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Analyst Programmer RPL Report (ANZSCO 261311)

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Who is a 261311 Analyst Programmer?

Analyst Programmers are well equipped with the knowledge of IT as well as business. They are the industrial experts who can do the job of both a computer programmer and business analyst. Dissimilar to programmers who focus only on coding, Analyst Programmers endeavour to meet necessities, plan and arrange systems, and also operate them. They may likewise do testing of the systems and offer special technical aid when the system comes to practical utilization.

Numerous organizations recruit individuals with Analyst Programming skills who can lead the group and also figure out how to manipulate with codes. Analyst Programmers work in coordination with project managers and business analysts. The aptitude level, tasks, obligations, reason and key specialized abilities for an Analyst Programmer are portrayed by the Australia and New Zealand standard grouping of occupations (ANZSCO). The ANZSCO code for an Analyst Programmer is 261311.

The job description of a 261311 Programmer developer

The Australian computer society(ACS) is in charge of evaluating the applications for the job of Analyst Programmer. The job role incorporates the expected set of responsibilities of an Analyst Programmer as follows:

  • They are responsible for a double job of analysing the data of the system frameworks and programming the applications according to the client needs.
  • They deal with informational indexes, manipulate them, analyse them and answer the common questions of organizations.
  • They are responsible for structuring and creating programming systems.
  • They offer help to the customers or clients of the software systems.
  • They regularly need to lead the group and guarantee the coordination between software advancement stages.
  • They work after examining the client necessities completely and recognizing the technical requirements.
  • They may communicate with clients at the hour of necessity assembling, updating the system and settling technical issues.
  • They can likewise test the system frameworks, distinguish and solve the flaws.

Duties of an Analyst Programmer

To address the issues of the business and client prerequisites, an expert Analyst Programmer needs to play out a few obligations and perform various roles in an association. The ANZSCO characterizes the roles and responsibilities of 261311 Analyst Programmer as:

  • Ability to manage, analyse and manipulate informational collections and afterwards planning and writing correct reports about different issues according to the dataset examination
  • Structuring, creating and executing new projects and making devoted programming applications
  • Dealing with the debugging and testing of the software codes and prescribing any required changes to the technical department individuals.
  • Finding and implementing the functional necessities and dealing with the equipment particulars of the system framework.
  • Reporting the necessities of the system
  • Overseeing programming improvement projects by inspecting the requests, assessing the tasks and suggesting solutions or alterations
  • Deciding the expense of the project, its achievability, objectives and course of events
  • Following up the current project or previous projects that are as of now running and being actualized.
  • Recommending any amendments in the current projects
  • Operating at advancing the current ventures dependent on the change in client needs and technical developments
  • Giving suggestions to the technical group, project supervisor, partners and different groups associated with the task, for example, the testing team or execution team at the company
  • Staying up to date with the latest and the new advancements in the technology by going to workshops or keeping healthy associations with the merchants
  • Filling in as a cooperative person in the team guaranteeing coordination among different groups that are working on the software projects.

Qualifications required for the job of 261311 Analyst Programmer

  • An Australian candidate applying for the job role of Analyst Programmer should have a bachelor's or an equivalent higher qualification degree in the technical subject.
  • The applicant can also show a valid certification or at least five years of hands-on industry experience to substitute the eligibility criteria.
  • There are several alternative titles for Analyst Programmers like ICT programmer, ICT developer or Applications developers as coined by ANZSCO.

Key skills required for a 261311 Analyst Programmer position

The ACS RPL report for 261311 Analyst Programmer incorporates the key subject matters where the candidate needs to clarify how the capabilities and the aptitudes that they have picked up can meet the abilities expected by an Analyst Programmer in Australia. The personal abilities required for prevailing as an Analyst Programmer are:

  • Capacity to work within tight deadlines
  • Conveying excellent work
  • Proactive methodology
  • Quantitative and logical mindset
  • Capacity to solve questions dependent on the current data
  • Leadership quality
  • Strong verbal as well as written communication skills
  • Business-minded approach

IT Skills required:

ANZSCO states that an eligible candidate is expected to have at least 65% of the ICT core units mentioned below:

  • Coding skills – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, JQuery, ASP.NET etc
  • Windows and web programming frameworks
  • Database design and administration
  • SQL, Oracle, MySql, PL/SQL and other relational databases
  • Documentation and Compilers
  • Software design and Software testing
  • Software development lifecycle and Software debugging
  • Algorithms and Software engineering

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