required but make sure that you don’t make overuse of tables, diagrams and calculations.
  • EA has a zero-tolerance policy where plagiarism is considered. It would be considered very unethical if your academic and work information turns out to be copied from a website or another source.
  • Make sure that you use a different project for every competency element that you cover in your career episode. Editing and re-using the same project for different competency requirement is not allowed.
  • The EA wants to know about you and your skills through this report. If you end up talking about your team or organization then that takes the attention away from all the work you put in. Be specific to the role and responsibilities you undertook in every project as it is your assessment.
  • All CDR reports are to be written in Australian English. Writing it in another language along with proper translation is acceptable but loses its gravitas. So make sure you take the help of a professional writer who is completely comfortable with Australian English.
  • Your report must contain important information pertaining to your company profile, location and duration of projects you undertook and also its aim.
  • Personal attributes also need to go on your report as the assessor needs to know your contribution towards environmental and personal safety. Such things positively impact your work profile.

Don’t miss out on mentioning other essential things like problem statements, the steps you took and technology used to tackle the problem and also details related to design activities that you were a part of.

Why make use of CDR review service?

The very idea of a CDR getting rejected is nothing short of a nightmare for an engineer. It means a huge delay in getting the skilled migration visa or even worse losing out on a job category that you were otherwise qualified for. CDR review service provided by us helps you in skillfully writing a proper report that is devoid of any mistakes, both big and small.

Our writers and editors are experts that have helped many engineers establish a successful career in Australia. They have themselves been through this tough assessment that EA puts all engineers through and are hence, well-acquainted with every rule. They bring this knowledge into use when they study your entire report and look for even the smallest scope of improvement. Review my CDR Service provided by us assures that all the criteria are met and your report covers every crucial detail that the EA seeks. The panel of professional writers we have also ensure that you have articulately displayed all your competencies. They review your work and re-create your report so that your skill set remains the focal point.     

Another plus point of going for our CDR review service is that your final report will have absolutely no plagiarism in it. Often engineers studying and collecting data for their report, end up putting copied work in their CDR. Though this mistake happens unintentionally, it has a severe impact on your assessment. Our editors make use of advanced software to detect even the slightest bit of plagiarism and then guide you to reconstruct the matter. This ensures that your CDR report is completely original and only reflects your personal achievements.

CDR review Australia is extremely beneficial for all Indian engineers planning to migrate and start a flourishing career in Australia. A quality report can turn things in your favor and provide you with the right kind of help at this crucial juncture.

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