Support Engineer RPL Report (ANZSCO 263212)

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Who is 263212 Support Engineer?

Also known as IT Specialists or Technical Support Engineers, Support engineers are in special demand in various enterprises like telecom, clinical, IT, automobiles, hospitality etc. They are liable for answering the questions of the clients regarding various technical issues, hardware and software programming issues, network issues etc. 

Various associations have diverse employment jobs and titles for support engineer, for example, help desk operator, maintenance engineer, technical, or application support specialist. The job may likewise incorporate answering to the messages and picking up the calls of the clients and henceforth they require expressive communication skills. 

Candidates who wish to relocate to Australia as a support engineer need to present an RPL report depicting their key expertise areas and qualifications according to the Australian Computer Society (ACS) guidelines and requirements. The expected set of responsibilities and qualification criteria are given under ANZSCO 263212 Support Engineer.

The job role of 263212 Support Engineer

In light of the profiles and mastery required, support engineers are recruited for various purposes. The set of working responsibilities as depicted by ANZSCO are as follows:

  • Possessing a good knowledge of the data systems.
  • Giving industry level help to the clients using various mediums like email, live talk, calls and instant text messages.
  • Analyzing and redressing the issues faced by the clients.
  • Reporting the issues being settled and how they have settled them.
  • Giving written guidelines, manuals and brief steps to explain complex inquiries of the clients.
  • Acting as a communication partner whom the clients can trust.
  • Delivering on-time answers to the clients to guarantee effectiveness.

Key Roles and Responsibilities of 263212 Support Engineer

The specific tasks of a support engineer may change according to the requirements of an association. The Support Engineers are liable for the smooth working of the PC systems and business. The ANZSCO 263212 support engineer roles and responsibilities incorporate the following:

  • Taking in charge of the installation of software and hardware systems such as operating systems and, networking systems and devices.
  • Speaking with the staff and the customers on the telephone or eye to eye as required
  • Troubleshooting the issues faced by the staff or the customers and settling their questions
  • Recognizing the issues with the software solutions
  • Conveying uncertain technical issues to the technical group in the company
  • Logging the issues and their depictions appropriately
  • Organizing the various issues and dealing with each one of them effectively
  • Taking input from the customers of following up if any issues or challenges they may confront afterwards
  • Learning new technological innovation and software systems created by the organization
  • Keeping up great relations with the clients and ensuring that they are totally happy with the solutions
  • Testing the new technologies and assessing them
  • Setting up client accounts, settling issues related to password word and sign up
  • Thinking about third parties to find the specific solution

Skills Required for 263212 Support Engineer

The position of a support engineer as depicted under 263212 ANZSCO requests specialized aptitudes as well as solid communication capacities to deal with customers proficiently. Hence, the competitors applying for an ACS assessment need to showcase their interest in technology innovation and viable interpersonal abilities to accomplish positive outcomes. The individual abilities that are significant for a support engineer are:

  • Incredible critical thinking capacity
  • Remarkable Written and verbal communication skills
  • Capacity to analyze and troubleshoot issues
  • Capacity to focus and tune in to client issues and solve them appropriately
  • Reasoning aptitudes
  • Capacity to discover quick solutions using your intelligence
  • Cooperative individuals abilities

Set of ICT core unit skills for a support engineer

  • Computer networks and Computer Auditing
  • Web engineering (HTML, SQL, JavaScript, JQuery etc)
  • Computer Organization
  • Business process re-engineering
  • ICT Security and Validation
  • System Software and Operating Systems
  • System Testing and Software Architecture
  • Data Communication and Data Security
  • Network Architecture
  • Quality Management

Eligibility criteria for the job of 263212 support engineer

Applicants with a graduation or a higher qualification in relevant fields related to software engineering and innovation, for example, PC programming advancement, programming building, data innovation, PC systems, business systems engineering, web designing or business data innovation are qualified to apply as a support engineer. Also, the applicant may have to deliver a significant hands-on experience of at least 5 years in a similar field or give a vendor confirmation to make up for educational requirements

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