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Australia Points Calculator For Immigration

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Australia Points Calculator Immigration Point System

Over the past few years it has been observed that Australia has become a hot destination when it comes to both education and job prospects. To invite more people globally to the city that has it all, Australia has visas to offer to skilled workers, investors, business persons, trainees, specialized workers and so on. The skilled migration program in Australia is managed by SkillSelect. The important thing to remember here is that the results and the final outcome of this type of propaganda is eventually calculated on the Australia points calculator which has been made mandatory by the ACS Australia which takes care of going through all the CDR reports that are sent to them for assessments.

Have you ever wondered how to seek migration to Australia when you have no complete knowledge of the intrinsic information such as the Australia points calculator and other formalities such as CDR report writing made mandatory by CDR report Australia. Worry no more, because this will give you all the information you need to know when it comes to skilled migration to Australia under the banner of ACS Australia made compulsory Australian immigration points, Australia PR calculator and the CDR report.

Visa types under the skilled migration category

The first step that applicants need to take when applying for the Australian immigration points calculator is to submit an Expression of Interest which is then assessed on the criteria of the Australian immigration points. This more or less depends on the type of visa one wants to apply for. Based on their EOI, the respective Australian governments nominate the applicants name to get them issued a skilled visa.As per the standards set by the Australian government the main deciding criteria of whether or not an applicant will get invited depends on the points gathered via the Australian immigration points calculator. It is also an established understanding that each visa has a different score criteria that needs to be met when going why the route of the Australia PR calculator.

It is also important to know that the ACS Australia makes the Australian immigration points calculator mandatory for only the following visa types that come under the category of the skilled migration visas. Mainly the Australia skilled migration points calculator test system is conducted for:

The Skilled-Regional visa 489

This visa type allows an applicant to stay and work in Australia for a period of 4 years. To make sure that a person qualifies for the same it is important that they have some sort of sponsorship from either a working relative there or the state government. Eventually the holders of this visa can even apply for a PR. However, make note that all this depends on how well you have gone through with your CDR report writing phase and submitted a thorough CDR report Australia.

The Skilled-Independent visa 189

There are times when an applicant might have no sponsors at all, and for all those people the Australia PR calculator system kicks in. Through this system one can apply for an independent skilled visa as long as their skills are amongst those listed in the occupation list 189. The first step however, will be the same which is submitting an Expression of Interest.

The Nominated visa 190

The visa 190 is the type for which the Australia PR point system comes in handy the most. With the help of this visa type an applicant can live and work in Australia along with enjoying the perks such as the hospitality that is world class. The only requirement to be adhered is that their skill needs to be there on the list 190. Once that is a criteria you fulfill you need to submit an EOI and then wait for the respective governments to send you an invite.

The Temporary Graduate Visa 485

Most students who go to Australia for studies sooner or later think of options that can help them stay longer and get jobs. As per the ACS Australia, this is now possible with the help of visa 485. Students who have spent more than 2 years studying in Australia can now apply for the visa 485 and gain an opportunity to work in Australia starting from 18 months to a period of 4 years. Now isn’t this a good opportunity for all those youngsters looking to take their first step career wise in Australia.

Understand the concept of Nominated Immigration

Depending upon the type of visa you are applying for, you have to nominate your occupation. There are two different lists that are prepared based on the type and category of visa that you are applying for. One is the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) and the other is the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List (CSOL). All those applicants who apply for the visa 887, visa 189 and visa 485 have to nominate an occupation listed in SOL. People who are applying under the visa 457, 489 visa and visa 190 need to apply based on the CSOL list. It is better if one understands that all these rules set in place by the ACS Australia that depend so much on the Australian immigration points system in the long run helps people get to Australia with ease.

How the Point Based system works in Australia?

When you set your mind on applying based on the Australia points calculator there is a minimum requirement of gathering 65 points to get the visa of your choice. To make sure that you get closest to getting the said points, let us first understand the criteria on which these points are awarded.

  1. Age
  2. English language proficiency
  3. Skilled employment
  4. Educational qualifications
  5. Australian qualifications
  6. Regional study
  7. Community language skills
  8. Spouse/partner skills and qualifications
  9. Professional year
  10. Nominations and sponsorship (Subclasses 190 and 489 only)

All those candidates who are thinking of migrating to Australia and need to know what all needs to be taken care of, need to make sure that they go through all the alternatives that are available. Australia as a country has kept open many doors through their Australian immigration points calculator system and the much known CDR report writing ways. So, sit down and analyze what suits you the best so as to finally get you to the land you dreamt of for a long time. All the best!

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