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Submitting a CDR or Competency Demonstration Report is an essential requirement for the engineers from the USA or for that matter anywhere across the world, who want to start a new life in Australia. What you need to understand is that CDR Writing Australia is not a choice, it’s a mandate to let the CDR assessing authority, Engineers Australia, run through the applicant’s academic and professional experiences and achievements. Eventually, they assess if at all the candidate is eligible for Skilled Migration Visa to the country or not. Since the report is highly significant, expert assistance for CDR writing could be the correct strategic decision that the applicant can choose to take.

CDR Report Writing Service in the USA

The pristine beaches and beautiful landscape only add up to the social security benefits that the country has to offer to its residents. This is the major attraction for all those who want to make the country their home. Standing tall on the Human Development Index at rank second, Australia boasts of being the 12th largest economy of the world. And, if there is so much on the platter, who wouldn’t want to get a taste of it?

Engineers in the USA who do not bring forth qualifications accorded by Washington Accord, Dublin Accord, or Sydney Accord, need to submit a CDR to the Engineers Australia. At WriteCDR.com we provide you with the best CDR writing and review services. We also offer expert consultation, in addition to CDR proofreading and editing services.

WriteCDR.com offers precise and affordable CDR writing services for all such applicants who are looking for success with EA assessments.

What is CDR Report?

As you move further it is important to understand what goes into writing a CDR. The report is all about sharing the engineering experience, knowledge attained, and growth initiatives at your end. Once the EA assesses all of that in alignment with the expectations that they have, they are open to giving a positive assessment to roll the visa process forward.

In this context, it is important to understand that the report comprises three independent sections called the Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Career Episodes, and Summary Statement. Here all the sections focus on getting a comprehensive understanding of the professional achievements, backed with pieces of evidence.

In the first section called the Continuing Professional Development (CPD), the CDR report writers at WriteCDR.com help you identify and represent the most valuable learning and developmental initiatives that you have undertaken in your domain until now. This helps the assessors understand your determination and spirit to grow in the chosen domain of your engineering through continuous competency building initiatives.

In the second section of the report, through the three Career Episodes, the expert report writers will help you identify and elaborate on the three strategic events/episodes in your professional life-that helped you bring out the desired competency elements, basis the occupational role that you chose to apply for.

In the Summary Statement, CDR writers at WriteCDR.com, which is the best CDR writing service in Australia- assist you by mapping one and all paragraphs of the Career Episodes with the relevant competency indicator that you displayed successfully. This precise mapping of the action you took with the competency indicator that you successfully highlighted, makes the task easier for the assessor. Additionally, he also gets a good idea on your skills towards attention to details.

You can get all of this and more through the most convenient means and within the designated deadlines through the masters of CDR writing, WriteCDR.com.

Who Seeks CDR Writing Help?

Any engineer from the USA, looking forward to shifting base to Australia and making a new life for himself and his family, can come forth to seek help from WriteCDR.com on his CDR requirements. By CDR requirements we mean, getting his CDR written, reviewed, edited, proofread, anything. He can begin by having a comprehensive interview with our experts to share his actual requirements and future aspirations.

Your CDR or the Competency Demonstration Report is a very important document that directly impacts your migration visa application. Evidently, it’s a great step to seek expert help for the same. Our exemplary CDR writing services Australia come with the promise of success, nothing less. We have experts from different domains of engineering who understand the essential requirements of writing a CDR.

Some of the reasons for seeking assistance with this report could be lack of understanding when it comes to EA guidelines, not being conversant with Australian English, lack of interest, lack of time, professional and personal priorities, etc. Thereby, in all these scenarios, feel free to take CDR writing help from the masters themselves.

Although the EA allows a 12-week window to submit your report, we have seen applicants wasting a lot of time to begin and panicking towards the end. This is where you still have a partner and guide like WriteCDR.com to help with the report submitted in as less than a few days. So the reason for seeking help could be many/any, but the sole reason is to get a positive assessment from the EA.

Why to Opt for Our CDR Report Writing Services?

For best CDR Writing Services, WriteCDR.com should be the only partner that you look for. We bring to you over a decade of rich experience in this domain. Our entire team is assessed and evaluated on their skills before they begin working on CDR reports. In addition to that most of the engineers who work for us, bring along the first-hand experience with EA assessments. This implies that they have already passed through EA assessments.

Every member of the team is well versed with the guidelines as shared in the Migration Skills Assessment workbook for CDR writing. They are conversant with the format of all different sections of this report like the CPD (Continuous Professional Development), Three Career Episodes, and the Summary Statement.

While the CPD entails a list of training and development initiatives that you have taken to enrich your skill base in your engineering domain, over these years. You can include brief details on any workshops, seminars attended, white paper submitted, journals subscribed for etc.

Through the Three Career Episodes, our team will discuss and finalise the most strategic events (three) in the professional history that allowed you scope to showcase the required competencies and skills. This has to perfectly align with the occupational role that you have applied for. Our team understands that CDR EA asks for the perfect language, report structure, and more when you submit the report. The expert will number every paragraph of your Career Episode, so that they can mention the same in your Summary Statement, without any error.

The Summary Statement elaborates on the competency elements that the EA is looking in you. With every such element, the expert will mention the paragraph number (from the Career Episode), where you successfully showcased the same. This is called precise mapping and assists the expert to understand your skill set better.

Here, the point to be noted is that we work towards making every report as personalised as could be. You can rest assured of 100% uniqueness and zero plagiarism with us. This is made possible by engaging you in a comprehensive dialogue with our experts as you come to us with a requirement. They use this opportunity to assess your understanding in the domain and get to know you better through the real-life experiences that you share with them.

What All Does Our CDR Writing Service Entail?

Our CDR writing services are focused on the occupational role that you chose to apply for. We have experts in all engineering domains to align your skill set with the specific role to highlight your academic and professional track record accordingly. Every member of the team works on their part diligently.

Our report writing services comprise:

Career Episode Writing

Over these years we now understand what curtails the free-spirited engineers from the USA to attempt CDR writing on their own. And, we could put that to ‘inhibition’ to venture into a new space or lack of experience/understanding with technical report writing. While they are all great at what they do, CDR writing demands different skills. So our expert CDR report writers interview you well, review the pieces of evidence that you offer in details, and develop the perfect understanding of how to progress further. They choose the best instances to highlight that you have and display specific competency elements, in real life scenarios.

Our writers understand the specifics of career episode writing in terms of the language, layout, numbering of the paragraphs, etc.

Summary Statement Writing

The Summary Statement might be the smallest, yet the most significant section of your report. Our writers choose the correct competency element to be highlighted here, by mapping it to a concerned paragraph of your Career Episode.

Years of being in this industry have helped our team to offer a seamless transition from one section of the report to other.

CDR Review

Our CDR Review services help the applicants achieve the best version of their report before they make a submission with the EA. We offer multiple revisions to ensure that our clients are absolutely satisfied with the Best CDR Writing Services that we offer. Our amazing success rate is proof enough.

Editing and Proofreading

Every report that we work upon goes through multiple quality checks after every draft. This ensures that the specific experts validate the content for language (grammar and structure), in addition to the domain specific information. We believe in using simple language in the most prescriptive tone. Our writers are also aware of EA guidelines on using an active voice while putting the report together.

Plagiarism Checking and Removal

EA rejects a report which does not suffice established norms on ‘uniqueness”. They have access to some of the most sophisticated tools to check copy paste in a report. This is where our expertise helps you in making every report unique and personalized.

We understand that getting your report rejected by the EA for plagiarism could be a major setback. Our experts are pro at paraphrasing and making other required changes if there is even an iota of plagiarism in the report. We offer you approval reports from some of the best plagiarism checking tools that we use.

Writecdr.COM Guarantees

Most Competent Domain Specific Writers

This stands true for WrteCDR.com, wherein our entire team comprises of professional engineers and researchers from specific domains. They are assessed on their field knowledge and writing skills through multiple assessments. So it doesn’t matter if you come from a Chemical Engineering background or are a Petroleum Engineer, we have experts just from your domain to support you with your report in the best possible manner.

100% Result Oriented

We work with a vision to succeed. Our CDR Reports are the most competent in the industry and receive the most positive assessments from EA. We focus on making report personalized to reflect you as a true professional with a unique skill set.

100% Original Content

With WriteCDR.com at your service, you need not worry over plagiarism. We understand the implications very well and offer you the promise of 100% plagiarism free content. All our reports are tested over multiple plagiarism checking tools to ensure that the content is neither referenced nor copy pasted from anywhere.

On-Time Delivery

What’s the point of so much hard-work and resource alignment, if we cannot deliver the reports in time? So we set realistic deadlines and ensure that our deliveries are within the desired time frame. This gives you the time to review and ask us for any corrections that you may wish for. We also offer expedited writing and review services if you are running short of time. You can also avail attractive discounts with us.

Most Competitive Prices

Our experts are simply the best in the entire industry and expect a good remuneration for their unmatched CDR writing skills. However, we understand the tight scenario that you are looking at. With the migration process on the roll for you, we would only want to offer our best services at extremely competitive prices. You can get in touch with us anytime at info@writecdr.com, to understand our offers and discounts.

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