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ICT Project Manager RPL Report (ANZSCO 135112)

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Who is the 135112 ICT Project Manager?

The Project Manager is responsible for the design, approach, as well as the accomplishment of the projects in the ICT sector. Every project has the described scope, the start time, as well as the defined finish time. The Project Managers are those people, who ensure the fact that the projects’ objectives are fulfilled within an estimated time frame, the involved costs are minimal, and maximum profit is guaranteed. 

Thereby, an individual who is accountable for any discrepancies or issues occurring in a project’s accomplishment is considered as the Project Manager. He/she has to be fully aware of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), methodologies of project management like DSDM or Scrum as well as software development procedures. 

The professional duties of ICT Project Managers are defined by ANZSCO (Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations). Applicants for the role of ICT Project Manager can opt for the code 135112 for the RPL report. 

Job Summary of 135112 ICT Project Manager

The Project Manager portrays the role of a representative of clients. He/she comprehends the needs and thereby assists in describing a project’s clear objectives. By ANZSCO, the job summary of the Project Managers consists of the following:

  • They need to ensure the fact that team members work efficiently as well as therefore play a good leader’s role. 
  • They hold complete responsibility for the organization and timeline of ICT projects. 
  • They are required to coordinate with every administrative department and IT staff. 
  • They need to think out-of-the-box for solving the issues which might appear in a project’s accomplishment. 
  • They must frequently interact with clients as well as comprehend their needs. 
  • The main aim of their job is timeliness, resource management, and organization. 

Responsibilities and roles of 135112 ICT Project Manager

If your duties match with the ones offered by the ANZSCO code 135112-ICT Project manager, you can use the same in your RPL application. Moreover, the duties of the ICT Project Manager as defined by ANZSCO contain the following:

  1. Planning Resources for the project by evaluating its scope as well as estimating the time and cost requirements 
  2. Describing the project’s attainable, useful, and clear objectives along with communicating it to the entire team
  3. Measuring as well as monitoring the project’s progress utilizing proper tools
  4. Ensuring the on-time delivery of the project
  5. Creating a team for the project as well as giving the members deadlines and tasks
  6. Conducting daily meetings with the team as well as getting the status updates along with, if needed, reallocating tasks
  7. Engaging with the stakeholders and clients, and reporting them about the progress as well as taking the feedback
  8. Estimating the tasks’ duration along with maintaining the schedule
  9. Supervising ICT system security as well as directing the ICT operations
  10. Creating documentation about the project, performing data checks besides collecting the project’s overall paperwork. 
  11. Supervising ICT resources’ installation as well as offering user training
  12. Recommending technological needs that can cater to the customers’ needs. 

Expertise required for 135112 ICT Project Manager

The Project Managers should adapt themselves as per the company’s procedures as well as develop healthy relations with the stakeholders and clients. The required skills for the ICT Project Manager often include: 

  • Organizational abilities and multi-tasking
  • The ability to handle stressful circumstances
  • Analytical abilities and critical thinking
  • Leadership qualities
  • The ability to interact effectively
  • The impressive capability of Decision-making

Eligibility Criteria for 135112 ICT Project Manager

The requirements for ANZSCO 135112-ICT Project Manager education include the Bachelor or higher degree in the sector of Management, Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Computer Programming, Business, or other associated sectors. Along with the formal qualification, the relevant experience, vendor certificate, or on-the-job training might be needed. 5 years of work experience (at least) can be utilized for substituting formal education needs. 

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