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The Summary Statement might be the simplest and smallest section of your CDR (Competency Demonstration Report), however, it stands to be the most important one. This is because of the fact that it helps you link the correct competency element, unit or indicator, defined by the EA, with the detailed paragraph (within the Career Episode) stating how and where you represented the same. Thereby helping the assessor read through the correct incident and strengthening your claims for the migration visa alongside.

The CDR Summary Statement is an integral part of the entire CDR writing process, which in itself is a pre-requisite for all those applicants whose qualifying degrees do not abide by the Washington Accord. So, the engineers working in the USA, having aspirations to settle and work in Australia, will need to submit a CDR in the above-mentioned scenario.

As you work on your Summary Statement, the first step is to ensure that you have correctly numbered all paragraphs of your Career Episodes. Only a correct marking of the same will help you map the numbers correctly in the Summary Statement. A wrong reference will only make the assessor presume a lack of ‘precision to details’, amongst other things.

CDR Summary Statement Writing

As you reach the Summary Statement, ensure that you do not go haywire with specific units or elements. The CDR Summary Statement Writing is all about precision and mapping the two sections (Career Episode-Summary Statement) correctly. Moreover, you need to abide by the specific formats shared by the EA, basis the occupational category, you are applying for-Engineering Technologist, Engineering Associate, Professional Engineer, and Engineering Manager. There will be specific indicators to keep a note of, for all these four different categories.

For instance,

If you are applying for the role of a Professional Engineer, your Summary Statement template will cover the following three indicators:

Knowledge and Skill Base

Here, the section must reflect the knowledge base, through the fundamentals that you possess, in your engineering domain. You could do that by highlighting a project, which gave you scope to do that and the action steps you took. Essentially you need to showcase all you got in terms of the concepts, research skills, mathematical concepts, contextual factors, principles, scope, norms etc. of the engineering activity that you explain about.

Engineering Application Ability

Through this section you are again representing your practical engineering skills in your domain, through applied understanding as an engineer. As you understand the different indicators that are defined for the role you are applying for, you will be able to understand the linkages better and map accordingly. For instance, through the first element of this section you can highlight methods adopted to solve engineering problems; through the second, you can elaborate on the tools and techniques used, along with the resources that came in handy to fulfil the project objective; whereas the third element is majorly focused on the application design aspect, and the fourth element shares details on your project management experience.

Professional and Personal Attributes

Here you are sharing a vision of the professional ethics that you adhered to and the personality traits that you adopt for a perfect alignment. Through the Migration Skills Assessment Booklet they EA expects you to have conducted yourself ethically throughout the professional journey that you shared about. In addition to that, they are expecting a person to have perfect hold of oral and written English; good and proper workplace conduct, and must have effective team leadership skills. To showcase that you have good interpersonal relations and an intent for the betterment of all, you can share details about an initiative that you took towards social welfare/environmental safety, etc.

Summary Statement Writing Service by WriteCDR.com

As suggested earlier, the Summary Statement is a very essential section of your CDR and it is best to seek expert Summary Statement Writing Service, by WriteCDR.com. While you are of course doing a great job being an engineer and climbing the ropes of success in your domain, visa migration process does not deserve anything less. When our CDR experts work on your Summary Statement, they bring out the best from it. They begin with an interview to understand your professional as well as academic journey better to work around the most personalized and impactful CDR for you.

You can ask us for a CDR Summary Statement Sample to understand what the EA is looking at. All the samples that we have are from pre-approved CDR reports already existing in the EA database. Every one of them successfully showcases the perfect link between competency elements and relevant paragraphs from Career Episodes.

At WriteCDR.com we offer the most affordable, yet impactful Summary Statements, for all occupational roles. So it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a Professional Engineer Summary Statement, or for an Engineering Technologist from a different engineering domain. We have them all. What’s more for you?

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Choosing Australia as your destination to establish a flourishing career ahead is certainly the most appropriate choice and so is seeking expert assistance from WriteCDR.com. We have been helping aspirants like you achieve their Australian dreams for over a decade now. With the best industry experts on board our team, we offer you the best CDR services, at the most nominal charges. Connect with us today, to march ahead with your skilled migration process.

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