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What is Career Episode Writing?

Career Episode writing is considered one of the most important sects of your CDR report (i.e. Competency Demonstration Report) which is a proposed part by the Engineers Australia (EA) to evaluate your engineering knowledge. To write a Career Episode report, one has to opt for a significant incident or subject matter related to his/ her educational and profession which needs to be elaborated. This way it will the highlight your specific competencies suitable for that particular project.

Four occupational categories by EA

Your career Episode writing also should go equivalent to the Australian standards. Engineers who will migrate to Australia from Qatar need to file their application under any of these four occupational categories as defined by EA.

  • Professional Engineers
  • Engineering Technologists
  • Engineering Associates
  • Engineering Managers

EA enlists competencies for multiple categories. When you put in writing your (CDR) Career Episode Report, you need to write it purposely which will exhibit all the proficiency elements mentioned under the job type for which you tend to apply.

Ideally, your career writing an episode for EA should have four sections.


Briefing in about 100 words you need to mention the order sequence of your career episode. It segments the different phases of your career including all the dates and duration of your career timeline including the geographical attachments where it so happened. Your alma maters name or supposedly the details of the organisation, all should be detailed in the introduction part.

Background Information

In around 500 words, explain the background of what you were studying or working all through the years and particularly at that time. You should specify the objectives of your engineering projects (if any) that you participated in and also the work stream you were involved with.  Specify your key responsibilities, job profile leadership qualities, your areas of position in a structured way like on an organisational chart basis. Also, mention the no. of official duties you were appointed to perform.

Personal Engineering Activity

 In about 1000 words, illustrate the concrete work you did in your field of engineering. Highlight your area of specifications and engineering application you did all through the years.

 Narrate how you took incentives for your engineering skills. State points regarding your knowledge to the situation and what task you were delegated to and how you skilfully handled it.


In the end, you need to give a short summary summing up your entire career episode highlights. The conclusion is a must and proper conclusion will make your career episode look professional.

3 points to keep in mind while writing you Career Episode Writing

  • You need to understand your purpose and criteria of a job for which you are applying.
  • Present the EA with the relevant information they have enlisted under multiple competencies.
  • To write in a clear-cut and specific language which the EA readers will understand easily

These are regarded as the 3 fundamentals to keep in mind when writing a CDR report. Prior to selecting any topic for career episode, one must study and interpret all the facts and figure concerning the Engineers Australia (EA) competencies.

The important attachments laid by EA (Engineers Australia) for the three career episode writing are as follows:-

  • You need to enlist evidence of your actions and the acquired results of your provided achievement lists.
  • Secondly, you need to enlist your particular contribution; thought process and strategies you used in accomplishing a significant prospect in you’re mentioned.
  • Information regarding all the elements and Sub-elements of detailed competencies mentioned in the MSA booklet.

Few tips on how to frame you Career Episode Writing

  • When fetching in the details about your career episode writing, it is always advised to have the EA list of required competencies in detail with you. Consider and try to figure out the time when you applied for those competencies. Trail down your career span and detail your career episode timeline effectively.
  • Remember to mention only those segments for which you have detailed evidence and proof to support.
  • Make sure to keep your career episode writing within the prescribed word limits. Don’t try to include or flood your career episodes with too many technical and boastful acquisitions.
  • Keep a track on your language and sentence framing. Your CDR reports are a way to check your communication skills by the Engineers Association.
  • While drafting your career episode make sure to describe the application part of your technical engineering background.

Keeping in mind the language of your writing

  • Writing Career Episodes for Engineers Australia is also considered a typical language oriented task. As mentioned in the EA reports, you need to write down in the first person and always use active voice. You need to emphasize the word ‘I’. Most of your sentences should be framed using ‘I’.
  • Make sure to keep your writing style always easy, clear-cut and simple. EA recommends the candidates to frame sentences in factual writing style comprising informative statements and details related to particularly your engineering competencies.

What you need to avoid while writing for your Career Episode.

  • Faking and boasting about your knowledge and skills will land you nowhere. If you can’t provide evidence to prove your writing to be true, then don’t mention it in your career episodes.
  • Also in career episode report for Engineers Australia, there shouldn’t be a hint of Plagiarism. You can refer to written CDR samples which can be found available online but copying and pasting or using false ways will land you in trouble.

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