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Why Engineers Australia Must Have Rejected My CDR Report?

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While writing the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR), you should be careful in following all the guidelines provided by Engineers Australia (EA). You should mention the necessary details regarding the skills you have acquired and your work experience in your field of engineering. These things should be written in a comprehensive manner so that Engineers Australia can assess the candidate based on that information. You have to include details in the Career Episodes and link the elements and indicators in the Summary Statement to the right paragraphs in the Career Episodes of CDR. If these things are not followed, you might find your CDR Engineers Australia rejected.

A CDR is submitted to Engineers Australia for assessing your skills, qualification and knowledge. The EA requires an individual to have the necessary skills in their branch of engineering before they can migrate to Australia. Therefore they assess the competency of the engineer, who has a degree but not covered under Washington Accord. The engineers writing their own EA CDR report have to submit a top-quality report to demonstrate their capabilities in the professional field of engineering. They have to write Summary Statement, Career Episodes and CPDs according to the guidelines given in the Migration Skills Assessment booklet. However, there are many instances when engineers make mistakes while writing the CDR.

When CDR is not written as per the guidelines and requirement by Engineers Australia, it gets rejected by the assessor. To get the best results, the candidates, applying for Migration Skills Assessment, should approach the best EA CDR provider. They will get a flawless CDR report, which will contain all the information about their work experience and technical skills. WriteCDR.com has expertise and experience in providing the best and error-free CDR reports to the engineers. We will ensure that you avoid your CDR rejected by Engineers Australia. We have best and top subject experts for delivering well- structured CDR reports that contain all the information needed for successful CDR assessment.

The engineers whose CDR gets rejected by Engineers Australia are highly qualified and accomplished in their field of engineering. Their CDR is not rejected because they lack technical skills or they do not have personal attributes, but it gets rejected because they don’t follow the guidelines given by Engineers Australia. Let’s see some common mistakes that are made by the engineers that lead to their CDR getting rejected by EA.

  • You include excessive technical information that includes photos, diagrams, tables and calculations
  • You do not specify the methods you used to solve complex engineering problems
  • The tools and resources used in the problem- solving are not specified
  • You do not demonstrate the knowledge of contextual factors and conceptual understanding that impacts the engineering discipline
  • You provide the data in Bullet form but it is clearly stated that you should use paragraphs while writing the Career Episodes
  • You copy the academic report of someone including the skills and attributes that leads to plagiarism
  • You divide one project into two parts and include each part in different Career Episodes
  • You include details about the teamwork or group project and focus on using ‘We’ instead of ‘I’
  • You write your Career Episodes in other languages and not in English
  • You don’t mention ethical conduct and accountability while completing the project
  • There is no detail about your involvement in working for the safety of the environment as well as employees
  • The word range of the Career Episodes should be between 1000 and 2500 words but you exceed the word limit by providing extra details
  • You did not mention your project duration, company profile, location and project objectives

These are some of the reasons due to which you find your CDR rejected by Engineers Australia. You should avoid these mistakes so that you can save your time and energy.

What Should You Do To Avoid CDR Rejection?

  • You should write EA CDR in the first person and focus on those things that you did rather than what your team did. This is because the CDR is for assessing your personal knowledge and skills and not your team
  • You should never mention one project in two Career Episodes as this leads to confusion. Talk about one project in one Career Episode. You can mention one project that you handled during your engineering in one Career Episode and two other projects that you handled during your job in other two Career Episodes
  • You should never copy the project details of other CDRs or from any other external or internal sources. The CDR samples that are provided online are only for reference. You should write the CDR explaining your job, skills and attributes without plagiarism
  • Career Episodes should be written in paragraphs. You need to number the paragraphs in Career Episodes, but you should never use bullet points
  • The CDR is written in Australian language but if you write the CDR report in your language, you should include translation for them

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