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Developer Programmer RPL Report (ANZSCO 261312)

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Who is a 261312 Developer Programmer?

In an organisation, a Developer Programmer is responsible for software designing, development, testing, installation and maintenance. They help in expanding the proficiency of the software and subsequently help the organizations in offering enhanced solutions to the customers. An expert Developer Programmer is well aware of the various kinds of problems that an often company faces and he/she comes with a feasible solution to fix the problems.

Developer Programmers are in high demand in various enterprises whether it is finance-related, construction, transport, retail or public associations. At present, ANZSCO 261312 Developer Programmer job role is assessed by the Australian Computer Society(ACS).

The standard job description of 261312 Developer Programmer

As indicated by the ANZSCO, a Developer Programmer can be on the other hand titled as an ICT Developer, Application Developer or ICT Programmer. Developer Programmers use their rational expertise in discovering solutions by connecting the elements with the goal that they can coordinate the client's prerequisites appropriately. An ACS and ANZSCO accredited developer should be prepared to do the following:

  • Incorporating the specifications of programming applications
  • Understanding the specialized technical plans and flowcharts
  • Comprehends programming software constructs
  • Maintenance of the tech software
  • Building specialized technical particulars from the functional model
  • Leading testing of the software
  • Writing technical documentation

Responsibilities of a 261312 Developer Programmer

There are some duties and responsibilities other than the job description, a candidate should know before applying for a job of Developer Programmer a minimum of 65% of them should coordinate the obligations that a candidate specifies in their reference letters. These explicitly help the assessment group in recognizing the candidates' abilities.:

  • Examining the requirements of the system program and directing legitimate research on them.
  • Composing code that meets the system necessities as referenced by the customers just as the structure specification and technical prerequisites.
  • Maintenance of the code according to given guidelines.
  • System reviewing and recognizing if there are any wasteful aspects in the present programming system.
  • Finding and adjusting the issues and mistakes in the system.
  • Setting up the testing rules and norms according to the description of the system.
  • Leading the team on the best way to execute programming, discovering procedures, assessing the expenses and aiding in other dynamic assignments.
  • Testing of the whole software system in the real-time circumstances.

What are the qualifications required to apply for a 261312 Developer Programmer?

  • ANZSCO demands appropriate qualifications along with hands-on working experience in the industry.
  • The applicant should have a graduation or a higher qualification degree in the applicable field.
  • The applicant should have at least 5 years of industry experience before applying for a 261312 Developer Programmer job role.

Skills and Competencies required for 261312 Developer Programmer

ICT Developer Programmers are expected to have strong communication skills, leadership as well as teamwork abilities, analytical skills and a strong approach in solving problems. Also, the applicant is required to have 65% of the below-listed ICT core units competencies:

  • Data Structures and Object-Oriented Programming
  • Algorithms and Database Management Systems
  • Functional Programming and Compilers
  • Software Programming Languages and Operating systems
  • Theory of Computation or Automata
  • Business Information Systems (BIS)
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • File Processing and Testing
  • System Designing and Analysis
  • Requirements Definition

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