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What Is RPL Assessment For Australia Immigration?

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Australia has recently become the place of choice for thousands of students and working professionals as well. One of the reasons why more and more professionals are now choosing Australia as their preferred destination is because Australia has made skilled migration a very systematic and well-organized system. By following the mandatory guidelines put in place by the ACS Australian Immigration.

With the help of extensive collaboration with a network of Registered Training Organizations, Skills Certified Australia can now convert all your job experience based skills, knowledge and learning into an appropriate mode of overseas qualification. The traditional way of going about this is through the process of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment. RPL is what allows every skilled individual to be issued a unit of competency that is nationally recognized and gives them the opportunity to gain employment anywhere in Australia. For those professionals who are the required qualifications from overseas, RPL conducted by Skills Certified Australia can help to convert your international degrees and certification into one that is recognized by Australia.

One document which is made mandatory while conducting an RPL assessment is the RPL report. It is this document in which an engineer can include information regarding all the key set skills that they have acquired and mention it under the tab ‘key areas of knowledge’. The RPL Report is very essential because it is this document that gives the Engineers Australia a complete knowhow of all the area of expertise that you have gained. This will enable them to take a holistic approach to see what duties they can hand over to you and what post you are best suited for.

Application of Recognition of Prior Learning Australia

One way that Australia ensures that there is transparency and fair the assessment policy includes all the necessary stages such as:

  • To identify the evidence as required
  • Assess the gathered evidence using the appropriate tools
  • Recording the outcome in an efficient manner
  • Reporting the results to the necessary decision makers of RPL skills assessment and Skills Certified Australia.

The RPL skills assessments that are carried out are structured and based on two different categories. These categories are:

  • For those professionals who have a valid degree but no qualification related to ICT in their course can highlight and demonstrate at least 6 years of work experience in any field related to ICT.
  • The other category involves those people who have no formal tertiary education qualifications. These people need to have a total of 8 years of work experience in the ICT sector.

For both these categories the one thing that needs to be kept in mind that the Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) standardization is kept in mind.

Documents one needs to provide for RPL assessments

Before you apply for getting assessed under the RPL categorization, you need to make sure that all the needed documents are handy with you. The documents that will be asked for are:

  • All your prior academic transcripts for previous studies
  • All the degrees and certificates
  • Any certificates for short courses taken
  • Reference letters from previously worked organizations
  • An updated copy of your resume
  • Salary pay slips from the previous organization

These are the basic guidelines one needs to keep in mind during the RPL assessment. When there is an easier way out for international skilled people to now transfer to Australia rather than in applying for a degree transfer, why miss out on it? Choose Recognition of Prior Learning Australia and get your ticket to the land of dreams.

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