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CDR serves as an important document for any engineer who plans to settle down and work in Australia. Preparing a substantial CDR is the primary and integral step in obtaining skilled migration visa for an Indian resident. A summary statement is another essential component of CDR that needs to be presented to the Engineers Australia (EA). This short but impactful report needs to carry the right elements and indicators mentioned by you in the career episode along with subsequent text reference. The format for writing this report is tabular and the information that goes into it has to be to the point.

Summary statement writing service assists you to prepare a precise and perfect CDR b that meets all the requirements of EA. This document might be the shortest one in your report but it needs a lot of meticulous work. You need to make sure that this report makes it easy for the assessor to find the relevant paragraph for the specific indicator. The simpler it would be for them to sort out the correct content paragraph, the more striking impression your summary statement will make.

Key indicators of the summary statement

There is four occupational categories in which one can make their CDR report. Each category comes with its competency indicators. These four categories are Professional Engineer, Engineering Manager, Engineering Associate, and Engineering Technologist. Each category has its own summary statement template where you are also required to cover each of the indicators that you have listed in the career episode.

A CDR summary statement does not need to mention all the competency elements listed under each category. It only requires that you mention every indicator which were covered under the three Career Episodes. A good example of the important indicators is the following:

1. Knowledge and Skill-Set

This section requires you to keep to the limited and important information and not go into unnecessary details. The purpose of this segment is to display to the assessor that you have all the knowledge and skills of your respective field which you can apply to your work. From conceptual understanding of mathematics to contextual understanding of principles and norms, everything is covered here.

2. Engineering application ability

This is the section that forms the core of the summary statement writing. You have to make careful use of it to describe all your capabilities well and link all the indicators with their suited paragraph. Co-relating instances that you have mentioned in the career episode with their given competency elements is very important. Also, it’s necessary that you cover a minimum of three indicators here with their subsequent reference paragraph.

3. Professional and personal attributes

Apart from technical competencies and qualification, there are other traits that EA looks for in its applicants. Ability to decipher and use information, good communication skills, work ethics, confidence and a professional demeanor are just some of those attributes. This section of the summary statement is where you will talk about all your personal skills that can make your work profile all the more striking. Here you can cover any risk management or steps taken by you to protect the environment while working on a project.

Why choose our Summary Statement Writing Service

For an Indian engineer interested in migrating to Australia, the CDR becomes a launching platform. Any kind of mistakes made on this report will take you a step further away from your dream of acquiring the skilled migration visa. This is why summary statement writing service becomes a preferred option for many engineers.

The reason why our writers are so sort after for their service is that they are Australian natives and have an in-depth understanding of all the EA guidelines. Before working on any report they first have a verbal dialogue with each candidate to understand their requirements and then give shape to an original report.  All our writers are subject matter experts that have researched for years and bring their expertise into their work. The result is a flawless report that is of premium quality and imbibes all the crucial guidelines of EA.

The CDR summary statement writing done by them formulates all the capabilities of the client and presents it in a precise and articulate package. They help you bring into focus all the important information and scrapping out what’s unnecessary. Your report goes through several quality checks to eliminate all errors and completely rule out plagiarism. It is proofread by our editors who also bring into use advanced software to make sure there is not even a single mistake on your report. All this ensures that the final work that is handed to you is presentable and of the finest quality. It is our dedication to delivering only the best which is why we enjoy a 100 percent success rate.

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