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KA02 (Knowledge Assessment 02) is a report that needs to be submitted by engineers from the USA, who want to migrate and settle in New Zealand. The ones who aspire to do that need to submit a KA02 Report to the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand. The report helps the IPENZ assessors assess if the applicant brings forth the desired skill set to New Zealand and whether he/she should be recommended further for a skilled migration visa.

Being a non-profit organization, IPENZ works for the benefit of the engineers coming from different backgrounds. It ensures professionalism across different engineering domains and works towards the career development of the engineers in New Zealand. So, when engineers from different cultures, backgrounds, nationalities, apply for a skilled migration visa to New Zealand, IPENZ acts like a gatekeeper, assessing their skillset and enabling alignment to the industry requirements in the country.

Through an IPENZ KA02, IT professionals and engineers from the USA or any other part of the world can display if they have the desired ICT (Information and Communication Technology) skills, desired in the modern-day wok regime in New Zealand.

However, the applicants who fail to adhere to the required ICT qualifications (have lesser than required ICT content in their qualification degrees) as desired by IPENZ, are categorised as non-ICT professionals. In such a scenario, IPENZ asks these professionals to fill a KA02 form and share the professional experience that fills in the gap. These non-ICT professionals can then elaborate on the rich work experiences that helped them bridge the ICT-non-ICT gap. 

Why is KA02 Report So Important?

KA02 report is very important for those IT professionals who come from countries which do not have programs aligned to tertiary ICT qualifications in New Zealand. It means that the applicants who come from these countries do not have the Diploma, Bachelors, Master’s, or a Doctoral program which fulfil the basic ICT qualifications set by IPENZ in New Zealand. It is here that a KA02 Report provides them with the opportunity to showcase the acquired skill set. Through this form, they can strategically portray how they have managed to master the desired skills through real-life application in different engineering scenarios.

At WriteCDR.com we extend best in class KA02 Report Writing Services in New Zealand. Our team of experts have a thorough understanding of IPENZ guidelines focused on KA02 writing and work per the instructions. They are well adept with the language to be used and structure to be adopted for the report. They are also highly experienced in the specific engineering domains that they come from and that enables them to outline the desired ICT skills they can outline in your report. Moreover, the entire team is often assessed on their writing skills and updated on changing IPENZ guidelines, so that they stay as updated as the IPENZ assessors themselves.

When such an experienced team puts in all efforts to create a quality report for you, it surely gets to be a winner. And, this is evident from the 99% approval rate we receive from IPENZ.

How to Choose the Best KA02 Writing Services for New Zealand?

When searching random online sources for best KA02 writing in New Zealand, remember what unsolicited information can lead you to lose. WriteCDR.com is the master in KA02 writing and brings an exceptional team of experts to work on your reports for you. You may either be looking for KA02 writing, reviewing editing, or proofreading. We have specific experts to clear your doubts and help you with any of the services that you may want at the most affordable charges. We believe in giving our best shot at the very first go so that there isn’t any need for edits and re-submissions at a later stage.

Most of our clients are referred by their friends, family, and extended social circle. This stands true for the simple reason that we build long-lasting relations with our clients through the exceptional quality that we offer. In a similar scenario, you must look out for the following qualities in the KA02 report writing service providers in New Zealand:

  • The thoroughness with the KA02 assessment process: this is a very important factor to be ensured before you finalize on a service partner for your KA02 needs. The team must have the perfect understanding of the IPENZ guidelines on KA02. Visa applicants like you can choose to submit one of the two kinds of reports. The ones who have completed their qualifying degrees from countries/universities accredited by Washington Accord can submit a KA01 Report. While the ones whose qualifying degrees do not meet the said accord must submit a KA02 Report. IPENZ shares guidelines specific to each kind of report and hence, the team that you chose to work with must be clear with all the essentials
  • An expert team of writers: The KA02 report is a perfect mix of exceptional writing skills and technical prowess. So the resultant must display a perfect amalgamation of these. From the correct structure to the content validity, everything will impact the assessment. So it’s best to be satisfied with the expert’s credentials before he/she works on your report.
  • Exceptional approval rates: It is very important that the team who works for you has a great track record and understands the IPENZ requirements clearly. The team at WriteCDR has reached the stage of 99% approval rates, by putting in a lot of efforts. And, that should be the way to go.

We believe we are in line with the factors that you will be looking at. We ensure that every report that goes through us is exceptionally high in quality-content and hygiene. We have proof-readers and editors to ensure there are no language concerns or issues with the structure. Our domain experts validate the content that goes in their through multiple level quality checks. You also have the liberty to ask us for multiple reviews in case you do not seem satisfied with anything. We make sure that the report satisfies you before it reaches the assessor’s desk.

Reach out to us for any KA02 service requirement. We will be happy to take you through the entire process and resolve any doubts.

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