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ICT Security Specialist RPL Report (ANZSCO 262112)

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Who is a 262112 ICT Security Specialist?

Software is being used in every kind of organisation these days as it makes it simpler for the company to get their work done. Software experts are in high demand in the organization as they can take care of the security of the PCs and PC network systems and bypass potential interruption. ICT security specialists make sure that the company’s private data is safe and secure from all the means of security breaches, they continuously check the security system of the software applications.

Regardless of whether it is law, police, finance, banking, airlines, schools and colleges or some other organizations, security experts are required all over the place. The Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) 262112 states all the prerequisites of ICT security specialists who can move to Australia.

The standard job description of a 262112 Security Specialist

The ICT security specialist's set of job responsibilities according to the ANZSCO are: 

  • Security Specialists need to take care of the association's information by creating a safe electronic collection of information and keeping a close eye on all the transactions.
  • They build up, oversee and administer the security strategies of the organization. 
  • They create recovery and preventive procedures so as to relieve the losses. 
  • They survey the dangers and make a committed move to limit them.
  • They manage the security systems of an association and are responsible to prevent any security violation.
  • They help with creating desktop, web and mobile applications so the information in these applications can be accessed securely.
  • Alongside internal security threats, they have to address the transit of organization information internally utilizing information services or information storage gadgets like USB drives.

Roles and responsibilities of a 262112 ICT Security specialist

There are certain rules and obligations that one needs to experience all through their vocation as a security specialist. The Australian computer society takes into account the applicant’s abilities and work experience as a security specialist. The applicants should satisfy the prerequisites stated by the ANZSCO. Here is a list of ICT security specialist roles and responsibilities:

  • Investigating the specifications of programming to evaluate the security dangers.
  • Preparing the staff about the security breach
  • Observing the security issues and imparting them to the software development and support staff
  • Installing, configuring, refreshing and regulating the security programming software in the organizations, for example, antivirus software 
  • Structuring and executing the security measures
  • Offering help to the clients and unravelling the questions subjected to data handling
  • Should keep themselves up to date with any new changes in the network security or PC security measures.
  • Giving counselling to all software development groups with the goal that they can resolve their security issues and create effective solutions
  • Discovering the vulnerabilities in equipment and also in the software for keeping up an internal and external security
  • Checking the systems consistently for security assaults, malware, viruses and different interruptions.

Interpersonal skills required for 262112 ICT Security specialist

Security specialists need to work in an official domain for the most part. They need to communicate with customers and staff. Also, they need to train other staff individuals also. 

Along with the hands-on industry experience and academic qualifications, the applicant should have strong interpersonal skills, for example:

  • Determination for working with technological innovation and ICT network security.
  • Amazing Team building aptitudes and capacity to work similarly productively as a person. 
  • Critical thinking abilities 
  • Brilliant analytic skills and hazard evaluation skills
  • Basic reasoning and rationale building
  • Skills to troubleshoot systems
  • Capacity to focus on details ready to fill in as an administrator

ICT units requirements for 262112 ICT Security specialist

ANZSCO mentions some ICT core units for the job of 262112 ICT Security Specialist:

  • Data Encryption and Client-Server Technology
  • DBMS (Database Management Systems)
  • Data Communication and Web Security
  • Computer Forensics
  • System Administration and Firewall Management
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Internet and Network Protocols
  • Distributive Systems
  • Project Management

Eligibility criteria for the job of 262112 ICT Security Specialist

To meet all requirements for the ANZSCO ICT security specialist position, one must have a bachelor's or a higher degree in the relative fields, for example, software engineering, PC programming, PC designing, data science or any STEM subject. The candidates should have a specialisation in Information technology security management to appear for the job role of ANZSCO 262112 ICT Security specialist. Alongside this, at least 5 years involvement with the ICT field is a necessity.

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