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Web Developer RPL Report (ANZSCO 261212)

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Who is the 261212 Web Developer?

Web Developer is the one who is skilled in designing the website. They help in developing the content on world-wide-web or different network applications. They are skilled in working on different platforms like HTTP, HTML, PHP and much more.

The role of the Web developer is linked with the back end work or designing the website along with the application. Web developers have a key role in creating and designing the codes which are used on the website to bring on more people. The master over various languages to add on new technology in designing the website. 

So, all the ones who are living as well as working in Australia must make a note that their job needs to be set according to the norms of ANZSCO. They have described 261212 as the code for web developer jobs. Australia is overloaded with the job of web developer as companies are trying to flourish their business online. May it be a bank, an accounting firm or the financial organization- all are trying to offer the support to people online. That is why it is a big chance for the people who are thinking to look forward to their goal in the web development field. 

Job Description of 261212 Web Developer

Web developers have to design web programs for the organization to set their visibility on the online platform. He has to look forward to many roles along with the duties while developing the web application. Their job includes challenges like:

  • The web developer needs to design the layouts of the website as per the requirement. The designs of the web developer need to be innovative to boost the goodwill of the organization.
  • It is their key role to develop the application online that can help the company in getting access online.
  • Web developers need to play an active role in coordinating with the manager along with the designer. He needs to make sure that the teamwork never suffers as it can hamper the project in return.
  • The technical work or designing the website required technical skills along with good communication talent. It is because if they are having good communication skills, then it becomes easy for them to convey their point to the client more aptly.
  • Graphic design along with the complete information about software programming.
  • Holding client meetings along with a different project of web designing is a must for them.

Key Responsibilities of 261212 Web Developer

The duty of the web developer might vary from time to time. It is because not every project is similar. At times the web developer might handle a small project in which they might not have to design the entire site, but when handling a big project, they need to design the layout till the complete content. The essential responsibilities are:

  1. Code writing is required for designing the application online. The web developer makes sure to develop such codes using different languages.
  2. Looking for ways to expand the website.
  3. Complete designing of the layout.
  4. Interaction with the network expert and come up with the issues if any. This will help in fixing the problems in a short time. 
  5. They develop unique animation for the website along with the images by taking help from different software.

Required Educational Qualification for 261212 Web Developer

  • To become a web developer, it is vital to have an education degree in bachelors. Even the high degree of computer science or web designing can work for this field.
  • The degree of Software engineering can be considered for this program.
  • Make a note that it is essential to have an experience of minimum 5 years.

Skills to become a 261212 Web Developer

All the web developers must carry knowledge about different techniques required for developing a website. They must have technical skills for the experience that they have collected. 

They should have:

  • A good attitude towards solving issues
  • Must look for ways to meet the deadline
  • Should try and learn new advancement in technology quickly

According to ANZSCO some of the things required to be a web developer like they should have rich information regarding different Algorithms and programming systems. Animation and graphic designing tools information should be on their tips. Designing the website along with its development should be properly handled in their hand.

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