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The Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ) asks for the Knowledge Assessment 02 or the KA02 Report from the engineers interested in migrating to New Zealand. This is a technical report that assesses whether visa applicants are eligible for ‘New Zealand Skilled Migration’ or not.

IPENZ is a non-profit organization of engineers in New Zealand that works for the career development of its members and bears several other responsibilities related to the profession of engineering in the country. It requires the IT professionals and engineers from across the world (who are interested in settling down in New Zealand) to showcase they have sufficient ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) skills to adjust in the modern-day workplace.

Professionals who do not fulfil the IPENZ’s criteria of having sufficient ICT content in their tertiary qualification are considered non-ICT professionals. KA02 IPENZ form allows these professionals to show that their work experience has enriched them with the required knowledge and skills – and hence, they are ready to compete with the best engineers on the job.

Why is KA02 Report so important?

Many countries like India often do not offer tertiary qualifications (Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor, Masters, Graduate Diploma, or Doctoral programs) that are compliant with the ICT requirements of the IPENZ. Hence, engineers from these countries can use the KA02 knowledge assessment report to highlight all the skills they have acquired over the years, how they mastered them, and how they applied what they learned in a professional environment.

The applicants with years of experience in ICT-related fields get a chance to showcase that they have the credentials that are equivalent to those of the engineers who did their degree or diploma programs from New Zealand universities in the KA02 Report that the New Zealand authorities ask for (in the format prescribed in the IPENZ website).

WriteCDR offers best-of-the-best KA02 report writing services online. We help you in preparing the perfect KA02 report for all engineering disciplines, including Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. All our writers are highly-qualified engineers with extensive industry experience in their fields and impeccable language skills. They are well aware of the IPENZ standards and expectations and write reports that are perfectly in sync with IPENZ guidelines – improving your chances of getting your visa approved considerably.

How to Choose the Best KA02 Writing Services for New Zealand?

WriteCDR is the most trusted website that offers the KA02 report writing services New Zealand authorities clear at one go. It means that their KA02 IPENZ reports are so well-written that our clients are able to win visa approvals for skilled migration in their very first attempt.

The top reasons why most of our business comes from repeat clients (and what you must look for in the service providers who offer to write your KA02 report for you) are:

  • Thorough Understanding of KA02 knowledge assessment process: IPENZ Migration Skill Assessment process has two kinds of reports that visa applicants might choose to submit. Those who have graduated from New Zealand, Australia or other countries (and their universities) that are accredited by the Washington Accord need to submit the KA01 report. Others need to submit the KA02 report. The IPENZ KA02 report has to follow the given guidelines closely. There are several parameters by which the assessors judge the submitted reports. Make sure that the KA02 report writing services provider is well aware of how IPENZ evaluates and assess the reports so that the report they prepare for you highlights your technical skills appropriately.
  • Professional Writers with Domain Knowledge: While language skills are necessary to write a good report, KA02 knowledge assessment report New Zealand is looking for has to be a technical document that showcases skills specific to your chosen occupation. Only the subject experts who have direct experience of working in the field can do justice to your report.
  • So, make sure that you talk to the expert you entrust your KA02 report with and crosscheck his or her credentials.
  • High Client Satisfaction Rate: In the case of engineers interested in migrating to New Zealand, satisfaction only stems from the fact that their reports get approved by the IPENZ. WriteCDR, for example, has a 99% approval rate for the KA02 IPENZ report it prepares.

We also have a stringent Quality Checking (QC) process in which we use advanced software and tools to determine that the reports we prepare for you are error-free and plagiarism-free. The reports also go through three rounds of editing by another subject expert, a team of editors, and a team of proofreaders – to make sure that it is of very high quality and serves you well. And we manage it all within the tight deadline limits we have.

Do enquire about the past track-record, client testimonials, free samples, QC processes, revision policy and refund policy of the service provider you choose – to make sure that you get value for your money.
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