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As the name suggests, RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) is a report that has to be submitted to the ACS (Australian Computer Society), by IT professionals from the USA. All those who would want to make Australia their next home and work in the IT domain there. The Australian Computer Society mandates those candidates to submit an RPL who have a degree or diploma, not at par with Australian standards.

ACS then asks the candidate to submit his RPL Report through which they are able to assess if he held the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) skills as a major or minor, in the tertiary qualification, he has attained.

Per ACS RPL, the tertiary qualifications seem to be ICT compliant, when:

  • A Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree has at least 50% ICT content
  • A 3-year Bachelor degree has at least 33% ICT content
  • A 4-year Bachelor degree has at least 25% ICT content
  • A 5-year Bachelor degree has at least 20% ICT content

Moreover, ACS expects that relevant ICT content must cover a good percentage of the syllabus, across each year of the tertiary qualification. While the final year syllabus must cover advanced skills of the same.

In the same context, ACS considers a Graduate/Maters diploma to be ICT Major Complaint, only if:

  • A 2-year course has at least 50% ICT content
  • A 3-year course has at least 33% ICT content

Here again, through the ACS RPL report, you can display that you qualify ICT minor if ICT syllabus in your course covered at least two-thirds of what was expected from an ICT Major course.

If the degree that you hold, does not abide by any of the above-mentioned scenarios and considered non-ICT by the ACS, you will have to engage in RPL Report Writing, as a first step to seeking a migration visa to Australia. The RPL form is so designed to allow professionals like you elaborate on the acquired ICT skills that you bring to table.

The RPL Report is divided into different sections that offer focused information to the ACS assessors. One of them being “Key Areas of Knowledge”, wherein you can elaborate on ICT related fields that you possess knowledge and skills for. Since you are bringing actual practical experience in the domain, this is your opportunity to let the assessors know of your capabilities.

WriteCDR.com is the best when it comes to offering RPL Report Writing Services in Australia. We have a mixed team of ICT professionals, engineers from a related field, RPL report writers, editors, proof-readers, and researchers. Every one of the team members understands the ACS requirements on RPL writing with complete clarity. They understand the report structure, expected language, desired competency elements, and other parameters, which make a successful report. Our unmatched track record of over 99% positive assessments by the ACS, proves enough of our claims.

What All Should RPL Report Include?

Each RPL that we work on complies by all ACS guidelines. We have a thorough understanding of the kinds of ACS assessments:

  1. The first one being for those Non-ICT professionals who bring along a six-year experience in a relevant domain, which is well defined through an ANZSCO code. Here, ANZSCO stands for Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations, which is a skill-based classification system categorizing and defining all kinds of jobs and occupations in the New Zealand and Australian labour markets. If you successfully relate the skills that you have with a defined ANZSCO code, it means that those are the required skills in these countries.
  2. In the second scenario, these Non-ICT holders bring along an eight-year rich experience in ICT related professions. However, any two years of their employment span may not be related to the ANZSCO code, which they are applying for.

RPL Report Australia also includes any two significant projects, related to ICT, one of which you have worked in the last three years and the other which you have worked in the last five years. This project report must clarify on aspects like:

  • Database designs and file systems used during the project
  • Management techniques that you applied
  • Design paradigms that you adhered to and other parameters
  • Programming languages and system design and analysis techniques used
  • Internet application and other security measures you implemented
  • Network topology, system design techniques used
  • Personal contribution to project design and implementation
  • Quality assurance and project management techniques you followed,
  • System design and analysis methodologies you applied,
  • The size and topology of the network and secure facilities installed for the project, and
  • Your contribution to the design and implementation processes of the project

Why Choose RPL Report Writing Services Australia Offered by WriteCDR?

WriteCDR.com offers the best RPL Report Writing Service is Australia. And, we make that possible by bringing together the most experienced team to this task for you. We have ICT professionals with immense experience and engineers related to ICT domains who contribute to work on your report. They begin by understanding your professional experience and future plans. Thereupon, they align the information in the best possible manner to fulfil the ACS requirements through your report.

Our RPL writers do not deter from unlimited revisions that may be required to achieve your satisfaction level and we offer all these services at the most affordable rates. To avoid last minute hiccups we also run every report through multiple quality checks. Moreover, we abide by 0% plagiarism policy set by the ACS and make your report 100% unique. You can contact us at info@writecdr.com to raise any query or chat with our support team to understand the services better.

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