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Engineers from the USA, looking for a skilled migration visa to Australia need to submit a Competency Demonstration Report to EA (Engineers Australia). Since the report is very crucial to the entire visa process, applicants look for CDR Report Editing by professional experts before making the final submission. Once the reports are submitted to the EA, the assessors tend to analyse if the applicant brings about the desired set of competencies and skills to Australia, under the occupational category he is applying for.

Every CDR comprises of three sections that have their own significance in order to showcase what the applicant brings to table in terms of the knowledge and skills in his domain. The first being Continuous Professional Development (CPD), wherein you have to share about the developmental initiatives taken to enrich your domain knowledge over these years. For instance, you could list down the seminars attended or workshops convened; research papers published or journals subscribed to. You can also use this opportunity to explain details of certain innovative projects that undertook. In the second section of the CDR, you need to explain in clear words any three specific projects/events, through three different Career Episodes. These career episodes will tell the tale of three significant opportunities that you used via three different projects. The projects must set base on how you clearly demonstrated the competency elements that the EA is keen to find on you. While in the third section called the Summary Statement, you will need to clearly map the expected competency elements with the concerned paragraphs in your Career Episodes. This is to assist the assessor to identify the precise event when and how you reflected the desired competencies and skills.

Our CDR Editors help you with precision editing and proofreading services to take back an impactful report to the EA, one which is free from any ambiguities. We understand that in such a busy and complicated life, you do not have enough time to focus on the CDR, however hard you try. Daily work schedules and other obligations at the personal front take precedence at most times. However, this shouldn’t come in the way of you making a correct and really impactful submission with the EA.

Our top of the league editing services remove any grammatical, structural, or factual errors from the report that you bring to us. Moreover, our team of editors also re-check on the linkages between your Career Episode paragraphs and elements and indicators in the Summary Statement.

How You Can Edit and Proofread Your CDR Report?

Through our immensely followed and subscribed CDR Editing Services, we are taking a step ahead to assist you when you require. This is for those who look forward to working on their CDRs on their own, but are still unsure of making a submission without getting it reviewed and edited by a CDR expert.

Editing and proofreading are as important a part of this CDR submission process, as is writing it. Our CDR experts share certain tips with you to help you self-edit and proofread your reports before making your submission.

  • Ensure that you have used the same writing style throughout the report. Use an active undertone, with a prescriptive writing style.
  • Make use of the same font, same font size, formatting style, and line spacing throughout the entire report. Always follow the report template as shared by Engineers Australia, in the MSA booklet.
  • Re-check if you have correctly numbered all the paragraphs across the three Career Episodes and that their mapping with the related competency element in the Summary Report is correct.
  • Run through the entire content again to identify places that do not seem connected or where the flow seems to have broken. The report should exhibit a clear picture with seamless flow across different sections.
  • Run your report through different grammar checking tools to identify and remove issues with spelling and language in general.

Why WriteCDR.com is the Best CDR Editing and Proofreading Service Provider?

Our team of CDR experts comprising writers, researchers, and editors are the best in the industry and we take immense pride in their capabilities. They bring to table an expert understanding of different engineering domains and are also highly adept at Australian English, which is a pre-requisite to writing such a report.

  • We have a dedicated team of researchers, engineers, editors, and proof-readers to ensure that you submit a flawless report to the EA
  • Our CDR experts run every report through a multi-layered QC process to ensure there is nothing ambiguous in the final version
  • Every single member of our team understands the EA requirements on CDR writing and follows them to the core

We come to you with a strong 1000+ member team that comprises of subject experts, editors and proof-readers. This is something that helps us stay ahead of our league in the industry. We ensure you seamless client connect and effective services within agreed deadlines, at the most affordable charges. Reach out to us today, for any and every CDR related service.

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