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An RPL Report needs to be submitted by IT professionals who want to migrate to Australia but do not have a degree or diploma which is considered equivalent to an Australian degree or diploma in the related areas by the authority.
The Australian Computer Society (ACS) assesses skills of an IT professional by calculating whether the individual had an ICT (Information and Computer Technologies) major or minor in his or her tertiary qualification or not.
ACS accepts tertiary qualifications as ICT Major compliant only if:

  • A Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree has at least 50% ICT content
  • A 3-year Bachelor degree has at least 33% ICT content
  • A 4-year Bachelor degree has at least 25% ICT content
  • A 5-year Bachelor degree has at least 20% ICT content

The ICT content needs to be included in all years of the program with the final year covering the advanced skills related to it.

A Masters or Graduate Diploma degree can be considered as an ICT Major Compliant if:

  • A 2-year course has at least 50% ICT content
  • A 3-year course has at least 33% ICT content

You can show that you possess ICT as a Minor is your Bachelor or higher qualification if the ICT content of your degree program fulfills at least two-thirds of the ICT Major requirements.

All the other degree holders are considered non-ICT by the ACS and have to fill up the ACS RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) form for skill assessment before they can migrate to Australia. This form has been specifically designed to allow the professionals to showcase that they do possess the necessary skills and how they acquired them.

RPL Australia has a section called ‘Key Areas of Knowledge’ where the applicants can show as many areas as they can (of which they possess sufficient knowledge and skills). People with years of professional experience in ICT-related fields can use this section to apply to mention what all they are capable of.

WriteCDR offers excellent RPL Report Writing services to engineers and professionals of all streams applying for migration visa through this route. Our expert writers are well are of the ACS guidelines, competency standards, and parameters by which ACS assesses the applicants – and hence, are able to come up with RPL reports that get approved 99% of times.

What All Should RPL Report Include?

RPL Report writing services experts share that the RPL ACS assessment can be of two types:

  1. Non-ICT degree holders need to have at least six years of professional experience in the ICT field which has an ANZSCO code. (An Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) code is a skills-based classification system of all occupations and jobs in the Australian and New Zealand labour markets. Having skills related to a nominated ANZSCO discipline means that your skills are in demand in these countries.)
  2. Non-ICT holders that do not hold any tertiary qualifications must have at least eight years of work experience in the ICT-related fields, out of which two years of employment may be related to fields not relevant to the ANZCO code under which they are applying.

An RPL Report Australia form includes two project reports – one should mention a project undertaken within the last three years, while another should mention a project undertaken within the last five years. The project reports should clearly mention:

  • Design paradigms and related procedures used in the project,
  • Different file and database designs and management techniques you used,
  • Internet application design and security measures implemented for the project,
  • Managerial roles and responsibilities you held during the project,
  • Programming languages used in the project,
  • Quality assurance and project management techniques you followed,
  • System design and analysis methodologies you applied,
  • The size and topology of the network and secure facilities installed for the project, and
  • Your contribution to the design and implementation processes of the project.

Why Choose RPL Report Writing Services Australia Offered by WriteCDR?

Whether you are an engineer or an ICT professional from a different stream, we have the best tech experts to help you prepare an RPL report that can easily win you an approval from the ACS. With years of experience in providing RPL report writing services, we understand the RPL requirements and assessment processes quite closely.

Our writers can prepare personalised reports for you within strict deadlines – and offer unlimited revisions for free.

There is a reason why we have such a high rate of approval from the ACS. We have a very strict Quality Checking (QC) process. All our RPL reports go through three rounds of checking – one using advanced plagiarism detection software to make sure they are 100% original and plagiarism-free, second one by the subject expert from the same domain (different from the one who writes the report for you), and third one by a team of editors and proofreaders who check that all the reports we deliver comply with the ACS RPL guidelines and formatting style, have no grammatical or spelling errors, and have a smooth flow of language.

Whether you are a Mechanical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Electronics Engineer or a Computer Engineer (who couldn’t meet the ICT requirements), we know just what to write in your RPL report. The best part is that we offer a very high-quality service at an extremely competitive price.

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