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Network Analyst RPL Report (ANZSCO 263113)

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Who is a 263113 Network Analyst?

Network Analyst is the consultant of the networks which are hired by the organizations. Most of the IT organizations, financial companies like to opt for them as they provide complete support in better organization of the work. 

Network Analyst works effectively to build strong communication in the organization. All the configurations are known to them so that they can handle the tools carefully. ANZSCO has made the code 263113 for the people who like to seek a job in this profession. 

Job information about 263113 Network Analyst

The work of the Network Analyst is basically in the office environment. They need to manage the network system and manage it in the best way possible. The description of the job is:

  1. The Network Analyst helps in managing the network architecture properly.
  2. They must offer the complete resolution if in case of any trouble in the network. At times the business might even suffer from such issues.
  3. The work of Network Analyst is to mend the network of the company and upgrade it if required.
  4. At times they must work with the experts of the IT department for managing the teamwork.
  5. At times staff support must be provided by them to make the things work properly.

Roles to be done by 263113 Network Analyst

A Network Analyst has the responsibility to look after various tasks depending on their work in the company. Some of the required responsibilities for the job of Network Analyst are listed below:

  • Adding the required device or the software in case of boosting the functional capacity.
  • Taking care of different departments and completely maintaining the work in the routers.
  • Offering complete support to the organization by helping with the network engine support.
  • Making sure to fix all the issues that might be required in any of the software or hardware devices.
  • Helping with the finest solutions related to the organization so that the company can boost its goodwill.
  • Trying to add the new technology for making it more functional.
  • Improving the ways of working and finding different ways to mend the current system of the network.
  • Complete utilization of the resources so that the network can get a better speed.

Required education for 263113 Network Analyst

  • According to ANZSCO, the person who wishes to become a Network Analyst must have a bachelor’s degree.
  • Even the ones having a higher degree can see the future in this field.
  • 5 years of minimum experience along with the formal education in the field of Network Analyst.

Skilled essential for 263113 Network Analyst

Particular technical skills are not required by the person who wishes to become a Network Analyst. According to ANZSCO, they have specified some of the required skills which are:

  • The personality of the Network Analyst should be result oriented.
  • Should possess the ability to troubleshoot in the best way possible.
  • Must know how to work together as a team and resolve the work properly.
  • Completely work in offering a better decision so that the company can work accurately.
  • Must opt for the interpersonal interaction.

Some of the Anticipated ICT skills of the Network Analyst

  • Must know about mobile technology along with data communication.
  • Should know how to design digital content using the latest technology.
  • Project management should be their key skill.
  • Network Analyst must have complete information regarding the software of the system for offering the best support on time.
  • Add the skill of distributed computing. 

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