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ICT Quality Assurance Engineer RPL Report (ANZSCO 263211)

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Who is the 263211 ICT Quality Assurance Engineer?

ICT Quality Assurance Engineer is the one who is responsible for creating, maintaining and testing the software and hardware device. They work with both the devices and manage them in the right way possible. 

An ICT Quality Assurance Engineer has to look into the issues that might lead to big trouble in the future. They work with their technical skills that can help in resolving the issues of software and hardware without taking much time. They help in finding the bugs if any and create the best software for the user.

The people living in Australia must know that if they wish to appear in the job of ICT Quality Assurance Engineer, then it is vital for them to look into the duties as assigned by ANZSCO under the code 263213. All the ones thinking to see their future in such a job must try and complete all the duties along with the skills that are mentioned in ANZSCO. 

Requirements for 263213 ICT Quality Assurance Engineer

The work of the ICT Quality Assurance Engineer is done under the guidance of perfect team members who are well skilled. Their key duty is to check whether the program of the software is in working condition or not. The job of the ICT Quality Assurance Engineer includes:

  • A testing engineer has to design and build a better computer system for testing. It should be designed in such a way that it can easily hit the targets.
  • They have to perform various functions like the testing using the black box, grey or the white box testing.
  • They need to have complete information regarding the testing tool and manual tools.
  • They must have complete information regarding the fundamental as well as non-fundamental things which are required in the system.
  • ICT Quality Assurance Engineer must work in a team that might include different engineers for testing along with the software developer who can help in solving issues related to the software testing. 

Duties for the 263213 ICT Quality Assurance Engineer

ICT Quality Assurance Engineer has to look into the issues that might create trouble in the software and help with the best solution possible. Some of the imperative responsibilities are:

  1. Proving guidelines that ensure proper maintenance of a better standard of work. It is the best way in which they work and software can be managed properly.
  2. Helps in analysing the software along with the data review of the document in the right way possible.
  3. It helps in developing the firmware along with the software engineer to make sure that the safety and security of the companies’ data are secured.
  4. It helps in identifying the risks of the entire system to maintain the better quality of the device.
  5. ICT Quality Assurance Engineer must interact with the team of management that can help in maintaining the standards of activities.
  6. Detecting the problems in the storage device or the computer.
  7. Maintaining the best and action plans that can help in resolving software-related issues.

Degree Required by 263213 ICT Quality Assurance Engineer

All those who like to see their future in ICT Quality Assurance Engineer must complete the bachelor degree. Even the ones with a higher degree in the field of computer science can look forward to becoming a quality engineer. Candidates should carry the experience of around 5 years in this field.

Skills needed for 263213 ICT Quality Assurance Engineer

Some of the skills required by every individual are:

  • They should know ways in which they can manage the time optimally.
  • Must give new and appropriate ideas to keep the device working properly.
  • Help in troubleshooting.
  • Make sure that all the individuals work together as a team in completing the task assigned.
  • Should have better interaction skills.
  • Must have skills related to critical thinking.

According to ANZSCO, ICT offers the job description 

Candidates should know about the computer skills along with their audits. The person must be skilled in organizing the system of the database in the device along with the software testing. They should look forward to new ideas of securing the information of the organization.

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