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Migration Skills Assessment By Engineers Australia

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Every year thousands of engineers apply for migration to Australia through Migration Skills Assessment. Engineers Australia is a recognized body for the engineers living in Australia and is entrusted with assessing the engineers who are migrating to Australia. With the engineering profession being very competitive, EA has put some guidelines for Engineers Australia Assessment.

The engineers have to submit a CDR report for EA Skill Assessment before Australia Immigration. The CDR is nothing but Competency Demonstration Report that comprises of multiple documents that demonstrates the skills of an applicant. The EA assesses the engineers’ competency based on the skills, technical knowledge and personal and professional attributes. Thus it is crucial for engineers to make a flawless CDR and mention the required details according to the guidelines.

Migration Skill Assessment (MSA) Engineers Australia is for the engineers who have an engineering degree from overseas countries whose colleges are not covered under Washington Accord. The EA requires all the engineers, who are migrating to Australia, to possess skills and knowledge according to the guidelines as they want only competent engineers to work in Australia. For this reason, they assess the CDR and check for their level of competencies and skills in the engineer. If they find the CDR eligible, they clear them for Migration Skills Australia. But if they find that the applicant does not have necessary skills or if they find any mistakes in the CDR, they either reject it or ask the applicant to resubmit it for assessment.

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Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment 

This is an important process for engineers migrating to Australia and it normally takes 4 months for the process to get over. Before migrating under this process, you have to ensure that at the time of applying, your engineering domain is listed in Skilled Occupations List (SOL). Once you check that the discipline is listed, you need to submit the Expression of Interest via Skill Select. This is to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills and competencies in the nominated discipline. When you apply for Engineers Australia Migration skills assessment, you have to choose any one of the ANZSCO Occupation Codes for engineers according to your discipline.

The Engineers Australia skills assessment committee checks the technical knowledge and qualifications of the applicant and gives its report to Skill Select. If the candidate is able to score 60 points, which is the required no. of points, he will be called for applying for a visa within 60 days of the process of assessment. In the process of MSA by Engineers Australia, the engineers are categorized under four different categories. They are,

  • Professional Engineer
  • Engineering Technologist
  • Engineering Associate
  • Engineering Manager

The engineers in every category have some roles to play according to their skills and knowledge in their domain.

Professional Engineer

  • Concentrates on overall systems
  • Solves unique and diverse problems
  • Applies management and leadership skills
  • Develops new engineering practices

Engineering Technologist

  • Concentrates on interactions in the systems
  • Deals with advanced engineering technology
  • Changes the established engineering practices

Engineering Associate

  • Works within the system
  • Applies established procedures and practices

Engineering Manager

  • Manages the projects
  • Applies new policies

Eligibility Criteria for Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment

The applicants, who apply for Skilled Migration, have to meet the eligibility criteria of the EA Skill Assessment.

  • A candidate should have a relevant academic qualification in the desired field
  • Only those candidates who are below the age of 45 can apply for Australia Immigration
  • For demonstrating English competency, the candidate should score 6 marks each in all the test components or for TOEFLiBT, they should score 12 in Listening, 13 in Reading, 18 in Speaking and 21 in Writing. These test scores are valid only for the period of three years

For non- accredited Qualifications

The candidates with a technical qualification not covered under Washington Accord have to submit CDR to the Engineers Australia for Assessment. A CDR comprises of,

Summary Statement

A summary statement is developed to show the information of all the three Career Episodes. It is written in the tabular form and you have to link the elements and indicators to correct paragraphs in the Career Episodes.

Three Career Episodes

The Career Episodes are written to showcase your skills, talent and attributes in your engineering domain. These are a crucial aspect of the Engineers Australia skills assessment process. Each Career Episode should demonstrate your skills in different and unique engineering activities.

Continuous Professional Development list

This is to exhibit the activities undertaken by you for improving your skills and knowledge. This can include tech seminars, training programs or workshops you have been part of.

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